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  1. Hi Folks, I have being going through some trouble with the MDCU to use the (Instant Load Option R3) during Data Load up and also with the (Fuel Upload R4option). After preparing and Exit from the Load Planner and once I have selected L6 to upload the data, it loads into the MCDU without problems however, when selecting the (GSX refueling option) and the tanker it's ready in position the message to use the aircraft fueling system appears on the splash screen, I then selected the "Instant Load R3" and nothing happens. This same problem happens when selected "Fuel" option and nothings takes place as well. This goes on for approximately 45 minutes and all of the sudden the tanker departs while Boarding Time. Furthermore, I have also noticed that while using the PMDG NGX 737 during refueling ops that the man figure elevates from the tanker bridge and suspended on the air while fueling. Any remedies to fix this deficiency? v/r FRL
  2. Success!!.….Wao!..Feel a bit foolish that I could not figure that one out. I'am also having an another issue which I am about to look into with the manuals during decent phase. I hope its simple to solve as this one. Probably will be submitting it on another post soon if I run into a dead end again. Mopperle thank you so much for your assistance. Its appreciated. Best
  3. Understood Sir. Thanks hit you back with feedback.
  4. So then right click hold on top of knob and then spin the mouse wheel simultaneously correct?...
  5. Hello Sir; I did try what you advise with the bottoms (right Click) only function its engage and disengage (dot appears/disappears) unable to turn numbers up nor down. Same occurs with the heading one. Both dials selections only are accomplished through FS2 Crew Voice Command to the FO. Suggestions? FRL
  6. Understood Sir, and yes I made a mistake about the Prepar Version on the first post, sorry!..I will try soon your suggestion. Thank you for the guidance and will send feedback. I appreciate it! Best FRL
  7. Thank you for your reply. First I do have Prepar3Dv4.4. I have noticed a few times in past missions (very few) that the checklist have continue through all phases until runway taxi out to parking but seems to get stuck at descent most of the times. Now just yesterday I actually did a mission to observed this and once started the descent phase I've prompted the (Approach Phase Option) on the MCDU once passed transition point and it actually ran through the remaining of phases with some difficulty because of its the inability to turn the altitude and heading knob without relaying on FS2 Crew to do so. So I need to ask again if there a remedy to be enable the those knobs be turned manually? V/R FRL
  8. Hi fellows I got two issues that I am looking guidance to resolve in my SIM (Prepard 3Dv4.2) #1.I am having such struggle to figure out if there it's a way to manually prompt the checklist on the MCDU to the next scenario?, In my case it gets stuck at (decent time) and will not move beyond the to satisfactory complete a mission correctly. I have search through the manuals for a remedy and not luck thus far, therefore it gets to the point that I have to deploy Flaps and landing gear manually to land correctly. #2. Altitude, Heading and Speed selection bottoms do not function while trying to make manually adjustment. I am able to only Push them for action and only able to make adjustment by voice command to the FS2Crew Co-Pilot. The problem with it it's that FS2Crew will fail to recognized the voice command correctly majority of the times and will not execute all the time required at command. So I ask if there any remedy to be able to have those knobs manually to select Altitude, and Heading mainly as I see it on tutorial youtube videos???? Could you please advise or assist to resolve this issue? FLR
  9. Prompted the option for push back using GSX, and once ordered to set the breaks, the aircraft continue to roll back on it's own with no means to stop it. Applied brakes and aircraft does not stop. Could you please advise or provide remedy to stop if takes this occurs?
  10. Hi Guys, I'm getting this error message: I've already tried deleting the 'Fuel Planner Saved Settings' as suggested on other forum posts, but it still not clear how to proceed after deleting the file (Next Step). I've rebooted my pc after deleting the file problem still persist - any other suggestions?
  11. Thanks Gentz. Problem Resolved on this topic!
  12. Hi Gentz: Thank you for the feedback; Mopperle - Sir the sound that I am referring that it's not heard it's the voices of the FO and Pilot running the "Flight Deck Preparation Checklist" per illustrated on tutorial videos on youtube when prompted on the MCDU2 correct? In that same screen I had made sure 100% that all sounds (option) are at 100%. But all other sound in the flight deck are heard except the "Preparation Checklist Sounds" and when pressing switches or buttons on the Top Lower Panel. Would you need me to send a screen shot of it???? To Tom - Sir did you meant that "YOU had moved" the topic to that forum area or You are saying for "For ME to move it" to that area, I am a bit confused Sir. I thought I posted the topic at the right place. Still trying to figure this forum thing.
  13. Does anyone has any feedback for me in regards about the Configurator 3rd tab missing issue?..(See 2nd image)
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