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  1. I have updated the Navigraph data and was able to complete a flight into EDDM with no CTD and steady FPS. Hope it stays that way! Btw, I am looking forward to trying the same flight in your CRJ šŸ˜‰
  2. I am skeptical the CTD is solved because even with latest version 1.02 installed I still experienced CTD per my previous post. Scenery is also not too frame friendly as others have also posted. Will need to keep testing and report back....
  3. Well tried another approach this time from the south and as I was coming in on the KOGO4A approach it CTD just past KOGOL! My frames were holding steady to KOGOL but could not get closer to EDDM to check the fps. All other community addons were deactivated as well (except Navigraph data).
  4. Yes I was getting stutters and crazy fps dips which made the approach unflyable. I will try again and see how it goes.
  5. Finally able to do my first flight into Sim-Wing's EDDM today but the experience was unfortunately not pleasant for me. I am running a decent system (Ryzen 9 3900XT CPU, RTX 2080Ti GPU, 32GB Ram) and was getting low (12-18 FPS) and unstable FPS when in the vicinity of EDDM. My graphic settings have consistently provided me steady 30-40 FPS but this is now first time for me getting such low and unstable frames in MSFS. I believe some scenery optimization would help improve the performance. I am curious if any other user experiences unstable/low fps with this scenery?
  6. I have installed the patch files and confirm I longer have CTD on loading screen. The scenery is really excellent and glad I can now fly into and out of Munich. Thank You and Happy New Year !
  7. I rolled back to 457.30 and still get the CTD after clicking the Fly Now button even with all scenery addons deactivated.
  8. I deactivated all scenery addons in my Community folder except sim-wings EDDM and restarted MSFS. Selected EDDM as my departure location and during the loading screen it CTD. I am running the latest Nvidia driver version 460.89. What driver version did you roll back too?
  9. I just purchased and first flight into EDDM got CTD. I am running latest version of MSFS and latest Nvidia driver. MSFS installed in default location. I have my addons sim linked in the Community folder including KDEN plus many others. Event viewer shows: Faulting module path: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll CTD occurred inbound to MIQ during the arrival phase of the flight. I will try again by deactivating all Community scenery addons except EDDM and see what happens. I trust this will get fixed.
  10. OK i should of figured that out ! Thanks for the reply.
  11. I am looking to purchase sim-wings Munich for MSFS and notice there is a "DLC" tab next to MSFS logo on the product page. I am curious what this DLC means? Thanks
  12. I understand the ASupdater will handle the updates but I thought the Content Manager was to show all community products installed in the sim. I have purchased scenery from other online vendors and their products are listed in the Content Manager with a "Community" symbol next to them and they too have their own update tools. Regardless, the scenery installed ok and looks great ! Thanks.
  13. Just purchased Cologne-Bonn EDDK and very happy with the quality of the scenery. The scenery installed ok into the Community folder however oddly enough it does not show up in the MSFS Content Manager? Your Paderborn home base airport is there (which I downloaded from the Marketplace) but EDDK purchased from your online shop is not present. Is there a reason for this? Thanks John
  14. Any chance on a PFPX aircraft profile for Carenado's F406 Caravan II ??
  15. Read on my friend.... http://www.prepar3d.com/forum-5/?mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=5094
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