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  1. Hello Folks; I am going so frustrating here trying to figure out why this crashes still continues to take place on my system while using any AES 330/20/21/19/18 with the exception of CRJs, PDMG and QWs. For the looks of the data posted below it looks very familiar to previous collected. I was advise on a previous post not to utilize both checklist panels from FS2 Crew and the MDCU simultaneously instead only one. It resulted in positive results for the A330 for a while but looks like same occurrence have taken place once again after a 4 hours flight and during final approac
  2. Ops!..My bad MH, I have already done so pending feedback!. Thanks for that advise posted, Will try that double assign keys and see that happens! Regards FRL
  3. Hi Dave...So I will need to take this up to the PD3 Folks??
  4. Hello Gentz! I have no idea how this came about but while flying the A330 and completed push back with GSX Lv2, prep to to taxi and throttle up to begin rolling toward the departing runway and once release the breaks, the aircraft would not move as if the brakes are active but released it many times and the I a red bar that says "Differential Brakes" shows. Never seeing this before how do I fix this?? Regards FRL
  5. Hi Dave; Just some quick feedback on the issue. After consulting with the techs of Fs2Crew on the matter about the A330, they advised me to test again only this time by just activate the FS2 Crew Panel and not the checklist on the MDCU. Surprisingly and so far I had completed 3 to 4 flights on the first attempt without crashing with the A330 however, currently, I am testing the A318&19 in the same manner and had crashed on me. Same msg comes up on the event viewer alike the one posted above. Doing a second attempt to see what happens. Keep you posted. Regards Fernand
  6. Thanks Dave. Request posted at their Forum. v/r
  7. Hello Gentz; Sorry but I have to return once again to request tech support on this issue posted previously. This past days while attempting to fly any of the of the Airbuses the system once again have frozen and crashes about 45 to 50 minutes into the flight. I did received a remedy previously involving the activation of the checklist and at the time it looked like that by activating the MDCU Checklist and FS2 Crew Panel simultaneously was causing the crash. Therefore, I did tested it by only activating the FS2 Crew Panel and was successful to complete a flight without crashes however, th
  8. You nailed it Buddy!..That was the issue!...No Crashes or Freezes so far into the flight. However, just using the FS2 Crew only its a bit more difficult since got to do more actions than just using the integrated CL and I am having a battle here with the speech recognition because it will not pick up when I command On, Auto and Set. Consulting them folks about that. Thank you and Stay Safe. Att. FRL
  9. Roger!..Testing right now and see what happens. So far ran into an issue with the 1st Checklist...FO not responding me correctly. Working on that with those other folks. Thanks for the help Mopp!
  10. So just simply do not activate the CL on the Bus MCDU and instead use the FS2 Crew panel and commands correct?..Not sure if I ever try that before but will give it a shot and see what occurs....Thanks!
  11. Would that be caused by FS2Crew then?...Its the only thing that relates to speech recognition in the my Sim. The thing that gets me its that only occurs with the Airbus and not the rest of aircrafts (CRJs,QWs and PMDGs). Any thoughts or remedy to correct this issue available or previously reported?
  12. Hello Gentz; I have being dealing with this issue for quiet a while and have not yet been able to resolve it. Every time that I have attempted to fly any of the AES Airbuses the system freezes and crashes about 45 to 50 minutes into the flight. I have consulted previously sources in regards to this and the subject of RAM capacity came up however, this issue have never occurred while flying the CRJs, QWs or PMDGs Aircrafts and always being able to complete short and long range with all of them. Below its the data listed from the (A)Event Viewer and also from the (B)Reliability History. Cou
  13. Ops!!.Disregard Fellows, I did it once more and strangely this time was completed. Maybe was internet connection. Att. Fernando Rentas
  14. Hi AES Team I am here attempting to reinstall the A330 andA318-19 into my SimPD3v4.5 and after installed and reboot, deactivated the antivirus, I have tried twice to activate the Updater v1.6.0.0 for the A330 updates and It shows that the update was cancelled. I have no idea why?. No problems occurred with the A318-19 at all. Never encountered this issue. Could you please assist?? Regards FernandoRentas
  15. @krielkip....Yes Sir!...That remedy did worked here in my system!..Awesome!. Thanks for sharing that info! Att. FRL
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