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  1. I vaguely remember this issue from Beta testing and I think it was with the BA livery. Again, it was quite random who got the fault. Have you tried loading the flight with an FSX default aircraft and then loading Airbus X. This always worked for me. There is a known CTD issue with FSX after finishing a flight with Airbus X and then trying to exit from it. Chris
  2. If you look in reliability history, what is responsible for the crash? Chris
  3. Pamela Anderson, Baywatch style... or any of the other hotties.... would be a worthy addition! ;o)
  4. Mopperle, Apologies, I misread your initial post. What I can tell you is that my ....Aerosoft/Launcher/aeroApps is ok, it has no duplication and only lists products I've purchased. I hope your issue gets resolved soon. Chris
  5. Mopperle, I believe Nice X doesn't appear in the sceneries section as it does not require require registration with the Aerosoft Launcher. That is why it appears in the unknown section. I think it is Aerosoft's intention at some point to deal with those unknown products so that they become registered. As for your AirbusX, Airbus X issue. It appears you have Airbus X and the Airbus X Virtual Airline edition installed. It looks like AirbusX is associated with the VA edition and named that way as not to replace the Airbus X folder. Sometimes things are done for good reason. I hope
  6. Hi. No there isn't as you don't get one in the real airbus! However, you should be able to add the default GPS gauge to the Airbus X panel.cfg. Chris
  7. Hi. I was involved in Beta testing and as far as I'm aware this problem remains unresolved. Attempts were made by the developers to track the source of the problem, but they were unable to tie it down. Hopefully, this will be addressed in the Advanced version that is currently in development. Chris
  8. Also worth noting that the original LiveInFSX release was photoscenery only. Now they are taking the step of upgrading the photoscenery and producing the airport. This is where FS9 will lack the features to enable a direct port of the product from FSX. Unfortunately, sometimes it does become too expensive to put the work into a certain version if you're not going to get the sales volume. I'm sure if Aerosoft/LiveInFSX thought that there was profit in an FS9 version, then they wouldn't need asking twice. Chris
  9. Hi Dimitris. So, is this the same as the LiveInFSX scenery or is it an upgrade/rework? I have been interested by their products in the past. Chris
  10. Hi Sjoerd, please see the link here: http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=40161&st=0&p=266779&hl=+fdc%20+2011&fromsearch=1&#entry266779 I think it may solve your problem. Don't worry if you see French, I have included English too. Chris
  11. This was noticed by some during Beta. The Co-pilots PFD is the same as the Pilots ie. The same gauge. It was determined that the flickering is down to the users hardware/drives. Increase your anti-ailiasing as you should see a difference. Chris
  12. Fantastic to hear that this airport is been done. I've always liked flying into this airport and it will be great to be able to do it with SimWings quality! Chris
  13. Hi. I use EZCA along with Trackir 5. It allows me to set my eye position to my preference, and return to it at a push of a button. Chris
  14. It depends what version of FSX you have and if you've updated it. FSX Acceleration is basically SP2, and any other version need to be updated to this ideally. Within FSX there doesnt appear to be a way to check the version, however the FSX Service Pack may show up in your Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel. According to the manual if you are running SP1 you need to start Lukla via 'Saved Flights' and 'Start_Lukla!' Chris
  15. Hi. Can you confirm you are loading ICAO - VLN2 (SP2)? Additionally are you running SP1 or SP2. Check the manual as this makes a difference. Chris
  16. Given it's Las Vegas, will this Mega City product include Night Textures? Chris
  17. That's great. I was just doing the same for you. Report back if you still have problems. Chris
  18. As Paul said, that was my meaning As far as I'm aware Aerosoft is only the distributor for FSC; it is developed by OnCourse software. They do have their own support forum, perhaps you could enquire there. Chris
  19. It's not a feature of FSC that I've tried, but I can imagine some difficulties with Airbus X as you can both push and pull the heading knob. I think most of the FSC features like auto-heading have been built around the default aircraft. Chris
  20. I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong but didn't Finn but the option back to control the throttle idents with the mouse wheel?? Chris
  21. I'm not a real pilot, but as far as I understand it, 'LAND' and 'FLARE' etc are only displayed on the PFD as part of the autoland when both AP1 and AP2 are engaged. During development Airbus X was developed as close to A320/1 system specs and logic as was possible. Chris
  22. If you manual land, then the PFD won't display land. It's only displayed as part of the Auto Land function to confirm the current stage of the approach to give the pilot confidence the aircraft is performing its command as instructed. Landing manually you will get the GPWS callouts and its your discretion to continue or abort the landing. Chris
  23. Hi. Disengaging the autopilot will disengage the autoland too. For full autoland both AP1 and AP2 should be engaged. The speed set will remain on the PFD as this is controlled by the autothrottle. To take manual control of the aircraft you need to disengage the autothrottle too. Not much can be done about the angle of attack on Auto Land. However i would suggest you experiment with the commanded speed to adjust the pitch. Nose drop has been an issue on AP disconnect from the start for some users. Hopefully this will be adressed at some point. Until then I'd recommend only disengaging the
  24. Hi. I had this frustrating problem too: Go to your FDC folder and run the following: PFE_V312_System.exe & Sysinfo_inst.exe This should solve your problem. Took me a long time to figure out. Chris
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