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  1. As we have a thread for the aircraft data but we do not have one for airports. But airports are also important specially these ones with many runways or special procedures. If you have created for your airport an accurate file please share it here. I would like to use it and I'm sure others would like to do the same. To increase realism. Thanks
  2. Would be great to add the FSLabs Airbus...maybe someone has the time to send the needed information to PFPX so they can finally import this feature. Thanks :)
  3. I found my mistake...I'm so stupid 🙄 I edited only the KG entrys and forgot to change the LBS fields. My mind thought wen using KG the system will not read the LBS data That was the problem as PFPX looked for KG and LBS and of course there was a mismatch. After correcting LBS it not worked fine and I could make the first flight with the Falcon.
  4. Hello all, for the Carenado Falcon 50EX I used a .txt file for PFPX from avsim. Originally it was created for the other Falcon 50. Now I get a error after planning a flight that MTOW exceeds the maximum weight in performance file. But I can nowhere find the value (17600kg). I have all changed to 18008kg. I only planned a short flight within Europe with only 2 pax on good weather (LSZH-EDDP). So normally should be no problem for that plane. Can someone help me out? Maybe I made a mistake in correcting the .txt file?
  5. I have found that via avsim.com: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FBJVUMowlABBuGHF4KFT8zfh9fPsWuTq/view Topic is this one: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/545295-falcon-50-performance-data/
  6. I already had a topic here, I fixed the cockpit darkness problem. But the problem with lights on the aircrafts itself are still there. No lights on the ground. And also the landing lights are not really illuminating the belly. On PMDG the same, Majestic and standard P3D planes working good. I already deleted the shaders but without success. I only use Envshade and Envtex but already made a reset and used the backup. Do you know if there is a fix so that I do not need to enable DL? I never had DL active and it worked also before
  7. Thanks for the help, I have used the tread by Kok but only had to change the "output dynamic range". The rest was already set. Maybe something else was set different after the driver update from my video card? I updated a big way as my last update was maybe 2 years ago But What I noticed on a short test is that the lights are not illuminating the ground. But that is only so far on the Aerosoft bus. On the Dash 8 no problems.
  8. Hey mates, is it normal that when all lights are off (cold&dark) nearly nothing is visible in the cockpit and outside? The first 2 photos show the plane after cold and dark state insert. The third one is with external lights on and dome light on. The first ones are so dark that you not able to find any knob. Also it seems that landing/taxi lights do not illuminate the ground. I also checked that on a PMDG 777 and its the same there. Strange thing for me...
  9. Does someone has a proper and good profile for the CRJ. I'm currently trying to use her but as there are no 2D panels I indeed need some good views and settings. Thanks
  10. Hey mates, as you can see on the screenshot below the operating window is very small even the text size within the options menue is set to 12. It does not use the full amount of space. Also after releasing a flight. Is there a way to change that?
  11. Are there any Templates available for the latest Airbus series from Aerosoft? In PFPX there is still only the A320 available. I know also that site where you get some profiles from.But it's always better to have a specific Aerosoft template for PFPX Thanks for help
  12. Hallo, ich habe eben versucht auf die Version 2 zu gehen. Dabei dachte ich es reicht wie bisher auch immer einfach den neuen Installer zu nutzen. Aber es wird einfach alles gelöscht was bisher war. Bei mir ist komplett alles weg, alle Routen, alle Einstellungen und vor allem alle Flieger die ich nach realem Vorbild gesammelt habe. Zusätzlich sieht er nach dem Start aus wie auf dem Screenshot Was nun...sind nun alle meine Daten weg? Dann kann ich ja auch gleich PFPX löschen denn ohne passende Flieger und alles braucht man auch kein PFPX. Abgesehen von der Zeit sich Templat
  13. I have the same problem. Doesn't matter if I disable or enable the view system. I can not use the zoom keys to define my EZCA camera points. That quite weird. When switching to any other aircraft it works like it should. Would be nice to remove that "feature" so we can use zoom again
  14. Maybe not for the TFDI itself but should be a good one and as both should follow the Boeing performance it should match and do the job: http://airlinerperformance.net/aircraft-types/
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