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  1. I was on XP until the morning Windows7 was released and as I drove to the store I knew exactly why I was buying it. The high price was totally irrelevant. I have now read 40+ articles about Windows8 and I have yet to find a single good reason to go out and buy it. Funnily enough this time around the low price is totally irrelevant. I understand exactly why MS have developed Windows8 and there is no doubt that this is a watershed moment for MS. The thing is that I have been given absolutely no reason to care. And so I don't.
  2. To be a bit more specific: Desktops and tablets merging? Perhaps. Workstations and tablets merging? Likely not ever.
  3. Given that Scott from A2A is stating that interest in FSX has in fact "surged" since the release of MSFlight it could be that MS has done us all a pretty big favour, both by releasing and subsequently canning, MSFlight. RIP
  4. In my opinion it will likely end up being a waste of both money and, perhaps more importantly, time. Those talking about P3D and DX11 need to realise two things: a] it will likely be a long while yet before P3D is DX11 capable and, b] a DX11 P3D will break compatibility with ALL existing add-ons (which makes you wonder how much LM really want/need it) and there is no chance that any add-on developer or publisher will update their add-ons to DX11 free of charge. I reckon DX11 add-ons will be full price, I'll put ten of her majesty's pound sterling on it.
  5. My understanding is that this has little, if anything, to do with price. The sticking point for PMDG is likely to be their licensing agreement with Boeing. None of this is to say that PMDG will not release the NGX for P3D. They probably will but it will cost thousands and it will be against the EULA for us (retail consumers) to use it.
  6. It seems pretty certain that PMDG's NGX will never be supported in Prepar3D for retail consumers, i,e, you and me and anyone else who uses P3D at home. See this post by Robert.
  7. If you were an MS shareholder you would likely have cause for concern if MS were not trying to milk the initial release of Flight (or anything for that matter) for all it was worth. $20 here, $20 there, $10 there etc. To experienced simmers, not to mention publishers, current Flight DLC looks both subpar and expensive. Obviously, look at what we are comparing it to. But to those who have never heard of FSX addons (or perhaps they like Abacus which is the same thing) then I'll bet the DLC is good enough. MS knows this. I suspect that the publishers themselves were at least half the problem of why MS seemingly booted them out of Flight. There was clearly no suitable common ground for either side. Too early?
  8. In its current form it is fairly easy to look at Flight as a glass half empty. Only downhill from here and all that. Crowdsourcing forum-visiting simmers is also going to give you predictable results. I see Flight in two ways, one short term and the other long term: In the short term it makes it much easier for new people to get interested in simulated flight (for free!) - as you rightly pointed out Flight will be your favourite game ever if it helps achieve this goal. In the long term Flight indeed has the potential to become a fully fledged FX11. And why not? Imagine 2 or 3 more years of development on the engine and the involvment of a select number of 3PD's who are willing to work with MS and it becomes hard to argue that the potential is not there.
  9. Yep, quite a few in fact. See here.
  10. AVSIM's pretty comprehensive review of Flight is out.
  11. Hey Matt Perhaps I'll pick up the 2600K system from you. PM me the details when the time comes.
  12. According to Intel the delay will only affect mobile dual core ivy bridge due to oversupply of previous generation chips. All other ivy bridge cpu's remain on track for April delivery. Have also seen reports that ivy bridge i7-3770 is 7% to 16% faster than sandy bridge i7-2600. They are identical except for the die shrink down to 22nm. Nice!
  13. 5GHz? For a workstation? Not a chance. You're going to need VCore in the region of 1.45V for that to be stable (approx. 1.25V is stock). I seriously wouldn't go beyond the 4.2 if I were you...
  14. I have a sneaky suspiscion that Microsoft Flight may just surprise us in the future. Not with the initial release but with subsequent installments. It's a bit like the saying "You can always trust [whomever] to do the right thing but only after they have tried everything else. The addon industry is in my opinion too large for MS to ignore for any significant amount of time. They are playing "hardball" now but how likely is that to last? Indeed, MS Flight may do way more to bring new blood into the hobby than people perhaps realise, something our hobby desperately needs. Just my one quid...
  15. In that case keep "betting" on FSX. If curiosity gets the better of you then download the XP10 demo and sign up for one month with P3D. Other than time and bandwidth the cost will be a whole $10. And no, if you skip a month's payment you will not be able to use P3D until you start paying again.
  16. Sharrow

    AFS 2012...

    Your assumption that Aerosoft has not checked Outerra out is frankly degrading. Not to mention that you dragged such an old thread out to tell us about something which has been mentioned countless times, had you taken just a moment to check.
  17. Good to see that you finally got things sorted out and it seems like your system is now running very well indeed. Michael from FSGS may be a bit rough around the edges but no doubt he knows what he is doing, and consequently now so do you. That is where the value of the FSGS service lies. Enjoy FSX!!!
  18. As long as AMD remain focused on the server market where their prices are good then they should be ok. On the desktop side they're a very painful generation behind. SB-E Hex core LGA2011 and X79 with quad channel DDR3 is defintley on my list for santa this year. Been 4 years since my last major upgrade so the timing is just right too.
  19. Just get the very latest WHQL forceware from guru3d.com. Recent versions all seem to work just as well in fsx.
  20. On Windows 7 all the DirectX versions (going back to 2005) are installed as part of a single package. Your computer simply chooses which one to use based on which gpu you have and which game you are playing. Here is a list of games with DX11 support - note that all these games are also DX9 compatible for those who have older graphics cards. Games not mentioned in this list (like FSX) will use DX9.
  21. Direct X9 is already installed on your machine, as is DX10 and DX11. FSX supports primarily DX9 only though it does have a DX10 preview mode. All addons are compatible with DX9, some are also DX10 preview mode compatible. DX11 is of no relevance to FSX or any FSX addons. EDIT: wow, 3 simultaneous repsonses!
  22. How about if they include MSFlight for free with every copy of Windows8 or perhaps even pre-installed on every xbox720? With more scenery and aircraft available at the MS Store/GFWL whatever. Perhaps some potential anti-trust issues? Not my idea btw - picked it up from a thread over at AVSIM. A pleasure reading your posts Graeme. Sounds to me like you have a nice view out of some or other window in the house?
  23. 16GB means that all your ram slots are filled and this fact may have a negative influence on overclocking simply due to the demands placed on the ram controller. That is the only possible negative I am aware of.
  24. There's more than enough room at even this small table for all approaches. Sit back and watch or be a subscribed beta tester (where have I heard that before?). It's up to the individual. In fact I doubt we would get far with P3D if not for the latter group - someone, somewhere has to stir the soup... For now I am happy to continue to be a subscribed beta tester if for no other reason than I know it sends LM the message that people are indeed interested. I will also add that the momentum of P3D going forward is largely up to LM. If, and only if, LM are able/willing to add to the P3D feature set on a more or less regular basis can we hope to see P3D one day become the next prosumer sim of choice with a thriving addon ecosystem. For now LM seems to have a similar agenda and the talk of DX11, not to menion 64bit, remains enough of a carrot. Just don't dangle it too long.
  25. Perhaps someone here has experience with the mobo in question. If not, then try this.
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