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  1. Any chance on a PFPX aircraft profile for Carenado's F406 Caravan II ??
  2. Read on my friend.... http://www.prepar3d.com/forum-5/?mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=5094
  3. This is good news. I have given up on DX9 and rely solely on DX 10 for FSX simply for its optimized memory management compared to DX9. Reading through this thread one can conclude that highly detailed sceneries like Thessaloniki X will continue to evolve which seems futile for an aged FSX without making sacrifices to the reality of the sim. Solution is start all over again with a 64 bit sim. Good news again since there is one in the making........
  4. What about in P3Dv2? With the pending update a lot of memory management issues will be fixed.
  5. Mathijs/Emilios Is there any chance of developing an Athens X city scenery similar in quality to Thessaloniki X?
  6. Anybody try this scenery out in DX10 preview mode with the available 3rd party fixer tool? Considering DX10 is more memory management efficient it would definitely help mitigate those OOM's.
  7. Hi Shaun I checked the UT2 timetable and yes there are more AI aircraft injected into the scenery depending on day and time. I appreciate the response as I probably should of done this first before posting. Anyways keep up the great work....FSX world is much more realistic with Aerosoft sceneries! Thanks John
  8. Hi I am running UT2 for AI Traffic and consistantly get only one AI aircaft parked in the same parking spot at IBiza X (Parking Position 12). All arriving and departing UT2 traffic is set to high density for LEIB and my apron traffic is checked on. How can I get more AI traffic to appear in the scenery? Thanks in advance. John
  9. I searched the forum but did not find the thread which you have posted. Anyways thanks for that. I will try landing on Rwy 4L to avoid this "offset" ILS course at 4R. John
  10. Hello Why is it that the runway centreline does not line up during an ILS approach to Aerosoft X LFMN Runway 4R? Is this an FSX limitation? What is causing this and is there a fix out there that could correct this anomaly? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! John
  11. Mathijs thank you for the reply......your airport sceneries have added a whole new level of realism to FSX. It would be a foolish move for MS to close shop on Flight in my opinion. John
  12. I am just guessing at a release date for early next year based on MS flight info on the internet (supposedly there will be a release date announced next month). In any event, like Shaun says it is best to wait till it arrives and deal with compatibility - if any - at that time. John
  13. Hello I was wondering with the anticipated release of the new flight sim "Microsoft Flight" scheduled for early next year, will Aerosoft be providing updates for their Mega Airport sceneries to make them compatible with Microsoft Flight? I am currently using FSX with many of your wonderful Mega Airport scenery add-ons and don't want to give them up for the new sim! John
  14. Thanks I would definitly support a payware CYYZ! John
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