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  1. Dear all, Here it goes... I hope that from the picture earlier provided here, and my suggestion (instructions) inserted this may be helpful for (some of) you experiencing similar issues: Good luck to all of you! Cheers, Marco
  2. Hi Airbusflyer, Have a look at https://www.aerosoft.com/en/hardware/flight-simulation/throttles/3379/honeycomb-throttle-pack-for-airbus-a319-a380?number=AS15220. Are referring to this "stuff"? It is very interesting - bought it for myself as well! 😉 Regards, Marco
  3. Hallo, vielen Dank. Daran wird es wohl gelegen haben. Die Szenerie ist jetzt da... 🙂 Gruss, Marco
  4. Hallo, Beim Start eines Fluges in EDDF hatte ich nur die Default-Szenerie, obwohl das Mega-Airport EDDF (v. 2.0.1) installiert war. Ich habe diese de- und dann wieder neu installiert. Die Szenerie ist einfach nicht da, obwohl sie sich in den Ordner C:\Users\XXX\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons installiert hat. Bei Neuladen der Szenerie in P3Dv5.3 erscheint immer noch die Default-Szenerie, und im Simulator ist sowohl in der Add-ons-Liste als auch in der Szenerie-Liste das MA Frankfurt nicht angezeigt. Beim Updater erhilet ich die Message, auf die Version 2.0.2 zu aktualisieren. Vielen Dank im Voraus! Gruss, Marco
  5. Hello again, For that, I would need to take the yoke apart and, honestly, I do not feel like doing it again... However, since I cannot find pictures on the Internet of the yoke's inside, perhaps you from Aerosoft or the manufacturer can provide me with some (via PM, for instance), and I would be more than willing to share the cable I am referring to. I hope that suggestion of mine is in your interest as well. In terms of a disclaimer, I would also like to state that no one should do this kind of "operative procedure", in case the warranty period has not expired. Kind regards, Marco
  6. And I think I might have found a solution: I decided to take my yoke apart and see if I could see anything. I discovered that the cable for the roll movement was disconnected from the circuit board because of the yoke travel. I put it that way, so that when you push or pull on the yoke, the plug is not affected and the cable not disconnected. I did the internal and Windows calibration and it worked. Everything fine, so far... It was easy to fix, and I hope it may help others with the same issue. 🙂
  7. Hello, That's really annoying, but thank you anyhow! After such a short time and almost no usage (or not that much) your product gets defective? I am honestly shocked! Best regards, Marco
  8. Curiously, after going through the internal calibration procedure, the centred position of my yoke shows like this now (on the other computer - a laptop):
  9. Hello and thank you once again! It has exactly the same response: pushing the yoke in and pulling it out moves slightly the elevator axis and then the ailerons axis to the right (pulling it in) and then to the left (by pushing it). A so sudden defect after only 3 years, without using it on a that much regular basis? Best regards, Marco
  10. Hello! Thank you for your reply. I had tried the internal calibration before, and it didn't work. I have now completed it again according the steps shown in the other post and I still got the same response on the Windows calibration diagram - no ailerons axis. I am getting desperate... Best wishes, Marco
  11. Dear all, I bought the Alpha yoke almost three years ago and have never had issues before. I must confess I haven't been flying for a while... Recently I also bought the Bravo throttle quadrant. At the beginning everything was working fine. Suddenly my yoke started not responding, and I am not able to reassign axes. Also, the ailerons axis started responding to me moving the elevation axis, etc. I tried several things, like unplugging the USB cables of my other devices (Thrustmaster rudder pedals and TCA Airbus side-stick, the Bravo throttle quadrant, etc.) and plugging them into other USB ports, and it still doesn't respond. I also noticed that the calibration software in Windows is showing this awkward behaviour: no left and right movement of the ailerons axis is adequately visible. I was wondering: do I really need to uninstall and reinstall P3D with all the ad-dons? Thank you very much in advance for your help. Best regards, Marco
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