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  1. I purchased the 767 captain sim from Aerosoft recently. I am having problem keeping the aircraft stable, so I tried to register in the Captain Sim forum. However, I am requested to enter my order number. I tried entering the "installation" code that came with the product from Aerosoft. This did not work. Can you give me an order number please, so I can register? Thank you. Warren R Perez
  2. I am familiar with creating a flight plan by using software such as FS Build or FS Commander and FSX flight planner. I know how to enter these plans into the MCDU. However, I tried to create a plan manually in the MCDU. I find I can enter way points, vors etc. BUT I am unable to enter the departure or destination airport. How does one enter the departure and destination airport? Thanks. Stanner
  3. Stanner


    I am confused. The Airbus X has only a VC panel there is NO 2D. Are you saying that what you gave me for the panel cfg adjustment is for @D cockpit only? Or is it supposed to work in VC? Remember the Airbus X has only a VCV cockpit. Thanks. Stanner
  4. I think I found my answer. I used Flight Simulation X to build the flight plan, selecting waypoints near the destination airport which would line up the aircraft for the selected runway. It worked fine. Captured the ILS etc. Thanks. Stanner
  5. Stanner


    Herman, I adjusted the panel.cfg as you suggested. I can find "GPS" in the "instrument panel" under views, along with "main panel". However, when I click on GPS nothing appears. I guess the GPS cannot be shown in the VC cockpit mode. Thanks. Stanner
  6. Gentlemen. In the Boeing PMDG products one can make a visual line on the Navigational Display (ND) of the destination runway. This is done using the FMC "FIX" button. This visual line of the destination runway in the ND is of tremendous help in aligning the aircraft with the runway. The Airbus X has the LS button, but this acts more like an NDB arrow in that it does not give visual display of the actual runway. Is there a way to have the destination runway appear on the ND other than by a dot ? Approaching the dot it is difficult to gauge the exact angle of the runway versus the aircraft. If the answer is no, then can someone give me a tip on how to align the aircraft as it approaches the destination airport? Thanks. Stanner PS I find all other aspects of this Airbus to be excellent, even the manula handling is fine once you shut off the IFC switches in the top left of the overhead panel.
  7. Gentlemen, I downloaded the patch V1.22. I have AirbusX V1.21.(CD version). Whenever I try to install the update V1.22 I get an error message; " Use DLL failed " Error..117 Can anyone tell me what this means? I have tried twice, being very careful to make certain my registration key number was correct. I have the CD version. Stanner
  8. Gentlemen, I have version 1.2.1 of Airbus X. I was having very difficult problems trying to fly the aircraft in the manual mode after switching off the autopilot. In my virtual airline forum (FlyUK), someone told me to SHUT OFF the FLT CTL swithes in the Overhead Panel (top left). I turned off ELAC 1, SEC 1, and FAC 1. The aircraft was not difficult to trim or fly in the manual mode. I landed without any problems. No floating, jerking up or down. It handled very well. My understanding is that the SEC 1 represents SPOILER + ELEVATOR COMPUTER. I have no idea why shutting down the FLT CTL switches has this impact, but it works! Stanner
  9. Stanner

    Airbus X

    Hold it!!! I paid good money for Airbus X. Do not imply I was using an UNREGISTERED VERSION. I do not like your accusation. I have version 1.21 which came in a CD. The plane is very difficult to fly in the manual mode. Turn off the autopilot and the plane jerks violently. The plane is almost impossible to trim, fly and land in the manual mode. In the autopilot mode it flys well most of the time. There still seems to be major bugs. Stanner
  10. Stanner

    Airbus X

    I meant Shift + P. When I use Shift + P +! or Shift + P +2, the aircraft continues to back up straight. It will not turn. Are thre other commands for back up turn for the Airbus X? Stanner
  11. In backing from the gate I find that the Airbus X will only go straight back (Shift + E). It does not respond to Shift + E +1 for a left turn, or Shift + E + 2 for a right turn. Is there another command to back up the AirbusX? Or does it only back up straight? Thanks. Stanner
  12. Stanner


    I find it exceedingly difficult locate the ariport and then to properly align the aircraft with the desired runway. I have read Vol 6 of the manual and some of the postings on this forum. I find conflicting instructions. Aerosoft says to just use the APPR and then AP2 when intercepting the localizer glidescope. Others say to first enable LOC. If I installed the defautl FSX Garmin GPS it would facilitate locating the airport and aligning the aircraft with the desired runway. I tried installing the GPS in the A320 CFM Panel cfg. Since the aircraft has no 2D cockpit, I installed it as "[Vcockpit2] followed by the standard GPS entries. However, I cannot find the GPS listed when I click on View, Instrument Panel. Has anyone installed the default Garmin GPS? If yes, can you provide details. I realize this is not in keeping with a pure Airbus, but under the circumstances it is a small solution to what seems to many a difficult problem. Thanks. Stanner PS I have version 1.2 installed from a CD. It seems that there are still bugs. One major bug noted is the way the aircraft bolts around when the autopilot is diconnected.
  13. Thanks. Would have been much easier if this was noted in the manual. Stanner
  14. Stanner


    Mathijs, I too have trouble with the autoland. I have read Vol 6 of the manual and took notes. I set the ILS freq and CRS in the Nav Rad page of the MCDU I engaged the Loc at about 19 nm from rwy 16 at LOWW, flying at a level of 3,000 feet. Then I engaged the ILS but did not note any notation of the ILS in Blue at the top of the ND I then engaged the Apr, and the 2nd Autopilot. I did not capture the ILS. I was way off to the right of the runway. Had to manually land. In the last page of Vol 6 of the manual there is "picture 24" which shows the ND. There appears a white a rectangle which seems to be a drawing of the direction (163 degrees) of LOWW rwy 16. A visible drawing of the direction of the runway would be exttremely helpful in attempting capturing the ILS. I did not find such a runway drawing on my ND just a dot with LOWW. How does one get the rectangle of the runway to appear in the ND, as in Picture 24 of the Vol 6 of the manual? Thanks. Stanner PS the tutorial (Vol 6) was very helpful. I can now fly take off, fly a flight plan, but have the problem with the ILS and autoland.
  15. Shaun, Solved my problem. I reinstalled the software, and this time I checked the SP1 option rather than the Acelleration option. I have the FSX Gold edition which comes with acelleration, as you know. Regardless the airport installed perfectly. Still a mystery to me. I offer also this as another possible reason. I had previously installed "Airport Enhancer HDX, and noted that it had distorted the runway in "London City Airport X". Therefore I deleted Airport Enhancer HDX before reinstalling Mega Heathrow. Shaun, thank you for you help. Stanner
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