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  1. Yes i think you may be right.Its only happened once and ive got lots of addons. thanks for your help.Can always count on aerosoft for problems we may encounter.
  2. Thanks for your responce.I78700k CPU overclocked to 5.0ghz.RTX 2070 video card.monitor refresh rate @ 30 hrz. Never falls below 30 fps only at some airports.
  3. I first came across this problem today 11 dec 2020.flight fron yssy to vhhh.I could hear this clicking noise but could not see what was causing it.looking around the flight deck it was the trim wheel doing it.Never had this before.Looking outside i could see the elevators fluttering.Didnt know how to fix it.then five hours into the flight,the first officer from fs2crew made an annoucement about baro ref.Dont know why he would refer to that @ fl360.Anyway after that call,the trim wheel stopped clicking and no more elevator flutter.So i think that problems with the bussus are nearly always caused by addons. Any comments are welcome.
  4. Thanks mopperle for your support.To solve the updater problem i disabled malwarebytes completely and now the updater works as it should.I dont know why malwarebytes did this.ive never had a problem in the the past.the only reason i have norton antivirus and malwarebytes running together is on advice from my bank.after our account was hacked a number of times. Thankyou once again.
  5. First of alL, I dont know how to take a screenshot and and secondly asupdate.exe is in the the malwarebytes exclude from scan list. So do i have to reinstall A320 and A330 to get get a new updater?
  6. I think i explained the updater problem as best as i could.I dont understand the response that i got "Who is saying this"
  7. my aerosoft updater seems corrupted.it not showing my installed aircraft and the text on the right shows meaningless giberish.its also saying there is a trojan attached to it. im using norton and malwarebytes and it not detected any trojan.how to i fix this ,and get a working updater.
  8. I didnt use any drivers with the hotas x.into a usb port and your ready to go.there are drivers from thrustmaster for it but you cant calibrate the joystick if you install them. No problems with PMDG and Qualitywings with hotas x, but control problems with Aerosoft A330 pro.im sticking with the logitech extreme 3d pro.
  9. I tried everything with the thrustmaster hotas x to stop the A330 pro from veering right on the takeoff roll.So i removed the hotas x and connected my logitech 3d pro.No drivers needed just plug in usb.Control on takeoff is right down the centerline. Maybe the A330 isnt compatible with this hotas x joystick.I dont think aerosoft would have tested the A330 with every joystick and yoke out there.Anyway im happy that takeoff is no longer a problem.
  10. I cannot control the A330 on takeoff roll.It veer to the right and left and impossible to hold centerline. Ive turned the rudder sensitivity to zero and still the same.Im using the hotas x joystick and calibrate before flying.I tried putting stick_sensitivity_mode=0 in the p3d .cfg.But then i cant do a realistic flight control check. any help appreciated.
  11. Thanks Markus for your reply. What shaders in the sim are you refering to?I just apply the preset and then everythings messed up , back to default shaders. I would love pta ,tomato to work.it makes a big difference in the overall appearence.Maybe somemore advice from you would get me on the right track. Dekker
  12. i know aerosoft wont help if you use 3rd party shaders such as PTA,Tomatoshade and envshade and others.Ive tried to use them all with disasterous results.Dark cockpit and bright exteriors.But what is frustrating is seeing youtube videos of the the A330 with these shaders used and everything looks fine,What am i doing wrong.
  13. After a reinstall of a320 and a330 professional. i had 2 entries in the aircraft.cfg for Dragonair a330. Can someone tell me why this would have happened. No need to reply to this message.Someone else had this issue and was advised just to remove any duplicate entries.All good.
  14. Thanks for replying Dave. Ill check the MCDU INIT B page . maybe im not entering something.If all else fails then a reinstall may be necessary.
  15. Isnt the autothrottle supposed to engage when you advance the engines to 40% just before applying flex or toga at takeoff.I checked the manuals,but couldn't find anything. Or I am I getting confused with the aerosoft airbus extended or blackbox.
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