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  1. Another option if you only want WinchX to load when you want to use it is to open your exe.xml in notepad. You will find it in XP in C:\Documents and Settings\(YOUR NAME)\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX Find the entry for WinchX and change the line that reads <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> to read <ManualLoad>True</ManualLoad> Now when you start FSX you will get a box pop up asking if you want to start WinchX or not.
  2. XP SP3, 8800GTX with 190.62 drivers Its probably a bit of a personal taste thing but I like the reflection to be quite sutle, just enough to give the impresion that your looking through glass but not enough to draw your atention away from whats going on outside. I would say that they look similar on my system to the VC shots in the pinned images threads.
  3. Congats on the release guys, she's a beauty and a lot more challenging to fly than the default glider. One thing though, IMO I feel that the canopy reflection is way over done and I find it very distracting, any chance of you toning it down please ?
  4. OK if its like that IRL then. Could be a bit painful if you forget.
  5. I dont know if this ones been spotted already. Apoligies in advance if it has. The animation of the co pilots toe brakes are backwards. When pressing the brakes the pilots toe brakes move away from you but the co pilots move towards you.
  6. Maybe this link will help It says its for FS2000 but hopefully its the same problem
  7. I was wondering about this too. Is it possible to add other ships ourselves, maybe some of the default ones as some have helipads ?
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