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  1. Another post crash photo: http://www.airliners.net/photo/North-American-Rockwell/2131949/L
  2. Reg number and other links: http://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=146684
  3. One thing to try if you decide to go online; find a busy airport and just sit at a gate and listen. That way you get to observe what is going along with getting used to the phraseology and the speed at which the controller communicates.
  4. I have FSDT-KORD,FT-KMDW and AS-ChicagoX and they are work fine together.
  5. The Avsim forums have recently been "upgraded" and there are various reported issues. You may be having forum problems because of the forum issues.
  6. Registering for the support forum is not the same as registering for product support. It is two different things. http://support.precisionmanuals.com/Main/frmRegister.aspx
  7. Update on the Icon flight testing. http://www.eaa.org/news/2012/2012-02-16_icon.asp
  8. Will the purchase process remove the VAT for non-EU buyers?
  9. Is this discount only available in the Euro store, since that is where the link goes? I looked at PANC in the US store but could not tell if it was discounted. Regards,
  10. From the product description: "...Because the file size is rather large due to the ground image it only includes one season (in most cases this is not a real issue) and no night textures. The VFR flights over these cities are mostly a day time affair anyway."
  11. The LSA category is not a family hauler type aircraft cateory. It is designs conform to the ASTM International’s F-37 Light-Sport Aircraft Committee Consensus Standards, which were accepted by FAA in 2005. It is more of a recreational category. http://www.sportpilot.org/learn/final_rule_synopsis.html As of June 2011, Icon Aircraft has over 500 orders and plans production in the 4th quarter of 2012. http://www.eaa.org/news/2011/2011-06-30_icon.asp In August 2011, they announced that they received another 143 new orders in the week of Oshkosh-Airventure. http://www.flyingmag.com/airc
  12. Devon, The people who are calling it a "Flying Car" are clueless in regards to the aircraft. The Icon is an LSA amphib that can be trailered behind a vehicle. As you have found out, it is a very real aircraft. The last couple of years, Icon Aircraft has had their aircraft at Oshkosh-Airventure and I have actually sat in the cockpit of their demonstrator aircraft. I have also witnessed a flight demonstration of the aircraft at the Oshksosh-Airventure Seaplane base. It is an amazing performing aircraft.
  13. I normally walk to the rear of the aircraft, push down on the tail and swing the aircraft around. Oh wait, that is what I do for a real Cessna.
  14. I finally got the files downloaded that I mentioned above. Activation went smoothly.
  15. I purchased three sceneries yesterday evening (USA time). One activated successfully. The other two, I kept getting CRC fail errors when extracting/installing. I sent an email to support, but haven't heard anything back so far.
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