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  1. Excellent information, guys - many thanks for your informative replies. While we're on the subject of lighting, I must say that I'm absolutely stunned by the overall quality of the cockpit lighting and texturing inside the A330 - it really is a thing of beauty. Respect to the guys who developed this superb aircraft. Regards
  2. Hello Just purchased the A330 for P3DV4.5 and have a small problem in so far as I seem unable to turn down the intensity of the cockpit flood lighting. According to this posting, I should be able to adjust the intensity using the the "Flood Lt" knob on the pedestal. However, no matter how much I adjust it, the flood lighting intensity will not reduce ! Any help much appreciated Regards Edit: Discovered that the flood lighting stays on max if you also have the Dome lighting set to 'STORM'. Reduce this setting, then the flood light intensity can then be adjusted via the pedestal knob. Assuming that this is correct , just wondering why this should be ?
  3. A quick 5 minute look found this, not 'totally' identical perhaps, but you get the picture? Regards
  4. Will said update be applied to the A320 family as these also suffer from the same issues ? Regards
  5. Perhaps it might be prudent in the products' list of hardware / software requirements, to state exactly how these 'weird things' could/would manifest themselves if the user's PC cannot hold > 18fps ? Then they could make an informed decision whether or not to purchase.
  6. I have to say that I most certainly do see this issue with the A320 and had convinced myself to just live with it. However, this topic is a bit of a revelation for me as this proves that it's not just down to my system. Yes, I can hold 28fps for 95% of the time, but when I can't (for reasons other posters have stated), I wouldn't expect my a/c to basically 'turn turtle' on me and give up !!!
  7. That shouldn't be a problem. However, before doing so, please could you confirm that or are compatible with P3D V4.4 as I've yet to install V4.5 ? Kind regards
  8. And in my original posting I wrote: "After loading a saved flight on the A319, all system settings appear fine except that the MCDU data has not been recovered and has defaulted back to its reset state..." The important word being, "except", which is pretty conclusive that the systems are fine, but the MCDU data is not. So I'm not totally sure why the question regarding the systems was ever asked in the first place ? However, to prevent this discussion from going round in ever decreasing circles, the issue is with the MCDU not recovering the saved flight data. Kind regards
  9. Hello I've no idea why you took it upon yourself to close my thread as it is most definitely not solved. You asked me if the systems loaded up ok after 30sec and I answered yes. However, the MCDU data does not. No where in my reply did I state that the MCDU data had loaded correctly. It still resets and loses the flight data. I had already stated in my original post that the systems eventually loaded ok, but that the MCDU did not. So I'm not sure where you got the idea from that everything was ok, including the MCDU, after 30secs ? So please, could you reopen the original thread ? Kind regards
  10. Hello Version And yes, after about 30secs, everything is normal apart from the bizarre temperature reading as mentioned in the OP.
  11. Hello After loading a saved flight on the A319, all system settings appear fine except that the MCDU data has not been recovered and has defaulted back to its reset state and engine temperature in the lower ECAM display is now being displayed in what appears to be scientific notation, eg, "9.3823344E>07" After reading this posting, I can confirm that all 5 of the relevant saved files are correctly located. Have tried a couple of times with no success. Thanks
  12. Yes - same here. Could this be related to the 'broken' label ???
  13. Hello Joshua Sorry if I have missed something here, but what are the names of the files that need to be backed up ? Thanks Gary
  14. No I hadn't, but now I have and they're there - many thanks, Shaun. Regards Gary
  15. Hello all Quick question - I have just installed German Airports 3 X and would like to tweak the relevant airport AFX files. Problem is, I've no idea what they've been named as - I can't see any file names in the scenery folder that would even suggest AFX files !!! I wonder if anyone please point me to the relevant AFX file names for the four airports included in the package? Many thanks Gary
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