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  1. okay i was in an airport by default, but nothing should change. why with all the lights on, even the landing ones, you see little light?
  2. hi everyone, I have installed the latest available version of p3d v5 and I have the a330 with Installed version: from the forum download section to what livery can I download, do they all work without problems or is there a limit?
  3. sorry guys it's a bad period for everyone
  4. no papi in rwy 10-28 in EDDN?
  5. so can i update p3d and use a330?
  6. Are your products compatible with the new p3d v5.1 hotfix?
  7. any word on when they come back available?
  8. standard and non hdr light and no dynamic reflactions
  9. sim-wings pro Munich for p3d v5
  10. Hi, yesterday evening arriving with a flight to EDDM, I realized that in the apron with the dynamic lights, the writings of the taxiways, the writings of the various stands and the colors of the various taxiways are barely visible
  11. the producer says: Waiting for Aerosoft to fix current problems.
  12. hello, I as a product have a skalarki fcu, I was wondering if it was possible to connect it with airbus a330 professional, thanks
  13. a question I asked you, but scenary like Lipe compatible with V4. with version 5, no announcement will be compatible as with other less important airports?
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