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  1. Dear all, Topic can be closed - a fresh reinstallation made things work again.
  2. Dear all, Hope you are all fine. I just wanted to report that suddenly all integral lights (main panel, pedestal and overhead panel) are not working despite having the RealLight.dll file activated. I cleared the P3D shaders, which did not help at all. I hope someone can help me out on this. Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Marco
  3. Dear Members of the Aerosoft Support-Team, I was just wondering if it is possible to install P3Dv4 sceneries into v5. I installed EDDF (v5) with no issues at all. However after having done so with the Madeira Evolution installer I added the LPMA and LPPS folders to scenery.cfg file, and P3D stopped working before I could even have access to the startup screen. Thank you very much in advance for any kind of support on this topic. Warm regards, Marco
  4. Thank you for your reply, Frank! I did not know that... I mean, I think it is feasible in other simulated aircraft and guessed it would be also possible here. Never mind. Cheers, Marco
  5. Thank you, Dave! I will wait for Secondator's reply. Should there be no response, I will PM him. Best wishes, Marco
  6. Hello again, Dave. Yes, we are probably miscommunicating. Probably, I did not explain things clearly. Consider the following situation: for the OEV Localizer at Innsbruck I would like to introduce a fix with a 4.2 NM range to start the left turn heading 230. Inserting a radius of 4.2 NM on the MCDU... - see capture 1: ... results in a BAD FORMAT message - see capture 2: I was wondering why that happens... If I insert only 4 NM the error does not appear. Thanks again for the patience and support. 🙂 Regards, Marco
  7. That is indeed sad. But anyway! Thank you... Regards, Marco
  8. Thank you, Dave! I will be waiting for a fix regarding the fix info. 🙂 Regards, Marco
  9. Dear all, Congrats for the updated version of the Airbus Professional A318-321! I do not know whether this issue has already been placed here on the Forum but I was wondering why it is not possible to insert decimal numbers (only full numbers) for the NM Radius on the MCDU FIX INFO Page. Any comments appreciated. Kind regards, Marco
  10. I think it is caused by an Addon-Organizer I use. Never mind... Thanks anyway.
  11. Hi everyone, Initially, I added a TAP A319 livery following the tutorial placed at the beginning of this topic. Everything went just fine. Yesterday I followed the same steps when adding manually a SWISS livery for the A319 and I got an error message ("Error: Log file could not be generated!" - s. attached file/figure): I had to completely reinstall the Airbus Professional aircraft before having things working again, which is now the case with both liveries mentioned above. My question is: does one have to update any other files/folders related to the Airb
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