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  1. hello, recently I tried purchasing a product from my new aerosoft customer account, I choosed bank transfer and accepted the terms and conditions of use and confirmed my order. Unfortunately, i saw my account password in the place of my address and every detail is messed up even including country and bank. Looks like someone has been digging in there! The problem is, after seeing the situation I am not intended to buy the product and want to cancel the order. please, help me out. I seriously have very limited knowledge about e-commerce and the other products which I bought was by my relative whom I paid the money (concorde x and airbus x). product details: Simcheck A300B4-200. Also, I want to tell that no transaction will be done because the details will not meet the required one's. Sorry, if it is something causing trouble but I am innocent and is never ever intended to do something wrong. There is no email received by me and no download is available yet, there should not be even one! I have bought two products also, and is very impressed by their quality. i don't want to be sued, all the mistake is not done by me or is done unknowingly.
  2. amazing photographs, gonna buy it as early as I can
  3. thanks, but I think aerosoft can still make a380 better than this, nyway, next level simulations a380 is awesome, gonna buy it. I think it is the best till now
  4. Hello and respect to all, I love a380 and same it loves to be in fsx. I surfed the net and found that there is not any good a380 payware, (though there are few). Aerosoft, I would be glad if you make a realistic a380 for FSX. I hope you will take my request as acceptance and will think on this field. I own concorde x and airbus x ans is very pleased by their quality. Aerosoft's products are amazing and if they make an a380, that will be an history. Thank you,
  5. Hello and respect to all, I have FSUIPC registered version, 4.30 ( i think), and some users told that this could sort out the throttle problem that is preventing it to be used from keyboard. I want to know that what should I do, I mean what settings should I change in FSUIPC to make the throttle connected with FSX, cutting it's path from Direct X which is by default set. I also own Thrustmaster hotas X and it worked correctly but still I find comfort playing with keyboard and mouse.I want to assign controls with it, and also throttle is not working with mouse yoke, that is mouse wheel, then why it was written in system requirements that: System requirements: Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2, Acceleration or Gold Edition) Windows XP / Vista (32Bit or 64Bit) / Windows 7 with the latest Service Packs Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 + SP1 Redistributable Package Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 + SP1 Redistributable Package Intel Core 2 Duo CPU (2x 2666Mhz) or equivalent (Core 2 Quad CPU recommended) 2 GB RAM DX9 Graphic Card with at least 256 MB (512 MB highly recommended) Mouse with mouse wheel Joystick with throttle Download-Size: 240 MB Installations-Size: 500 MB read that, mouse with mouse wheel. I am not one of Pittsburgh six so helping me won't arrest you all, I already asked for help but no response yet. I own concorde x too and is very pleased with it's quality but in airbus X, I mean everything is perfect but throttle, the backbone of plane. Thanks.
  6. Hello and respect to all, I am planning to but this http://www.amazon.co.uk/Thrustmaster-T-Flight-Hotas-PS3-compatible/dp/B001DMUCAC Would it run airbus x throttles? Thanks!
  7. Hello and respect to all, I am a big fan of aerosoft products and owns Airbus X and concorde X. As for I read about Airbus X. It has awesome textures, cabin and almost everything is designed with perfection. But when I try it to take-off, throttles don't work, either with keyboard or mouse. I have to continuously press F4 key to gain some thrust but flying with something pressed is annoying. I heard that Airbus X uses external throttle controllers but unfortunately I won't be getting one so I am trying hard to control throttles with keyboard, but no success so far. Any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated ! Thanks.
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