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  1. Hey mates, as you can see on the screenshot below the operating window is very small even the text size within the options menue is set to 12. It does not use the full amount of space. Also after releasing a flight. Is there a way to change that?
  2. airbusflyer

    PFPX Template

    Are there any Templates available for the latest Airbus series from Aerosoft? In PFPX there is still only the A320 available. I know also that site where you get some profiles from.But it's always better to have a specific Aerosoft template for PFPX Thanks for help
  3. airbusflyer

    Update auf v2

    Hallo, ich habe eben versucht auf die Version 2 zu gehen. Dabei dachte ich es reicht wie bisher auch immer einfach den neuen Installer zu nutzen. Aber es wird einfach alles gelöscht was bisher war. Bei mir ist komplett alles weg, alle Routen, alle Einstellungen und vor allem alle Flieger die ich nach realem Vorbild gesammelt habe. Zusätzlich sieht er nach dem Start aus wie auf dem Screenshot Was nun...sind nun alle meine Daten weg? Dann kann ich ja auch gleich PFPX löschen denn ohne passende Flieger und alles braucht man auch kein PFPX. Abgesehen von der Zeit sich Templates und alles zu besorgen. Fein gemacht
  4. airbusflyer

    zoom + preselected cockpit views

    I have the same problem. Doesn't matter if I disable or enable the view system. I can not use the zoom keys to define my EZCA camera points. That quite weird. When switching to any other aircraft it works like it should. Would be nice to remove that "feature" so we can use zoom again
  5. Hey mates, do the new update of LM will cause any problem with the current available scenery installed in my sim? I'm mainly talking about problems with the scenery like the Mega Airports. I know some other developers need to fix things or update things. Just a question otherwise I would hold with the update and wait for fixes
  6. airbusflyer

    EDDL and GSX not working together

    GSX says it reads the following file: V:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\scenery\0601\scenery\APX49130.bgl That seems not to be a Aerosoft file :/ But you can not change that in GSX or somewhere else. Any further hint? Simply renaming the file and seeing whats happening?
  7. How can I get a working version in combination with GSX? I have many gates missing or not added correctly. Also I have additionally I have on the taxiways connecting to RWY 23L only sand or dust as pavement. You see it's paved but when taxiing on it the aircraft is jumping and loosing speed. Is there maybe a corrected AFCAD for all problems? I did not have another Scenery installed...
  8. airbusflyer

    GSX config

    Someone has good and accurate GSX configs for me? I just done a flight with the A319 IAE and only had a loader on the second cargo door but not on the first one. Also the second was was not connected to the plane. So would appreciate maybe some files to correct that and get the whole fleet "animated" Thanks for help and Happy New Year
  9. Someone has a list for PFPX with what they are equiped and what we need to enter in PFPX to get a real flightplan to fly on IVAO or somewhere else? I only figuered out that have as transponder "H" but not more till now
  10. In the manual you say there is a EZCA file for the v2 version. In my installation it's not present in the CRK folder within P3D V3. Is it only for FSX? Can someone provide also a config file for the version 1.18 as AFAIK it's not downwards compatible. Thanks for help
  11. airbusflyer

    No ground layout in P3D

    @sydney1962 if you look in the AS site where you can buy the scenery there you can find 1 or 2 pics with the details of the apron. And it's clear visible there should be some markings. Also in real life there are markings (I have been to Madeira already). Just look through the sales site. PS: Maybe it has something to do with the minimums: Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V3.4 stated on the AS site? I'm still on 3.2 due the problems I've heard from in 3.4
  12. airbusflyer

    No ground layout in P3D

    Damn...forgot that. I'm talking about Madeira airport with the new scenery. Maybe a moderator could add that to the topic title please. I can not change the thread anymore...
  13. airbusflyer

    No ground layout in P3D

    Hey guys, in P3D 3.2 I have no layout that means no taxiway lines and no gate lines from the taxiway towards the parking position. The lights on the apron and on the runways seems to work fine so far. Also the leading lights working. I followed the manual and deactivated the named files and the airport within FTX Vector. Thanks for assistance
  14. airbusflyer

    Send your Templates & Aircraft profiles

    Maybe not for the TFDI itself but should be a good one and as both should follow the Boeing performance it should match and do the job:
  15. Hey guys, is there a good and realistic Dash 8 PFPX profile available? Especially according to the weights and the loader of the Dash? Right now it's quite time consuming to get the weights matching into the Dash 8 Config tool.