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  1. After some R&R... I have resumed my travels.. The destination today was Haneda Airport, near Yokohama. Next task is developing a flight plan to get to San Fransisco
  2. For P3DV4... now possible!
  3. Just resting in Shanghai, on route to Tokyo/Yokahama
  4. OK, got the airplane fixed and ferried over to Hong Kong. Now it is time to plan the cross Pacific flight..
  5. Just made it to Danang, with an ILS night landing. The lighting on the apron is not very good, and my taxi lights did not pick up a small Koi Pond in the middle of it all, so I got the nose wheel wet and need to have it looked at before I can continue to Hong Kong. Luckily, there is some slack in the schedule..
  6. Just a brief note to let you know that I have moved to Saigon, now known as Ho Chi Minh City. On the weekend, I'll go north to Danang, and from there to Hong Kong
  7. OK, I now have my airplane parked at WSSS (Singapore Changi airport). This is a great city to hang out in.. and I'll enjoy my stay for a week or so, before moving north along the coast to Hong Kong.
  8. Somewhat ahead on the time table.. not really expected in Hong Kong until November 8th - so will enjoy a leisurely trip down the Malayan peninsula with some R&R in Singapore, before heading north via Bangkok - Saigon - and Danang. A lovely trip that I did in 2013 on the Azamara Journey, although in reverse direction (Hong Kong to Singapore).
  9. Uneventful flight to Calcutta (VECC) today - perfect ILS landing. Time for some sightseeing. Next Goal Singapore.
  10. Safely on the ground in Mumbai.. (VABB) Now for some good curry - and a relaxing afternoon!
  11. Great story! Happy to know there is a purpose to this madness As for me, a bit more careful this time, I filed a flightplan to Dubai, at 42,000 feet to save fuel.. Long flight, lots of desert below, but we made it in style (now powered by a brand new GTX 1070 which makes everything look better! Note the shadows in the cockpit..)
  12. Landed in Alexandria. Low on fuel - I need to work on cruising range and fuel flow calculations Also had a minor mishap on takeoff from Nice.. door left open (note to self: use checklist!)
  13. Just landed at Nice Cote d'Azur... Nice location Time for a lunch at the Beach Promenade... fresh seafood, perhaps..
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