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  1. I'm trying to be realistic, and trying not to be an ass, especially during this time of year. I can appreciate how much work likely went into this aircraft and am not trying to disparage, I'm just trying to get assistance. As an IT manager I can realistically say that I would never tell any of my users, "sorry, it works for everyone else, what would you like me to look at". That just doesn't fly in the real world. With that, I guess I'm on my own.
  2. Again, while I understand that this throttle is not high end, I also understand that all my other aircraft seem to handle its inputs just fine. I see this behaviour with none of the others and the environment is exactly the same for all of them. Also, I have asked that the others file their reports, but obviously I can't twist their collective arms to do so. When I myself report this and am told that it has nothing to do with this aircraft without any real investigation I kind of understand their reluctance. What about the nav issues? Any feedback on that? Anything else I can provide to assist troubleshooting?
  3. I posted this problem on my virtual airline forum and three others have stated they have the same issues, and have since the first version. Perhaps they should have reported this and didn't, but I'm not confident in your assertion that it is not a problem with the CRJ. I also fly PMDG 737, 747, Majestic dash, Maddog, and many others none of which exhibit these problems. That said, if we deny the CRJ is the source of the problem then I have little faith anything will be corrected.
  4. I'm using the free version of FSUIPC and am not really keen on having to purchase that to solve this issue just for the CRJ.
  5. Perhaps, yes, but the throttle has served me well for all of my planes for a number of years. Not something I can blame the hardware for. My flight plan was as follows: EDDM GIVMI Y101 ERNAS T161 GOLMO AKANU L603 RATIM PSA ASKIK T840 GULKO EDDK
  6. Update: I went into SPAD.next and turned down the axis sensitivity a bunch and the throttle seems to be settling down. Something I've never had to do before. Very, very twitchy though and the detents are way too close to one another in the axis. I'm also noticing that the A/P likes to chase the route back and forth. Sharp turns to catch the line, then overshoots the path, then sharp turn in the opposite direction. Missed some waypoints in the route all together. I want to like this aircraft, but so far I have to say I'm pretty disappointed.
  7. Folks, Not sure what's going on here. Just purchased the CRJ Pro and my throttles appear to be jumping all over the place. I'm using a Saitek USB throttle quadrant, fully calibrated, and when starting the takeoff roll I advance full forward and the throttles in the CJ jump to full forward, back to idle, mid-way, just jumping all over the place. After takeoff trying to figure things out, and exercising the throttle has no effect. I've flown several other aircraft in the last few days and this only seems to happen in the CRJ. Throttle just acting wild jumping all over. Not using FSUIPC, simply using SPAD.next. Any ideas?
  8. I believe this only occurs if you have the 1.11 install via the full installer. I have installed the patch from the link above and it does not modify the readme.txt.
  9. I fly a lot of small planes as well. In fact I probably own more small planes than big jets (although I own both), but people tend to draw parallels when it suits them regardless. Enjoy it if that's what you like, I have no issue with that, but treating the two platforms as peers is a big misnomer if you ask me. They serve two completely different purposes and cater to two completely different demographics.
  10. I can't see any parallels between the movement from FS9 to FSX and FSX to Flight. They aren't the same thing in any way, shape or form. Apples and oranges as they say. Flight is not a full featured flight simulator and does not model the world in it's entirety. In fact, barely in partial, so I can't see one as a replacement to the other. In the best of light, Flight is in addition to FSX because it is not the same type of product, and as such can't be a replacement for it.
  11. Had that issue on the US site, but got it successfully from the German site.
  12. Have to wait for support is my guess, but the FS9 version is available. Probably just a click mistake. http://www.aerosoft.com/cgi-local/us/iboshop.cgi?showd440!0,6057663720,D11440
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