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  1. FSL maybe, but what about PFPX?
  2. Good day, With Airac 1812, EDDH ILS 15 frequency was changed from 111.50 to 109.55. The frequency is correct on the IAC chart (ILS or LOC 15), but not in the AFC chart where it still reads 111.50. Both charts claim to be effective November 8, 2018. Please clarify. Thanks.
  3. Oh, and btw, I love your iPad charts app. Lightweight, fast also on older hardware, practical, no-nonsense. Exactly what I wanted
  4. Hi, after some time with Navigraph, I only yesterday treated myself to Navdata Pro, mainly because I prefer the LIDO charts over Jeppesen for airliner simming. Thus, I purchased the Navdata Pro complete one year package, i. e. charts + navdata. I use the navdata with PFPX and the FSL A320 (sorry ...) I was a little surprised that neither PFPX nor the FSL bus data have any RNAV transitions included, e. g. NVO14 in EDDK or PSA25S etc. in EDDF, just as examples. Only the „normal“ STARs seem to be coded in the navdata. Of course, all these transitions are contained in the charts that match the navdata cycle. The waypoints are there and the transitions can be manually entered fix by fix into the aircraft FMC or into PFPX, but that is quite time-consuming and error-prone. I understand that Aerosoft is legally required to pass on to us whatever Lufthansa gives you, without making any changes. So I am surprised that Lufthansa provides FMC databases without these transitions. No offense, but is this real or do we get a stripped-down dataset from Lufthansa because we don‘t pay the big $$$ that real airlines would pay? Thanks for clarification.
  5. I think I found out what causes this. If FSUIPC is used, and the option to extend battery life indefinitely is turned on, the shutdown to cold & dark if C&D is set as the default state does not work correctly when the Airbus is loaded, thus giving rise to the stuck F/CTL page. I turned off that option in FSUPC and have not had a case of stuck F/CTL page since.
  6. Thanks for your reply. Looking forward to the new buses ... :-)
  7. Hi, I know the thread is quite old. Still, the issue persists. I was wondering if there is meanwhile some more insight into this issue? It appears that if I load the default flight first and then the A320/321, it happens a lot less frequently than when selecting the A320/321 right away. I also tried to make the F/CTL page come up intentionally when moving the control surfaces when parked (even with yellow elec hyd pump on), but as it should be, the page will not show. This should disprove the control spike theory. Any insights? Thanks
  8. Ok. Thanks for your replies. Since this does not seem to be a generally observed issue, I'll check my system configuration. Always good to know that it's not a problem with the Airbus as such.
  9. Seemingly on a random basis, when loading the A320 (default state cold and dark) and then firing up the systems, the lower ecam page is stuck at the flight ctrl page ( it should display the doors page) and i have to manually select the page i want to see (e. g. the engine page for engine start which should be automatically switched to when turning the ignition switch into the ign/start position). After having finished engine startup and other pre-taxi settings and having taxied for a while, the lower ecam suddenly swaps to the wheels page as it should be and from then on everything works normally. Anybody experienced this behavior? What could cause that? I have first officer and checklist functionality turned off, but I am using AES. 1.31 on FSX SP2, Win 7 pro
  10. What about Athens X 1.20? Does it use SODE? To be honest, this SODE stuff has already given me more annoyances that I would like with an otherwise excellent Rome airport. This pause/unpause stuttering is unbearable .
  11. A big thanks to Holgi for providing the "clean" livery of the A319 CFM Germanwings! Just wanted to say ...
  12. That would be so great! Your liveries are excellent!
  13. Hi Holgi, any chance to see a timely release of "clean" versions of the liveries that were initially offered with the A318/A319 package and the ones being found here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/category/110-aerosoft-airbus-a318a319-liveries/?sort_order=DESC&sort_key=file_submitted&num=10&st=10 ? Thanks
  14. I'd be happy to get the existing Lufthansa and Germanwings A319 CFM liveries in their "clean" versions.
  15. Wenn EDDT zumacht, wäre es schon toll, dann zeitnah EDDB mit AES-Support zu haben. Ansonsten kann man unsere Hauptstadt ja gar nicht mehr airlinermäíg anfliegen (ja ich weiß dass es Freeware-Sceneries gibt, aber ich hätte gerne AES support ).
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