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  1. Videocards are almost unavailable at the moment. I had the possibility to buy RTX 3070 but it would be slow even with this processor. I was expecting some opinions about 6900 XT but received none until this moment, except that for MSFS those radeon videocards are not good... Is that so?
  2. Well, it is a good answer but I stay at the same point, which is: To buy or not to buy? I don't know...
  3. Hi, Already posted this some months ago but there are almost no good videocards available in the whole world. I have the possibility to have a not so expensive videocard Radeon 6900 XT. I would like to know your inputs. It costs 1600 euros.People say that it gets hot quite easy and it is not so good for MSFS... To buy or not to buy? (all the other components would come but the first important thing due to high demand all over the world is to find a good videocard)
  4. I already built my last setup... Should not be very difficult...
  5. Moved to where? Well, I am not following the forum since a long time ago... So, I could imagine that this question was answered a lot of times...
  6. Hi all, I don't fly since 2016 or before. I have an i7-2600k processor which is a very old one with more or less 8 years. I stopped in FSX with all addons like Aerosoft, Orbx, FlyTampa, PMDG, AI Traffic, Weather programs and so on. Never used P3D... I want to be back to flightsim, maybe with both P3Dv5 and MSFS, which means I need a new system. No money problems, but if I can stay between 2000 and 3000 euros as a final price, that would be ideal... For this price, I am just counting CPU, Videocard, Motheboard, Memory, Storage devices (at least one for OS and another on
  7. Hi Sorry, this is a big misconfuse. If you want to install Svolvaer + ORBX Global Vector + ORBX Global Base + ORBX FTX Norway Region, what do we need to do in terms of scenery order and other issues like SODE? Tks. harpsi
  8. harpsi


    It solved if I disable EGLC airport from VFR scenery. Tks. harpsi
  9. harpsi


    I already did that and I still have the traffic there... harpsi
  10. Hi Is there a way to take the AI aircrafts from EGLC out? I have no AI traffic packages installed which means that those aircrafts are coming from the scenery itself... Tks harpsi
  11. Hi I tried to download version 1.01 from Stavanger but the zip file still shows version 1.00. Is it possible to correct this issue? Thanks. harpsi
  12. Hi Is it possible to have PAKT from ORBX also modelled? I know that this airport has a lot of limitations because of all de level degrees of altitude, but at least a pushback car from gate 1 and 2 and 1 fuel car... Passengers modeling maybe not needed. Due to the limitations the pushback car would be fair enough harpsi
  13. Well, I understand all the explanations but none of them answer directly to my question. I would like an answer like "yes or no" to the question "do I need to install DirectX 9c over DirectX 11 or should I leave it like that?" As I understood I should leave it like it is now... harpsi
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