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  1. Well for my part this thread does not need to stay open. Thank JR for reaching a skilled, helpful and kind hand out to me.
  2. Ok thanks for testing it out, JRBarret!
  3. Did you get to test it out, @JRBarrett?
  4. Im glad you think so highly of my spad skills, Les haha I will contact you in discord to get som guidance.
  5. I have found the solution, and culprit of the issue. I use Addonlinker for my addons, and for some reason "fsuipc-lvar-bridge" was disabled. That makes the CRJ unusuable if you load it in with the FSUIPC exe file running in the background. The advice to "remove everything from the community folder" sent my problemsolving in the wrong direction unfortunately. Of course no ill will was behind the advice. The solution is to have the fsuipc lvar bridge module active in the community folder. @JRBarrett perhaps you could, just for the sake of science, doublecheck my findings by disabling the module in your community folder? An interesting aside is that no other plane was affected by having the module disabled in the addonlinker, but a micropause could be observed every 18 seconds with fsuipc running in the background. I guess there is some command that calls for the module at that interval.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to test it, @JRBarrett! I am in contact with John Dowson at fsuipc, and we are doing some troubleshooting. He said he would contact Aerosoft for a trial lisence so he can troubleshoot it better since he does not own the CRJ.
  7. Ok, thanks for reply, @Hoffie3000
  8. Cool, JRBarrett Yeah, I tried firing up fsuipc midflight. The sim continued for about half a minute, then froze. Had to end the process in task manager to get out. I loved your response, and if I could give you 10 upvotes, I would
  9. I'm trying to set squawkmode charlie in the cockpit so vpilot on vatsim will set it. I cant seem to make that work, and I have to manually set it on the vpilot client. Is it possible to do this from the cockpit?
  10. It would be nice for aerosoft to acknowledge my problems and findings before just simply locking the thread.
  11. Ok I found the culprit. I had cleared out my community folder, but forgot that fsuipc isn't installed in the community folder like the good old days in p3d and fsx. It is now a separate exe file that runs along side the sim. Whenever I dont have it running when launching the crj, the crj spawns in fully working. Whenever I spawn in with fsuipc running, the crj is dead on arrival. Happens 100% of the time. This is with the latest FSUIPC release of 7th of May 7.1.0. Before this update to fsuipc it was working fine with the CRJ. Cross-referencing the posts so both developers can have a look at this. https://forum.simflight.com/topic/92612-fsuipc7-messes-up-the-crj-from-aerosoft/
  12. Nothing in the cockpit works, including the efb.
  13. Ok another fresh install. Only thing in my community folder is the aerosoft trondheim airport installed via ms store. The airplane spawns in at a gate with engines running, cockpit is cold and dark. Nothing I do works in the cockpit. I can flick switches, click buttons, but it does nothing.
  14. Thanks, I'll try that.
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