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  1. That shouldn't be a problem. However, before doing so, please could you confirm that or are compatible with P3D V4.4 as I've yet to install V4.5 ? Kind regards
  2. And in my original posting I wrote: "After loading a saved flight on the A319, all system settings appear fine except that the MCDU data has not been recovered and has defaulted back to its reset state..." The important word being, "except", which is pretty conclusive that the systems are fine, but the MCDU data is not. So I'm not totally sure why the question regarding the systems was ever asked in the first place ? However, to prevent this discussion from going round in ever decreasing circles, the issue is with the MCDU not recovering the saved flight data. Kind regards
  3. Hello I've no idea why you took it upon yourself to close my thread as it is most definitely not solved. You asked me if the systems loaded up ok after 30sec and I answered yes. However, the MCDU data does not. No where in my reply did I state that the MCDU data had loaded correctly. It still resets and loses the flight data. I had already stated in my original post that the systems eventually loaded ok, but that the MCDU did not. So I'm not sure where you got the idea from that everything was ok, including the MCDU, after 30secs ? So please, could you reopen the original thread ? Kind regards
  4. Hello Version And yes, after about 30secs, everything is normal apart from the bizarre temperature reading as mentioned in the OP.
  5. Hello After loading a saved flight on the A319, all system settings appear fine except that the MCDU data has not been recovered and has defaulted back to its reset state and engine temperature in the lower ECAM display is now being displayed in what appears to be scientific notation, eg, "9.3823344E>07" After reading this posting, I can confirm that all 5 of the relevant saved files are correctly located. Have tried a couple of times with no success. Thanks
  6. The cabin announcement @21mins is the standard Aif France announcement, "Consignes de sécurité Air France - Bienvenue à bord" and can be acquired at YouTube as an MP4 then converted to a WAV using somthing like "Audacity". Have done it myself and it works a treat. One thing, you may have to search for a method online to download YouTube videos as this can't be done 'as standard'...
  7. Hello Airway1FROM=SFD Airway1TO=DRAKE Airway2=UL151 Airway2FROM=DRAKE Airway2TO=SITET Airway3=UN859 Airway3FROM=SITET Above is the first few waypoints from a FP between EGKK and LEPA generated using FSC. What I'm attempting to do is insert a PLACE/BEARING/DISTANCE waypoint before the SFD VOR as per, "SFD/164/13". When, I LSK on the SFD waypoint after entering "SFD/164/13", I'm presented with the, "DUPLICATE NAMES" page giving me 2 options for SFD. However, after selection the correct, I'm returned to the flightplan, but the waypoint has not been accepted. Looking into this further, I've discovered that I can only manually enter VOR waypoints if there are no duplicates in the database, for example, "MAY". Any VOR that has a duplicate (and takes me to the "DUPLICATE NAMES" page) is ignored. To prove this, I cleared the original "SFD" waypoint and are now unable to reinstate it as it has a duplicate ? Any help much appreciated.
  8. I did begin to wonder that. LEPA pro (as stated) P3DV4.3 (sorry, my bad) Thanks
  9. Hello Running GSX2 with LEPA pro and have created an exclude.bgl for Gate 12, which is a double jetway gate. However, I've noticed that it's only able to exclude Jetway 1, Jetway 2 remains as a default jetway, with the new GSX2 Jetway 2 superimposed over the top. The GSX2 jetway 2 operates correctly though. Jetway 1 excludes and works fine. Thanks
  10. Returned from Skiathos just yesterday and can confirm that the airport now has an extended apron providing parking for about six 757 size aircraft...
  11. I can confirm that I have seen the exact same problem when I attempt to enter any VOR course - the entry box stays blank, for example, MID 114.00 at EGLL.
  12. Yes - same here. Could this be related to the 'broken' label ???
  13. Hello Joshua Sorry if I have missed something here, but what are the names of the files that need to be backed up ? Thanks Gary
  14. No I hadn't, but now I have and they're there - many thanks, Shaun. Regards Gary
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