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  1. OK, you are right and I could reproduce the issue. Will be changed with the next hotfix....... Regards, Rolf
  2. Sorry this is not completely correct. The TRIM value of the MCDU 1 and 2 is automatically updated with the TRIM value from the MCDU 3.......
  3. Jason, the "overlay" problem when using SKIP ITEM is already known and mentioned by another user. It is noted and I will have a look into it soon. The other issue you mentioned I cannot reproduce on my system it is working properly. So please try it again with another flight....... or maybe recalibrate your joystick....... Regards, Rolf
  4. I think you got a polite answer and that it is planned for SP1 - so why are you making such a fuss of it? Are you not able to just simply use mental arithmetics to calculate from KG to LBS? We Europaens also have to live with NM and knots even that we are not used to it in our normal live.....
  5. Your problems seem to be: Which FPLAN you entered in Active Sky? The flightplan you use for ActiveSky must have the all the same waypoints which are used in the Airbus flightplan. So the best way is to create a flightplan p. e. is using PFPX and then to save it in two different formats e. g. one for AS and one for the Airbus. regards, Rolf
  6. Normally you use the LSK 3/4 L or LSK 3/4 R to make your settings - an input via the scratchpad is not possible. But please tell us which PB menu you used. The one via GROUNDSERVICES or the one integrated in the CL function? Another question if you use the separate PB menu via GROUNDSERVICES: When did you try to make this settings? Normally you should call the option when you are ready for pushback.... e.g. all fuel pumps must be on and APU bleed is already available...... please see Regards, Rolf
  7. But you able to change the TRIM values in the normal MCDU TP PERF page.......
  8. Hi, OK you can call it a real let down but I call it more realistic like in RL. But I accept your argument and will change this for the EXT LIGHTS settings during the TAXI CL. For the time being just one hint: You can also start the TAXI CL using the MCDU3 menu and then you do not need to wait until the plane reaches 10 knots...... Regards, Rolf
  9. Jesper, OK, this is your point of view. But why then you are using the copilot if you want to make the settings yourself? Just make the right settings when the CL asks for it. In RL there are fixed procedures when what has to be done and nobody has the idea to do it different e. g. to make certain settings previoulsy and thne those are corrected during the CL.......... Regards, Rolf
  10. So after you have finished your first flight Paris to London did you manually load the TURNAROUND STATE or did you wait the 5 minutes to reset the state automatically? But what I do not understand is that everything until GSX pushback worked fine and suddenly the system stopped. Then the same also should have happened the first time after GSC pushback has finished because all setttings after TURNAROUND are set back to the initial state. Can you reproduce it e. g. it happens all the time if you are making such a flight? Regards, Rolf
  11. Hi Jesper, you are absolutely right but the light settings have been changed compared to the previous Airbus version. There is no "tolerance" anymore e.g. they must be set exactly set as required and when. We implemented this based on DLH procedures for setting EXT LIGHTS because in the past nearly everything was possible and accepted. The exact settings will be explained in detail in the Vol6 StepbyStep but unfortunately this manual was not ready until release...... But if you use the Copilot then why you want to make the settings yourself? One thing should be clear: You cannot use the copilot and partly make the settings yourself! It is really either / or. Regards, Rolf
  12. To reproduce this issue I need some more detailed information. First the "Cabin Signs" are part of the PARKING CL..... and not of the AFTER LANDING CL! Did you use the Copilot or not when this issue happened? Regards, Rolf
  13. I will have to check this e. g. if I am able to reproduce it but 3.800 feet seem a little bit high for a GO AROUND? Will be back....... Regards, Rolf
  14. Peter, You are right: There seem to be a loading problem and sometimes not only wit C&D but also with the other states too. I will have a look into it...... Until we solve this issue please use as a workaround to load the ACFT STATE again using the MCDU3 menu. Not all CL items are performed by the Copilot but some also by the PF himself .. like "servicing" Parking Brakes etc. How the Copilot p. e. can check the Oxygen Equipment on the PF side of the cockpit? If you look at the PF Oxygen Equipment (left next to the PF seat) you will see that during the check he opens the lid and then closes it after the check..... "Cockpit Voice Recorder" is the OVHD button GND CTL called (on the RCDR section) Kind regards, Rolf
  15. But do you also have the problem like described by many users in this thread that if you do it the "normal" way your CL hangs after the Cockp. Prep. CL? I am asking because then this would be "workaround" for them....... Regards, Rolf
  16. No it is not possible...... But if you use the key also for other programs and this program does not offer the option to change the ley or you do not want to do so, then you can also start the CL from the CL MENU by clicking on the resp. LSK. And do not forget to set the HOTKEY option in the CL Settings Menu to OFF...... Regards, Rolf
  17. Hi guys, please be patient. I am already working with Ed on this e. g. first we need to find which of the various prerequisite variable to start the BEFORE START CL is not met . Keep you informed...... Regards, Rolf
  18. What do you mean by "Skipping the controller check" - please explain this a little bit more e.g. what were the previous and the follwing checklist item so that I am able to reproduce...... Regards, Rolf
  19. Gary, that is not the default installation folder. It is C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Aerosoft\Airbus A318-A319 Professional ...... I do not know what problems might occur using a different folder ........
  20. I will now close this topic because there is another one dealing with the same issue...... Regards, Rolf
  21. Ed, our current problem is that we cannot reproduce it and it seems that only a few users experience this problem. So the next step would be to find out what those users make different and / or what is different with their setup. Therefore one question to all users haveing this problem: Did you use the standard installation folder like C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Aerosoft\Airbus A318-A319 Professional or any other folder resp. drive? regards, Rolf
  22. Ed, I am the developer of the CL. So you are talking to the right person. My problem is that I cannot reproduce it e. g. on my system everything is working fine and currently I have no clue what could cause this issue on your system.......But I will talk to the other developer responsible for the door system and will be back soon....... Regards, Rolf
  23. It seems you are using the CL without the Copilot because otherwise the Copilot would make the seetings for the seatbelt signs. The cabin signs should both be set to ON when passing 10.000 feet. Is this the moment when the issue you described happens? Please confirm so that I am able to try to reproduce the issue....... Regards, Rolf
  24. Hi, just one question: Did you use the MCDU 3 menu to close the doors? What shows the MCDU3 DOOR Page? Are all doors in "white"? There are already two topics on this and there fore have a look at Regards, Rolf
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