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  1. I´m sittin here, booted, started MSFS, saw in marketplace update , it loaded down 1.0.6-1.0.9, but did not install anything. Started MSFS as admin, now CRJ was gone, started download of product and it loads down 01.2-01.3-....
  2. Good.Anyway,that fix brought MSFS back for me-
  3. Just flying with 700 now, using static weather as was not sure about real weather bug.
  4. Regarding HUD, start flight with default Cessna, go back to main menu, close MSFS. Start MSFS, load CRJ and your done, that did the trick for me. For me eveyrthing works no, flying with static weather.
  5. Hi In the relevant aerosoft-crj directory there are no m files for me. Not before enabling FAST WASM, nore after it. I have a standard MS Store installation, no different installation path. I have no time today to check if I can reproduce speed tape problem. Regards Peter
  6. That´s a fair statement, thanks. The only thing is, my FSX PC is gone over the rainbowbridge. And I spend some € into MSFS. My fault.
  7. So after every Sim Update we have this. Is there any chance that a stable solution or a reliable workaround could be found by Aerosoft/Asobo (without fingerpointing)?
  8. This is the first aircraft I really enjoy flying by hand my SID to transition. I did this with others, but the most fun have is with CRJ. You have to trimm a bit, but it is do well controlable.
  9. Hi, I should not say this to not be lucky next flight, but, I had one and first flight from Goeteborg to Budapest with no Arcraft related issue, only the pilot did mess up something (forgot to get rid of the weel chocks e.g.) Thanks to my FSX experience with CRJ I had not to learn from scratch. It went down the ILS, but I flew the rest by myself, and it´s so nice to handle to touch down. So fingers crossed, but basically, superb aircraft, if any glitches, it will be solved. Peter
  10. Hey Chris, i used this steps, and my 20 flight with Airbus X ever worked, but not today, but i realized my simcheck airbus sess this problem either. startiing up and something turns it off. FSX porblem now.
  11. Hello, wanted to start today a flight, none of the airbusses want to start engines. Nore 320 neither 321. Bleed is available, enginee spooling up, but no fore ligthens the chambers. Did a reinstall but the same. Starting fligth with or without MS Cessna as default, result is the same.
  12. Hi, FSX Acc first 2 flight A321 Air Berlin, both on FL 320 Speed 0.78M, no issue but a bit underperfomed imho. today: Niki A320, FL300 Speed 0.78M , only issue with Speedbrake , it is only 0 or 100%, no controlake slewing with mouse. CH Yoke ( i know ) and Pedals. I didn´t do any changes to FSUIPC, it did work from scratch. I´m using Managed VS and Speed all the way up.
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