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  1. Was just wondering. Can pfpx auto-fix a route if after validation something needs to be changed like airway ? Thanks
  2. I didn't add any spacer,(not that I know of). Where is the spacer ? If i click on a checkbox nothing happens.
  3. I'm going through the manual and trying to figure things out. I don't understand why my sceneryset overview is "grayed out". Light gray should mean not activated but everything in my scenery.cfg is active.In the manual there's also a picture and it shows everything is active. I must be doing something wrong but I'm not sure what ?.I'm including a screenshot of my sceneryset overview and the one in the manual.Any help appreciated.
  4. I just purchased simstarter and I'm stuck. I have watched a YT video Peter has done 3 years ago a few times (simstarter quick guide(english)) but now the interface is different and I don't know how to setup the program. is there any video tutorial with fool-proof instructions to help newbs ? Thanks
  5. Even fi you use p3d,fsx whatever Click export-> flightsimulator 2004 and point it to the bbs company routes directory.. Done.
  6. OMG.You're right.I was enterting the fuel flow for one engine only. I tried that times 4 and it all makes sense. Thanks !
  7. the a340-642 one
  8. I'm not flying now so I just entered roughly the figures I remember from yesterdays flight.They could be well we go
  9. I wanted to use the bias evaluator for the a340-600ìs profile but no matter what i enter the only thing that changes is the "drag"."fuel Bias" is always N/A and apply is greyed out. What am I doing wrong ? Thanks
  10. Yes to both. Btw, I contacted the author Dave march and he told me that for installation problems I need to ask Aerosoft. I'm stuck.
  11. I'm trying to install pro flight emulator on my win7 x64 machine but i can't install it.When I run the installer it asks me for my email and serial which it accepts and then goes on to pick its default directory which I change and it goes on to install.Thing is that it says installation successful but it didn't install anything.Nothing. Am I missing something ? Thanks Vic
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