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  1. I believe this only occurs if you have the 1.11 install via the full installer. I have installed the patch from the link above and it does not modify the readme.txt.
  2. I fly a lot of small planes as well. In fact I probably own more small planes than big jets (although I own both), but people tend to draw parallels when it suits them regardless. Enjoy it if that's what you like, I have no issue with that, but treating the two platforms as peers is a big misnomer if you ask me. They serve two completely different purposes and cater to two completely different demographics.
  3. I can't see any parallels between the movement from FS9 to FSX and FSX to Flight. They aren't the same thing in any way, shape or form. Apples and oranges as they say. Flight is not a full featured flight simulator and does not model the world in it's entirety. In fact, barely in partial, so I can't see one as a replacement to the other. In the best of light, Flight is in addition to FSX because it is not the same type of product, and as such can't be a replacement for it.
  4. Had that issue on the US site, but got it successfully from the German site.
  5. Have to wait for support is my guess, but the FS9 version is available. Probably just a click mistake. http://www.aerosoft.com/cgi-local/us/iboshop.cgi?showd440!0,6057663720,D11440
  6. This seems to have resolved the issue on my last flight. Thank you for the suggestion and help.
  7. Will try that when I get home and report back. Thank you.
  8. Any other thoughts? Not having gate selection and follow me is a fairly large piece of the product. Any comment from Oliver?
  9. Ok, so... what's the other way?
  10. It has happened on my last three flights since installing version 2.21. I do not use FS ATC at all, haven't for a long time, but I do use Radar Contact. Not sure they are related though because at my originating airport I open both windows interchangeably without issue.
  11. That is the normal key combination for the AES menu. That's what I'm hitting. Anyone else have ideas?
  12. As stated in my post, that works fine when starting at an airport as the menu stays visible long enough to do that. This is not the same issue. After landing it flashes up on the screen, is blank with no text, and quickly closes again. It does not stay on the screen for more than a second.
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