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  1. Hi John, check the following below and thanks for the feed back. The jumping into detents behavior is a behavior adjust that can be made in your FSlabs MCDU Quadrant behavior, I have mine set to not "STICKY" into the spots. make sure it looks like this , and also make sure your throttle reversers are set in the down position, if you pull them up and push forward that will give full reverse thrust. Flaps and Spoilers should be bound to Y axis and Z Axis Respectively
  2. Version 1.1


    Please refer documentation included for all bindings , if you have any questions or issues please let me know , any improvements or suggestions are also welcome. Most of the binds are accomplished using ROTOR_Brake codes from mouse click events. Enjoy!
  3. Any feedback or suggestions on this profile are welcome.
  4. Version


    I've created this as a test I'm working within P3dv5.1HF1 to test and not all the local data keys I'm finding in the documentation for qualitywings Sim Kit work correctly. Apu is a bit buggy I have to toggle rock it to get the aircraft to identify the APU switch in Start Position. Airspeed needs to still be tweaked as it does not work with MACH indications while in mach mode i've tried a few IAS Keys but nothing seems to work. I'm no expert and this is my first dabble into messing with local data keys please use this as you see fit.
  5. I have a big interest in testing any profile you have setup with QW787 as well thank you
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