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  1. Just read in another post about backing up the fsx cfg and starting from square 1. Will give it a try tonight
  2. My apologies for not being more specific, but along with what posted above I'm flying the a321 I believe it's the lufthansa model, cold and dark. managed mode . Right after takeoff, gear up I egage the AP; sometimes it will track the "step by step" flight plan other times it will not. I use a Saitek x52 I think it is, but it's a separate throttle and joystick. I will have to check if any switched or buttons could be interfering withe the autopilot. I will also try reinstallling Airbus X. Question, when the AP is on, the 5th colum in the FMA shows the AP on in white letters. Is this the correct color to indicate the AP is on? Thanks again for the response Lonnie
  3. At take off in what suppose to be "manage mode, button pushed in, dash ball, dash ball, ball dash". Colum 5 on the FMA displays the aupilot is on but it does not engage
  4. Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Followed the "Step by step" numerous times and just can't get the autopilot to work with any consistency. It works sometimes; other times the plane just circles. I cycle the autopilot switch, the FD switch and sometime I get the autopilot disconnect chime other time there's no chime at all. Truly frustrating. What the secret to getting it to work? Noticed on the 1st Off. side the FD switches do not light up, should it? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Lonnie
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