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  1. Transair27

    EDLP update

    I had this same problem. As the AS v1.0.6 installs in Community folder, I had to delete the Marketplace v1.0.5 (via Content Manager) from the Official folder. So delete the original one that says 'up to date'. Easy to do and all works fine.
  2. that's because we're all eagerly awaiting the Twotter......won't be too long now!!! Meanwhile, enjoy the Antarctic sights and sounds!
  3. yeah...like have a hangar and nothing to put in it! soo looking forward to it!
  4. I have just uploaded Paderborn v1.0.6 via the AS site. When installed the file is located in Community Folder, but the previous file (July 2021) is still located in the Official Folder. Should I delete the 'official' file or doesn't it matter?
  5. fascinating....I'm watching him live right now on FR24 at 100ft
  6. this is nice....I wonder if the scenery uses Dave's animals!
  7. you clearly need this version to fly when it comes out!!
  8. No, and to be honest, I'd recommend dowloading it direct from Aerosoft when it becomes available.
  9. sounds like it will have operable 'everything' Let's see!
  10. Mathijs Happy to proof/edit the manual if you want to contact me direct.
  11. don't know what's happening there, then. Sounds like some interference from somewhere.
  12. I get these two to go off, but I find that sometimes the Yaw Damper needs several prods to turn off!
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