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  1. Did you enter / transfer the data from the MCDU3, LOAD AND FUEL PAGE also into the MCDU INIT B page? I believe not because BLOCK is coming from there.......
  2. Matthias, I just checked the Cockpit Prep CL and there is only one item "Engine Mode Selector"........ Maybe your problem is that its setting is not correct and therefore the item is repeated...... Please check again! Regards, Rolf
  3. Die Checklisten benötigen die volle Konzentration der beiden Piloten (wie im RL) und da macht auch nicht der andere Pilot gleichzeitig etwas vollkommen anderes während der Abarbeitung der Positionen. Also gewöhne Dich an die realen Abläufe und verlange nicht, dass Aerosoft sich Deinen Prozeduren anpasst. Rolf
  4. Sorry, but I do not understand what the problem is. Without using the CL and CP you can do what you want. By the way there is no Non Smoking sign in the current Airbus as it has been replaced by PED. If you are using the CL / CP function the cabin signs are switched on when passing 10.000 feet but you are able to switch those on earlier. Those lights stay on until the parking brakes are set on and the engines are cut. So no interference with it during approach. Regards, Rolf
  5. Are you using the Load and Fuelplanner? Is there the correct aircraft type selected? I am asking because the Maximum Pax Number is based on aircraft type used in the loadsheet generated by it.
  6. Your proposal might be useful from your point of view but it can not be realized as any action needs fixed parameters prior to be fulfilled. And just to read the checklist also makes no sense. If you just want that, then use the documentation e.g. the flight tutorial where all checklist and items are explained.
  7. Are you using GSX? Maybe this related to some aircraft settings in GSX..... Another option might be the aircraft.cfg. Are you using a Standard plane coming with the Installer?
  10. You are correct, there is a problem with "dates" in the printed reports. I already informed the responsible DEV and he will have a look into it. Regards, Rolf
  11. The cabin signs are switched OFF by the Copilot function automatically when passing 10.000 feet. If you want those signs still to be ON, then you have to switch them ON again and later also manually to OFF. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  12. Hi, I am sorry and deeply regret to have started this issue. I just systematically checked all the settings again e.g. I created, changed most of the options and saved a flight (just using P3D v4). Then with SimStarter I selected this saved flight and also an existing SimConfigSet (options completely different from the ones set in the saved flight). I have to confirm that all settings from the SimConfigSet were correctly loaded e.g. overwriting the options of the saved flight. I do know what I did wrong coming to my previous statement and starting this thread. Sorry again for maybe creating a confusion. Regards, Rolf
  13. Cemre, also for the SEATBELT- and PED-signs each airline has its SOP and that is what we implemented. The pilots do not switch them OFF or ON when they like to do it but there are rules / special situations for it. So again please tell the special situation when and why you want to switch those signs OFF or ON (different from the CL- and CP-function) and I will have a look into it. I just made a flight and you can set the cabin signs to ON /OFF again after passing 10.000 feet, ON and OFF during cruize and as well to ON during descent before passing 10.000 feet. This means all possible situations like turbolences etc. are covered by the CL- and CP function. A good example is "Parking": Those signs are switched OFF after the parking brakes are set and the engines are cut and not ealier. If you fly quite often in a real plane you will recognize that all airlines handles this the same way...... Therefore I think this discussion can be closed. Regards, Rolf
  14. Cemre, please tell me exactly at which point / situation you want to switch the signs ON or OFF and it is not possible if the CL and CP are enabled........ I need this information to be able to reproduce it and where to look in the code...... Regards, Rolf
  15. Hi, I have a suggestion in this connection: If the saved flight situation P3D v4 settings have a higher priority then the "Sim ConfigSet" option then this field should be "greyed out" = not available. I had this problem when I tried to test certain options/settings and could not find any differences in the result - until I checked the options directly in the SIM and discovered that those were not changed…... Regards, Rolf
  16. Bernd, you should have a look into the following which I believe will give you some answers to your questions: Forum " Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview" - Page 38 - Statement from Mathijs Kok Regards, Rolf
  17. Hi Bernd, as already said, we are not able to consider in the CL every mistake a user makes. In your special case I can only suggest that you use the INFOBAR. The message there reminds you that the BEFORE TAKEOFF CL is still "open" ........ Regards, Rolf
  18. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  19. Can you please exactly state what are your requirements in connection ENGINE ANTI-ICE and the CHECKLIST? But please keep in mind that we only cover SOP and I believe that "Engine-Anti-Ice Operation" is not belonging to it. But anyway there are some open questions which to be defined (for programming) before we can decide on implementing this feature : What are "icing conditions" and how those are defined? What exactly means "exist" and "anticipated"? Regards, Rolf
  20. Hi Bernd, if you p. e. use during the flight "1" on the keyboard the CL is stopped. You cannot start it again because the CL needs a clear aircraft state and the equivalent settings to start again which then is not the case. If you also use other programs like GSX, AS or ProATCX (which use numbers from the keyboard) always make the selection from their options window with the mouse or disable the HOTKEY function in the MCDU 3 OPTIONS CL menu. This might be the reason for your problems that suddenly the CL stops working. What I do not understand is you are writing that you make the light settings on the OH before TO by yourself and want that the copilot confirms this? Then why you use the copilot at all? This is the normal CL feature e. g. you are making the settings and the copilot just checks and confirms. If you prefer to make the settings yourself then switch the copilot just off. And last regarding GA: If I remember it right the CL GA function is based on the FMA display and it if states MAN TOGA then also the GA CL starts. This is absolutely correct and I do not see a way to change this e.g. if you afterwards set the throttle back (after your mistake) to stop the CL GA and to set it back to a normal landing. I am not able to implement a solution to all user mistakes. If I am wrong and the CL GA starts earlier than MAN TOGA is displayed on the FMA make a screen shot of the complete cockpit exactly at that moment and I will have a look. To "keenrw" who hijacked this thread: What are you p. e. missing after gear up? Even in RL there is no MCDU DECEL point calculated and displayed on the ND and no 2nd Approach CL! You have to do everything by yourself but there should be another FINAL CL when descending below 2000 feet....... If you still have problems please open a new thread and explain in detail your situation and what happened. Regards, Rolf
  21. Is it correct that if I load a saved flight situation that its also saved P3D v4.4 settings have a higher priority than the ones selected in the SimStarter Profil? Regards, Rolf
  22. Until now it never happened to be and believe me I do a lot of flights every day using the copilot. If this happens again please describe in detail what you have done and when it exactly happens - otherwise I am not able to reproduce the problem. I can only suggest not to use a keyboard entry in connection with any addon program like ActiveSky but to use instead the mouse to make your selection from their menu. Or deactivate the HOTKEY functionn in the MCDU3 OPTION / CHECKLIST menu - then you are sure that your issue is it not related to any keyboard entry. Also I cannot reproduce the issue that the copilot cannot be actived again......if the CL function is still on. If the CL function also incidentally (using 1 on the keyboard) has been switched OFF it is not possible midflight to set it on again........ It always needs a clear fixed configuration of the aircraft like TAKEOFF...... Regards, Rolf
  23. Hi, I do not know what happened on your system based on rolling back to version and how you did it but definitely the feature has not been removed - on my system - version it is still available on the MCDU3 under OPTIONS/AIRCRAFT/WEIGHT UNIT......... So I believe it is an installation problem....... Regards, Rolf
  24. Did you accidentally hit 2 on the keyboard or use it in connection with another program like ActiveSky or ProATC? Was it not possible to engage again using MCDU3?
  25. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
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