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  1. I am aware of the Avatars Tom, what I meant was a flashlight for in cockpit use
  2. I was looking around youtube and couldn't find a single AN-2 night video :/ Now I am looking forward to the moment someone makes a realistic handheld flashlight for P3D
  3. So, do we get any? I have noticed something that looks like a dome light on the bulkhead wall, but it seems to illuminate the floor behind the pedestal, and not the instrument panel. The only thing lighting up on the instrument panel is the green fluorescent lights on the gauges and the switches... Does the An-2 even have some sort of panel floodlights?
  4. Nothing major guys, but when I open the lower window on the F/O side, it stays closed in outside view. Big windows on both sides work as expected...
  5. I feel sorry for the poor guy who will have to deside on this one...
  6. Well here is my first attempt at aBronco repaint in the fictional colores of Serbian police (Полиција).I am also using this oportunity (and I hope I am not braking any rules) to show off my first scenery project.It took about 8 months to complete and represents Serbian Batajnica Airforce base (LYBT).Both will be uploaded fairly shortly (Repaint first,I am looking for someone to help me make a promo video for the airport).
  7. This is my repaint of PMDG NGX.It only tells things about my music taste,NOT whether or not I have a supstance abuse problem...
  8. Well,this is my attempt.If the "landing spaceship on a road" part isn't mad enough,then maybe the"AI car driving through the air" (thank you Microsoft) will be...
  9. There is a reason Bronco X has X in the title:)
  10. No1 I mentioned poorer countries because someone above mentioned that addons are afordable. No2 You mention moral,do you have laws against murder in the UK?If yes,why?You have moral,unlike eastern European people,shouldn't that stop you from commiting murder? No3 Copyright does reach from the country of origin but law enforcement agencies of country of origin don't have authority in other countries.And some countries don't extradite their citizens. I am not suporting piracy here,and you say I am reinforcing a stereotype.Do you think that being from UK grants people a monopoly to moral,and being from eastern Europe makes people criminals?
  11. Well,there are several causes for piracy in general and that also applies to fsx addons.People in some countries find the prices of addons acceptable,in others,they can't afford them.In some countries,laws against piracy aren't imposed or simply don't exist.In some countries,it is legal to post pirate copies of content not manufactured in that country.It can't be stopped,but developers can deal with them.I usually don't like posting in topics regarding piracy because they tend to get locked quite often,bur i made an exception. Vladimir Levkov/Владимир Левков
  12. levkovv

    Great airplane

    Agreed,great customer service Mathijs.Most guys at other places would tell you something along the lines "if you don't like it,don't buy it" and lock the topic...
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