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  1. Good Morning Ole.....what a nice surprise to wake up to. (smile) I've been using that spot as a "Parking Place" already, so Yes.....That would be terrrific. You as a neighbor??????? (smile)........ I'd be honored worries. Looking forward to sitting out back and visiting!!!!! (smile) As far as the doors up or down.......well....maybe up, if it's not too much trouble. I'll be flying in most of the time, but in case I arrive early or late, it might be nice. (smile) I'll have to go in and see how to do the payment thing etc......any guidance along those lines would be helpful. I'm leaving in about an hour and a half for a business trip, however, I'll have my laptop etc., along with me........just no FSX. Many.....MANY Thanks Again Ole.... I'm looking forward to some great flying and visits!!!! Cheers, P.S. Sorry about the signature......I too prefer names......I just hadn't realized I hadn't set up my signature as yet. (Tough getting old.....Smile))
  2. Hello Ole........Many...MANY Thanks for the response. Andras exciting!!!!! (smile) Yes, I hope to be able to grab a plot at Andras.........any size as long as I can at least land a helicopter. I should have purchased this long ago.....still regretting I didn't. Anyway, from what I've seen already, I'm very pleased......nice communitiy and looks like great fun, etc. To be honest......I haven't flown on line for quite sometime, however, I used to totally enjoy it. The biggest challange was the time difference. (I'm -8 here in Southern Cal.) One of my best friends is an AWESOME Scenery designer and we used to fly on occasion. (Mark Smith....aka Bremerton National AIrport FS9) I used to talk to Mark about doing something just like Andras Airfield.......funny how things turn out. Anyway, I'll have to get a hold of Mark and see if he'll buy a plot too.......this looks like too much fun!!!!!! (smile) Cheers, Aka. Steve R., SgtMajor, USMC, Retired
  3. Hello Ole, Yes....I too just picked up Andras Field Scenery and would like to get in on a plot.....or at least get my name in the hat in hopes of getting one. I'm not exactly sure how to go about it.....but this looks like good stuff!!! (smile) Cheers,
  4. You're correct there Sascha....(smile) Unfortunately, I have some real world paperwork to do this weekend and this package has been just the ticket. I use the company lap-top for work which frees up my FSX I've been flying (sight-seeing) for about 30-50 minutes.......landing on the German ice breaker, shutting down and just letting the scenery roll by while I do paperwork. An hour or so later (break time).....take off and sight-see a while longer. Little did you know.......You've not only provided a great FS package.......but also have helped greatly to my mental health. (Smile........I hate paperwork!!!!!) Thanks again Sascha!!!!! Cheers,
  5. Over the many years of Flightsimming.....(Started with FS3)...... there have been some really great projects that shine far and above the others. Folks......this is one of those projects that are a must buy if you're interested in the Antartica!!! Wonderful job fella's......I know many long grueling hours go into projects of this magnitude and your dedication and attention to detail have really paid off!!!!!! Hat's off to Aerosoft and your remarkable team!! Many....MANY Thanks for a job very well done. Now.....back to flying. (smile) Cheers,
  6. For what it's worth........... I had same problem, however, after second download (2+ hours) it's now in the folder, however, will not open. Geezzzzzz!!!!!! Maybe I'll try downloading agian, however, after 3 hours.......I've had enough for one day. (smile) Hope others have better luck......I've ran out of ideas. Cheers, Ahhhh............. rebooted the computer and now everything is fine......installing as we speak!!!! Off to the South.......... a dream coming true. (At least virtually. (smile))
  7. Yep...... I was hoping someone talented would do this repaint....(smile) Great Job, looking forward to it. Cheers,
  8. Thanks Hank........Downloading now!!!!! Cheers,
  9. Simply wonderful!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to the release. Cheers,
  10. VERY nice photo's!!!! I haven't heard if there is to be a paintkit for the Wilga.......but it would sure be nice to at least have a solid white version that paint slingers like myself could slap a coat of paint on. (hint, hint........Smile) Cheers,
  11. Yes indeed!!!!!! That turned out very nice.....Great Job!! The Canadian Flags look Great, BTW!! Cheers,
  12. Good luck on your paint. Cheers,
  13. Yes indeed......many thanks for the reflection changes..... I can now enjoy the scenery. (smile) Cheers,
  14. Ahhh yes.....the 50 cal Sniper Rifle.....that's nice. Much nicer then that hugh rock of a wedding ring. Darn!!! Out of luck again!!!!! Still..... it's nice to imagine her all cammie`d up on a nice hunting outing and at least it looks like she knows "How" to fire a rifle. Oh well what am I dreaming about. Guess it's best I just stick to FSX. (smile) Cheers,
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