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  1. what is the difference between amphibian and floatter_?
  2. I guess my last message here was 8-9 years ago. Now I came back to civil simming for Msfs2020. This plane always my favorite and it will be the one of the three planes that I will buy for Msfs2020 along with dc6 and 737. Is there an ETA for this baby?
  3. This is a very sad news. What kind of difficulties do you face with producing a Turkish scenery? Your LTAI scenery is very successful IMO.
  4. C'mon guys, this airport well deserves to be made by aerosoft. One of the busiest airport and it would be great to fly from corfu or antalya to istanbul as well. Please make it for our sim!
  5. holger i think your pm box is full
  6. i am very big fan of ofp (not new ofp series) and arma series. this sim looks like based on arma engine. i love bohemia interactive. if you like the graphics, i suggest you to try arma 2 and operation arrowhead. finally, they are almost about to release arma 3, and i can't wait.
  7. Looks incredible! Thank you and thank you my friend
  8. Ok Shaun. But please say our a340 is going to come out.
  9. +1 agreed. 7 months for detailed airbus is nothing. especially compare to ngx's development time.
  10. i hope they will make them
  11. I believe, if it is possible, Holger can do it
  12. Holger, is it possible to make mettalic liveries like american airlines or aeromexico , with current paintkit? it would be great.
  13. i didn't understand what are you talking about very well. btw sometimes using google translate is useful for me if i understood correctly , thah may be thing that you are looking for otherwise, sorry http://www.airliners.net/search/photo.search?regsearch=TC-FBE
  14. Thank you Darry, airport is aerosoft kosx
  15. some hot screenshots from me
  16. Great job as always Holger my friend. you know, you are the number one! i can't believe, my 6 months wait is over . i can cry
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