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As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
products on that platform. It may work, or it may not, but no guarantees from our side. 

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  1. SUCCESS!!!!!...300/300..Full Flight....Thanks Mates! FRL
  2. Hi Mates; @ Mop....Those graphics are just windows that I used during flights, just for visual. Door entrance & Rear of the Vehicle. Mop did I read you clearly?.."Reason for No Support" because of those graphics?..How it's so?..Could explain a bit more on that?. Are those graphics related to the cause for the Fuel Planner not to work correctly?? Thanks Dave for that guidance. I will try that advise and send feedback on result. Wao!...Gentz, I think that I have just figure what was mentioned earlier about (Enable experimental updates in the ASUpdater), it's this what was mentioned?. Yes!..Antivirrus & firewall were disactivated prior to run the ASUpdater & FSDT. Will be testing here shortly and send feedback soon. Thanks! FRL
  3. Experimental Updates?? Mop could you assist me with some guidance how to accomplish that at the ASUpdater please?, I don't see a path of the updater to enable that process, first time I heard of that! FRL
  4. Ok, Lets see if I nailed it this time; 1. Ran FSDT - Chk 2. Run ASU Updater - Chk 3. Created Fuel Plan - Chk (300px) 4. Uploaded the Fuel Plan on the MCDU - Success 5. Prompted for Refueling - Completed 6. Prompted Catering - Completed 7. Prompted Boarding - Stopped at 44 px out of 300. Any thoughts Mates? FRL
  5. Hi Mates; @Han & Masterhawk; Any further details or info to share about this issue listed? FRL
  6. Thanks Mates for the reply and info; Han, I will research that route... @Masterhawk; Yes Sir, I do have both latest versions ....The topic its the same link that Han listed for me above or there it's a different one? Han I have looked that up and looks like no further actions or remedy have being published.....its that correct??...So this issue its being going on a quiet some time then... FRL
  7. Hello Mates; I have attempted to do several flights with the A333 and after choosing a Full Flight choice for Pax (290) at the time of boarding the number chosen its not achieved. Only 44 pax boarded. Would this be a GSX Issue or its there are remedy to enable to correct this?
  8. Hi Mates, I have just acquired this vehicle and while testing it, I am searching for the manual that will explain me or point out how to get the Radio Set to work. Currently are not functioning?. It's this a new feature? Everything so far it's operable FRL
  9. Hi Mates; It's there a way to disengage the screen changing on it's own during Checklist Procedures. It's a cool feature however, a bit annoying and like to keep the view where I choose (At the Flightdeck forward). It's there a remedy available? FRL
  10. SUCCESS!!!..thank you so much Mate! FRL
  11. Uhm!..Unsure my friend but I will do so and reply on outcome. Thanks Dave & Happy New Year btw! FRL
  12. Hi Folks; I have just downloaded the updated version for Airbuses 318/319/320/321 today and try it out and the RH State Panel it's not functioning. LH Panel seems to functioning correctly. Requesting assistance with remedy? FRL
  13. "Let there be Light!!!!!!" Success!!!,...lol...Thank you so much MasterHk. FRL
  14. Hello; I have just completed a night flight with the Airbus for the 1st time and the illumination controls in the Flight Deck looks awesome, however for there's no interior illumination controls for the rest of the cabin. I have looked into the manual to locate that topic and for the location of controls and so far none shows on the manual. By the way, all exterior lighting are working perfectly. Anyone could share some insight or advise to this issue please? v/r FRL
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