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  1. Same here, and I'd purchase any P3Dv4 update for this aircraft.
  2. You are a class act, J van E...seriously.
  3. Indeed, thanks very much...this will be quite useful.
  4. Thanks, bliksimpie, for that tip as I also wasn't always seeing that little menu in the upper left of the screen. I believe the key combination " CTL ; " will also do a reset.
  5. That is a great shot of a great plane and scenery combination...nicely done. And I love this plane.
  6. I've had this problem, but in my case, it's due to the EZdok camera add-on. If I temporarily disable the add-on (via the default NUM 3 key), I can get pushback turns normally; once I'm finished with the pushback, I re-engage EZdok camera, and I'm off. Hope this is useful.
  7. Yet one more in the same "boat", and I'll try that tip about creating adn then loading a thorough cold n dark airbus....thanks.
  8. +1 particularly as regards VNAV capability.
  9. I should add that I've loaded a fresh install of version 1.11 after deleteing anything related to earlier versions as recommended by another poster to this forum. Tried again last night to attain an event-free flight but again, the vertical flight was uncontrolled...the airbus just climbs and climbs. I guess I'll try another fresh fsx.cfg approach, but I admit that that grows tiresome when all of my other add-ons (PMDG MD-11, PMDGJ4100, FeeThere ERJ-145 v2, Simcheck A300B4, etc) run just fine. Any hints would be deeply appreciated, thanks.
  10. I'm having the same problem: despite being in managed mode and tracking lateral navigation just fine, I'm seeing a radical climb rate after reaching 10000, V/S well beyond what Mathijs posted as the climb schedule . The managed speed shows 300, but I'm seeing 240 and falling until a stall...there's no managed ascent at all even though all indications are for a managed mode. This is on FSX/Acceleration on Win7 64-bit. I've tried several times, following the tutorial religiously (I think), but would welcome any ideas as to what I may be missing. Thanks.
  11. I think I could use that checklist, Jan van E, and thanks for doing this!
  12. As Aerosoft has stated in numerous other threads, they are aware of this issue and are working on a fix.
  13. J van E: Your research and resulting explanations (and even questions!) are very much appreciated...they're helping me immensely while learning this beautiful bird. Thanks!
  14. Aerosoft has stated very clearly in the accompanying documentation where to find the Navigraph updates...please read them.
  15. Looks like an ORBX airport, but don't know which one. Great paintjobs, Jankees, and can't wait to pick up this 'bus!
  16. Oh the pain...the pain... In all seriousness, may we please drop this wing-flex business? It's been thoroughly addressed by the developers and many posters on this forum, and I have developed a rapidly growing admiration for Mathijs and Co., who continue to exhibit incredible patience and fortitude in the face of the blindly persistant ones here. I look forward to purchasing this Airbus as soon as it's availble.
  17. I use both together (CumulusX 1.5 and REX 2.0) with no problems; the clouds produced by each are obviously different, but the new thermal cumulus that comes with CumulusX 1.5, while different, just blends in better than the earlier versions did. It's all good.
  18. I can imagine how frustrating these CTDs must be...but I have to say that I've not experienced any problems. Here's what I've got installed and where: First my computer specs: Asus P5QC MB Q9550 Core 2 CPU oc 3.4 GHz 4 GB OCZ PC2 6400 DDR2 RAM BFG GeForce 275 GTX (stock speeds), 182.50 driver Corsair 850HX PSU 1 WD Raptor X 150 GB SATA HDD (dedicated for FSX) 2 Seagate 320 GB SATA HDDs 1 Seagate 1 TB HDD (C: drive) SoundBlaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro Pioneer DVR-111D DVD-RW PATA Lite-On LH-20A1S DVD-RW SATA NEC MultiSync 90GX 19" LCD Win Vista Home Premium (64 bit) I've got FSX (Deluxe and Acceleration) on its own drive and I've disabled UAC; I have a primary Administrator account in the OS, which is Vista 64-bit. I'm flying the Discus with both Winch X and Cumulus X 1.5 installed and crashes (yet) and lots of lift when weather conditions and time of day are right. I offer this in the hope that it's useful information...I'm having a blast with this sailplane.
  19. Thanks, folks, and I'm sure it's the battery switch that needs my attention.
  20. Thanks for the tutorial...but I have an embarassing question: How do you turn this on? I've tried pressing the white button (at 9 o'clock position on the face of the instrument) with right and left mouse clicks as well as the mouse wheel...tried one click only and also tried holding the button down for several LCD at all. I've read the manuals but am unable to turn the darn thing on. What am I missing?? Thanks for your help on this.
  21. Merlinman


    Just downloaded this and went for my first NZ ride from Mt Cook to Glentanner, having set up a westerly breeze with Cumulus X running. Used Winch X to get going and rode the terrific lift along the east side of this glacial valley...fantastic! The winch and the sailplane are perfect together, and the sounds...... . Simply incredible. Barely made it to Glentanner but did land safely...just. The sideslip capability is terrific! Thanks for a real quality glider...bravo!
  22. Services will be held this Sunday on the flightline of the nearest airport (consult your Garmin 530 or G1000 for details). Judith's family has asked for your discretion should any of you wish to provide a short eulogy at the service.
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