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  1. I don't know if the actual CRJ 700 has this option, but PMDG allow it in their aircraft. In short the CRJ 700 has a present runway filter limit of 4000 feet. If you attempt to load a flight plant to a shorter runway it won't allow the flightplan to enter. I just installed the beautiful and very handy airport CYTZ Toronto City by FSimStudios. The main runway is 3900 feet and I have been using this airport a lot. However, I can't currently load a plan to or from it in the CRJ 700. Please consider giving us a workaround or the abillity to toggle the runway filter to off. I kno9w this request has come up in the past (last year) . I currently own 7 or 8 Aerosoft products and enjoy the quality. Thanks!
  2. The problem located - oddly when the Aircraft state is "ready to taxi" everything is a go for a normal flight EXCEPT the Yaw Damper is not engaged. Thus the AP will not function. TOok me hours to find this one.
  3. I notice an update has been released so I DL and install. for the CRJ700 - same problem noted above. I can use DIR TO but it doesn't engage with the AP off and I can't seem to turn AP on when I depart from a gate. Could there be something in the aircraft state I need to set from the pad? thanks
  4. I see this came up sometime in the past where the problem was Battery Master or Gens not being set. I have Battery ON Gen 1 and 2 on Auto. APU on Auto. I start in parking and the engines come up. I input the FPLN after pushback and set POS INI and transfer PERF info from the pad. Set all my lights on. Taxi to runway and takeoff. When I attempt to engage AP I get that error blip sound. Hit Z key. same thing. This is new I didn't have this problem first few flights. How to engage AP and get into my flight plan? And this only happens when coming from the gate. Start on the runway, fill FPLN and PERF etc then engage AP works fine
  5. NVM I found that the POS INI was not set and that made the difference.
  6. So currently when I reach initial altitude at 10000 with AP on I hit NAV and the FMS does not switch to the first waypoint. Thats when I try DIR TO for the first WP and the sim freezes. Is there a way to get the FMS to move to the first waypoint? thanks
  7. This problem has been around since 2021 and still no fix? Come on guys! Its a royal pain.
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