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  1. These look awfully familiar... Hopefully mathjis posts the real ones very soon!
  2. that's good. Will the twotter be on the flightsim.to payware section?
  3. Am looking forward to these today. Will the ttwptter have operable doors? (pilots door, co-pilot etc)
  4. Is there the ability to hit reverse thrust just before you touch down for extra STOL performance?
  5. its looking like it's probably going to be mid september, mathjis said himself that they only had to finish the skydiver variant, he said that about a week. I'd probably expect somewhere like sep 10th or 15th but that's just speculation
  6. When will the previews be posted this week? Almost complete I hope
  7. Looking forward to this weeks previews. Hopefully another couple weeks till I'll be flying this bird. Will the plane have full icing and rain effects? like on the exterior, windshield etc
  8. WU6 is containing in-depth sim fixes, could effect aircraft some way or another.
  9. Also, will this world update 6 delay effect the release date?
  10. Really looking forward to this! Absolutely going to replace the xcub as my daily driver aircraft. May even start a VA with it idk
  11. Is it able to engage reverse thrust mid air or above the runway?
  12. Will the twin otter be on the marketplace to begin with? And can we assume it will be after WU6 so you don't have to release a bugfix almost immediately after?
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