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  1. Actually I already got my help from a norwegian fs forum (not related to aerosoft). Maybe its a cultural thing (english is not my native language), but I will be hard pressed to return to this forum. The problem still persists that FSC9 makes some bad choices sometimes when using high alt plan. I am following the steps in the manual to build the route. Its not a very big problem because I can manually correct it and delete unneeded waypoints. Its just something for the developers to concider in a SP or future build. If you arent interested in this feedback, which your tones signal, then thats that. Sincerely, Andreas S.
  2. Thanks for the replies, but I dont see how I was being rude? He was in fact being rude to me. I didnt say I knew better than him, yet he told me in not so many words to shut up ("if you know better, dont ask"). Besides - he didnt ask a question. He told me to shut up. I responded because its not up to him to tell me that. In fact I responded with more info and examples in the posts above. To be honest I didnt see his post with the question of reading the manual and giving an example. My post was aimed at Maddz. I gave an example of my problem already, and yes I have read the manual. Im a paying customer, and I have bought several aerosoft products over the years. Please treat me with some of the respect you yourself are entitled. With that said, thanks for the response.
  3. Snappish... If you dont know the answer, dont reply...
  4. To clarify further: I initially didnt select the last waypoint of the SID in the flightplan before hitting "high alt plan", and so my choosen natrack was erased. By highlighting the last point of the SID, FSC9 keeps the natrack as a part of my FP, but it still doesnt give me a good route from the sid to the entry of nat a. My flightplan looks like this [sID] ?????????????? [NATRACK A] ????????????? [sTAR] Im using the button "High Alt Plan" to fill inn the [?], but it makes irational choices in regards to getting me from the SID to the entry of TRACK A adding 400nm of extra detour to get there.
  5. Hmm your replies are not answering my questions. I am not having trouble downloading or adding natracks. My problem is when I request FSC9 to automatically "fill in the blanks" with high alt plan (the blanks being from the last point of the SID to the entry point of the NATrack, and from the exit point of the NATrack to the first point of the STAR). It makes completely irrate suggestions taking me from the London area all the way down to the Canarie islands and up again to the entry point of NATrack A which is just south west of Ireland.
  6. This is really bugging me. I want to fly from Europe to the US, and using current NATRACKS. After downloading the tracks, I select track A. Everything ok so far. I then select the SID and STAR. Finally, I want FSC9 to build the rest of my flight plan. I click High Alt Plan. Everything except SID and STAR is erased, and it takes me along a route close to the south pole.... Am I doing something wrong, or is this a programming oversight?
  7. I just bought Keflavik X, and when trying to make a route from ENGM to BIKF in Flight Sim Commander 9, I get no available STARs to choose from. If I try to reverse the route (BIKF-ENGM), the SIDs show up. I did a rescan of the database in FSX, but this didnt solve the problem. Any help is appreciated. Sincerely, Andreas Stangenes
  8. Nevermind. I downloaded the wrong link Went a bit fast there - sorry!
  9. That's quite alright, Paul And thanks for the info everybody! It hasnt received alot of feedback, but a few others have confirmed the alt sel bug. I will give it another go and test without pushing or pulling the alt sel knob, and see if it makes any difference.
  10. I am having problems with the Airbus X when approaching an Altitude Select when flying manually with FBW enabled. It would be nice to know to what extent this problem exists. You could help us all (the consumers and developers) by testing this simple setup: Take off from any airport with normal configuration for your particular departure, and pre-set the altitude select button to a normal initial climb altitude (i.e. 3-7000 ft). You need to fly the departure manually, and dont engage the autopilot. Set take off power, rotate, climb and set the throttles to climb mode when indicated. When approaching your ALT Select altitude, make particular notice of how your aircraft responds to pitch input. Would also be nice if you could notice how the plane conforms to roll input as well. Then, on the same trip (after a recovery if you experience any serious issues), try to make a climb or descent to a different altitude (not within 1-2000 feet from your ALT SELECT) and level off, and aim at flying straight and level. All this should be done with the FBW system enabled of course. My findings so far is that with the FBW system enabled, the plane will stop responding to pitch inputs when approx 2-500 ft from the ALT Select (coming from below or descending down to the selected altitude). She will either nose dive or climb uncontrollably for a few seconds. When leveling off at an altitude DIFFERENT from the ALT SELECT, she will have no problems with the handling of pitch and roll. Hope this setup is clear to you, and that you feel you can do this without too much hassle. If you dont experience any problems, please do state that in your report. Thank you!
  11. Are you guys engaging autopilot b4 capturing an alt select? What happens if you try to set your alt select to 2000 ft and try to capture that by handflying from take off? My airbusx captures the alt like a drunken sailor, and I am really displeased with this problem persisting through this new patch.
  12. Interesting to see that there hasnt been an official reply to this question yet... Sincerely, Customer
  13. Just a shot in the dark, of course, but the 747 from PMDG and Concorde X from FSL share some of these symtoms as well. Long the solution was unknown, but shortly after the launch of the concorde x, a very clever fan came up with a solution. You can find this tweak here: An explaination to the cause and some small bit of info on what this fix does: I found that the problem starting these kinds of issues (missing whole or parts of the airplane, missing big chunks of scenery etc) share the root cause and therefor also the solution. At least I havent had any problems with this issue since using the fix. There shouldnt be any drawbacks whatsoever, so you can use this fix with no angst for side effects.
  14. Thanks for the heads up, Chris!
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