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  1. May be that's the volumetric clouds because my weather setup was in thunderstorm and 4km vis, ceiling 2000 ft. I use ActiveSky Beta. I can only tell there is significant difference on fps between EA on / off for the same setting. May be that's just my settings. Just a side note, I have no fps problem with the same settings (same weather, same scenery) on the PMDG, so I guess my computer is OK to handle the load.
  2. Hi, Just want to share my experience on the A330 with enhanced atmospheric turned On on the P3D v5.2 HF1. My computer is not the most advance but can handle 24 fps stably with complex add-ons. I found that if I have EA on, the computer has to work very hard on the A330 and fps can go to below 10 fps. Once I turned off EA, it behaves normally again. I am sure Aerosoft is investigate this issue and understand that P3D v5 is unstable. Just want to share my experience if other people encountered the same problem. Turning EA off for the bus may be a good workaround for long. Cheers Phil
  3. Hi, I found that the values for Turbulence and thermal effects are reversed on SimStarter. Furthermore, the weather rate of change settings are not captured on SimStarterd v2.1.3. Many thanks! Philip
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