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  1. Asked myself the same question. For those wondering, you need to redownload from your Simmarket account. I am in the process of doing that. And yes, really looking forward to trying out the new update.
  2. Just wondering if it is worth asking for temporary fix, or wait for the official patch. I also have this issue. With only 40 minutes on the engine, I have condition at 52%. That was following a flight with carb icing conditions at cruise and in descent. Moderate carb heat was used at cruise settings, and then open during descent. Notice my CHT was high a few minutes to landing. Just checked my data file and it shows the 52%. So count me in...
  3. Flying the Katana I just ''purchased'' in Butte, Montana back to Concrete, WA. Flying along the Mission Range, in Montana.
  4. Here is an idea. Conflict between ORBX airport custom sounds and the Katana sound module? But then, why is not everyone reporting it?! The joys of FSX
  5. Panel2 (from your second posting of fixes) tested. Same testing parameters. CTD after clicking 'end flight'. Hope this helps. For now, I will stick with Panel1 of your second posting and keep taking notes. Many... many thanks for this. I will be interested to see the findings of BPL and Bill, since they both have the EXACT same issue has me.
  6. Latest update. Panel1 appears to fix the issue. I just tried twice. The first time, I got a CTD after I clicked 'end flight', but looks like FSX had complete it's end flight process, since I a loaded a new flight afterwards, the Kat 'remembered' that one. I then did another flight, and no CTD at all after 'end flight'. I am off to double check if the Kat 'remembered' that one also.
  7. But of course... One quick question. For the two other files, do we set in 'instructor mode' also? Cheers. Any many thanks
  8. Marcel, just tried this first 'test' and it worked. No CTD on 'end flight'. I was in FTX Australia, but a previous test with the original panel file had given me the same CTD. So you are for sure on to something. Not all that familiar with the instructor mode, but I did notice that the Hobbs meter was not working. No worries do, since I understand we are collectively working 'on something' to hopefully fix the issue. Not sure when I will have the time to try out the other file you uploaded however.
  9. Okay I am back. To follow-up on the CTD experienced, and the on-going "quest for the fix" with Bill, Marcel and BPL. It appears that indeed there is something up when using the Katana in conjuction with FTX scenery. First off tonight, I did a short flight from my real life home airport (outside of FTX coverage, and with FTX Central back to 'Default FSX). After landing and shut-down, I pressed 'esc' to exit flight. I got the usual 'end flight' choices, and clicked on it. That's one of the scenarios when I usually get the CTD. I got no CTD this time. I then loaded up a flight at KORS. In realistic mode, the Katana 'remembered' my previous flight and all the correct settings (fuel, timers, etc). I did a short hop, and after parking and shut down... yup, the usual CTD when came time to 'end flight'. So my most obvious conclusion is the link between FTX PNW and the Katana. This boggles my mind in a way, since I don't really by the 'your system is not good enough (or similar) line. There is to be something deep 'within' that is causing this. As I mentioned before, I have no issues with the Katana from start to finish (and actually love it). And I will keep using it. But the lack the maintenance and 'memory' of the plane sort of kills have the purpose of it. Please keep on posting here and we might figure it out. Note: faulty module for the CTD is always d3d9.dll Cheers!
  10. Back in the glory days of FS9, Georender was the king of them all in terms of scenery. Flew from a sentimental favourite (Diamond Point), south to FTX freeware Vashon Island. Had time to snap this shop of Hood Canal and the Olympic range on the right.
  11. If I may add, and perhaps help in this topic, I am also getting CTD's with the Katana, but always in the same pattern: when I end the flight. I tested several scenarios since last night, and this only happens with the Katana. Everything goes fine in all flights, but once I am parked, all systems shut down and tied down, and then ''end'' my flight, my FSX crashes. Not a show stopper, but it appears that when I then load the Katana for another flight, it does not ''remember'' I used it before (need to reinstall the RXP Garmin, timers are at 00:00), etc. I run a Win 7 64 bit (well maintained) system.
  12. Great evening around KORS, and could not ask for anything better than the Katana to make it happen!
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