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  1. the producer says: Waiting for Aerosoft to fix current problems.
  2. hello, I as a product have a skalarki fcu, I was wondering if it was possible to connect it with airbus a330 professional, thanks
  3. a question I asked you, but scenary like Lipe compatible with V4. with version 5, no announcement will be compatible as with other less important airports?
  4. what version are we for ios?
  5. how do you set up the FCU panel for your plane?
  6. what words do I look for?
  7. with the advent of p3d v5 and the desire sooner or later to switch to this version my question was scenarios like LIPE which is my home and others say minor what can I do?
  8. yes, but it was half an hour after the simulator had already been closed
  9. 206/5000hi aerosoft, I wanted to report that today on the LIRF-EDDF flight (of which I have your scenario) at 10000 feet on PSA approaching I crashed the simulator with a still image and then it came out without errors. i went to see in windows 10 events but nothing relevant to it. i have p3d 4.5 last version
  10. How do I add a map to the kneeboard in the iPad ? luca
  11. When will the app in iOS that I used with iPad?
  12. Hi I started Aerosoft Updater but from there it doesn't make me update the product, I still have version 1.0. how do I update without losing anything?
  13. scusate ho copiato male la frase...volevo chiedere se è efficace sugli aeroporti default?
  14. hello the product is effective on all the airports? where can I find a demo to try? thank you!
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