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  1. No problem Mr. Kok, thanks for your reply. I have posted the issue in their forum (FS2Crew) already anticipating that the guidance was going to be as such. The issue posted at the very Top, I believe it's still continues but I will keep an eye for any replies or advise in that regards. I do hope that someone will render a good remedy soon. I have not yet being able to store a flight plan on the MCDU and get this baby out of the gate and up in the air.
  2. Anyone available to assist with this issue Gentz?
  3. Thanks Sir. The text on the box EGHH was a typo. Thanks for pointing that out, I did missed it. My mistake
  4. To Mr. Herman; My bad Sir on the text box above "EGHH" that was a typo, I mean to type EGLL as you pointed out. Already revise and ensure that it was correct. Thanks.
  5. To Mopperle; I have tried the following steps posted to install the program; Outcome. 1- uninstalled the existing version 2-removed the relevant folders 3-installed the program 4-Got an error message while installing. 5- Created another user account and installed the same but in vain. 6-The configurator gives me 2 tabs instead of 3 General, FS2Crew and Voice packs. have not attempted anything further for now until further feedback in regards to the error msg. Any additional resolution available or did I missed something during installation??
  6. Tracking Mopperle, thanks, will follow that guidance shared and will get back with some feedback. One thing; I have not seeing any feedback in regards to if SimBrief for FLP it's Ok to use?
  7. Hi once again Gentz; Problems still unresolved; I did follow the guidance shared above, I have entered (EDDF/EGHH) following the tutorial and I get at the bottom of the scratchpad (Bad Format) msg when entered as its was advice and per tutorial, I did build the flight plan with SIMBRIEF and get the "EDDF/EGHH01.flp" as product which I then transferred to the following location; C:/program Files/Lockheed Martin/Prepard3Dv4/Aerosoft/General/A3XX Flight Plans file; when entered as such "EDDF/EGHH01.flp" and place on the L1 on the FMC it does inhibits the L1 space however nothing else comes up available. Neither on R1, R2, L5, L6 comes up auto or to type it in (yellow squares). It only allows me to set the IRS and enter the flight number (ex..DAL1000) that its as far I can go in the INIT window, any advices or suggestion?
  8. Thank you Gentz, will check it out and come back later with feedback.
  9. Hi Secondator; So we are refering to the following document then; Aerosoft 318/319/320/321 Professional Volumne 6 Step by Step Emanuel Hagen...…...correct?
  10. Hi AB; I am sorry but I did not follow you on the your post; You meant Manuals correct?...If so where are this manuals are located at after download?..I have looked through the file and do not see one only I will have to go to the airsoft website to find them correct?🤔
  11. Ops!🤨...Not sure if I found it Frank would this be the one?..None listed as (Frankfurt to London) so far....if this is not the you are referring to could you please provide the youtube link for it if not to much trouble?
  12. Understood Frank, will do. Hit you back later with feedback!👌😉
  13. Hi; This it's my first time in the forum and I am searching for assistance with an issue. I have just started using the A319 and still consulting tutorials on youtube on how to prep the FMC. I used SimBrief for flight plans and after transfer it to the flight plans folder provided. Once that completed and attempt to program the MCDU, I have noticed that the (INIT) window when entering the Depart/Destination airport codes and then pressed L1 (CO RTE) the flight plan shows up, I am able to enter the flight number but in the R2 (From/To) nothing fills up, as well on the L3 (Altn Co RTE), L5 (Cost Index) and L6 (CRZ FL Temp) does not provide me the yellow blocks to fill this areas and basically that's as far that I can proceed to the next window to fill the ZFW/ZFWCO & Block fields. Could you assist or provided guidance or remedy for this issue. I have consulted the manuals but cannot locate a remedy? Really frustrated......😣have not even push out of the gate after many attempts setting the vehicle on Cold Star or Ready for Taxi! Fernando
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