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  1. OK you are right and I was able to reproduce the issue e.g. doors are closing too early. We will have a look into the code and think that this issue can be resolved with one of the next updates. Regards, Rolf
  2. Felix, the whole GSX integration (especially deboarding and boarding) is still WIP. But can you please check the following: What GSX states in such a case e.g. did the GSX menu state that boarding is completed - because this is the information on which normally the doors are closed. What states the MCDU3 LOAD and FUEL menu? How many pax should board (numbers entered using LSK1L) and what are the ACT figures when this happened? Regards, Rolf
  3. I suggest to wait until the settings are called by the copilot...... then it would be clear that the CL is really finished and you do not forget to start it...... Regards, Rolf
  4. Bernd, if you would do everything according to the books then there is no problem. So the problem is that you are doing something wrong and this could be thousands of possible mistakes and for all possibilities we cannot implement a solution. The only advice I can give you: Do everything slowly and maybe use some papers as a guideline that nothing is forgotten - this is what also is done in RL -. In your special case please I suggest to use the INFOBAR function - it will remind you what has to be done next - so you cannot forget to start the Before TO checklist before taking off. Your suggestions cannot be implemented because as I already told you that a CL to start needs a clearly predefined aircraft state with a lot of fixed parameters. And those are different on every flight p.e. altitude, MCDU settings and data etc. But what you can do is save a flight state using the P3D v4.4 function p. e. before takeoff, after reaching cruize level, before TOD and before the approach. If the CL is ON when saving you will be back exactly at that point and all parameters are there...... I think we should stop the discussion here because we are not able to do what you want....... Regards, Rolf
  5. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  6. Sory, there is no way to start the CL function "somewhere" during a flight p.e. before descent. Only if you are on the ground and the plane is configurated according to the 4 predefined aircraft states..... you can start the CL and Copilot function. If the function is enabled from the beginning you can start the specific checklist not only by using "1" but also from the MCDU3 menu because if a checklist is available it is marked in "orange". To remind you that a new checklist is "available" I suggest you use the "INFOBAR" option because then you will be reminded by a specific message on top of the screen.......
  7. Sorry what do you mean "I'm in mid-flight" because the screen shot shows that you are on ground and parking. I suggest to load the ACFT STATE "Cold & Dark" again - I believe you started from there - and then enable the CL and COPILOT. Then the COCKPREP CL should change to "orange" and clicking on LSK3L should start it......
  8. To use the CL you previously have to load one of the predefined ACFT STATES - reason is that the CL knows from where to start e.g. which CL should be used.....
  9. Sorry, I do not understand your question? Passing 10.000 feet the cabin signs are automatically set to OFF by the checklist (if it and the copilot are enabled). The cabin crew (and actions) - except handling the doors - as well as the cabin itself are not modelled in the Aerosoft Airbus....... Regards, Rolf
  10. Sorry no, because to start the CL again it needs a predefined ACFT STATE because we have to make sure that all previously made settings are correct. But what you can do is to save a flight situation and then the CL status is also saved. But one CL has to be completed before saving. So during a flight it is recommend to save the flight state after reaching CRZ LVL, when the DESC PREP is available (before descent) and also when the APPR CL is available (before approach). regards, Rolf
  11. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  12. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  13. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  14. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  15. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  16. I never saw a PF or PNF closing or opening doors. This is the responsibility of the cabin crew or groundservices and this was the reason why we enabled /implemented this GSX function. But with the next experimental update some changes will be implemented in connection with GSX: Before starting any GSX action you are able to manually close / open the doors (using like before the MCDU3 function). If you afterwards starts the GSX-function it will recognize that the doors are already in the right position and will start from there. This is also valid for the BEFORE START CL. You can either close the doors manually and then the CL automatically will start. After it has been finished start the GSX Pushback and everything works as previously. The other opportunity is to use the GSX Pushback function. Then the doors will automatically be closed and also the BEFORE START CL will be started. In parallel GSX already prepares the pushback procedure...... but do not follow the GSX command "Disconnect EXT GPU" and manually disconnect it in the MCDU3 but wait as it automatically will be during by the checklist after the APU is available – otherwise the plane will be without power. Regards, Rolf
  17. Are you using GSX2? Currently there are problems / conflicts with the GPU built into its jetways and the ones used by the Aerosoft Airbus. But this problem will be solved with the next experimental update e.g. this GSX function will not be available anymore in connection with the Aerosoft Airbus. Which GPU is used in connection with the Aerosoft Airbus can be selected in the MCDU3 Groundservices options and this setting is the basis when loading an ACFT STATE e.g. one of the two should be available. Normally in the Turn Around state the EXT PWR already should be connected and is ON. If this is not the case then check the MCDU3 Groundservice GPU settings. Regards, Rolf
  18. Did you enter / transfer the data from the MCDU3, LOAD AND FUEL PAGE also into the MCDU INIT B page? I believe not because BLOCK is coming from there.......
  19. Matthias, I just checked the Cockpit Prep CL and there is only one item "Engine Mode Selector"........ Maybe your problem is that its setting is not correct and therefore the item is repeated...... Please check again! Regards, Rolf
  20. Die Checklisten benötigen die volle Konzentration der beiden Piloten (wie im RL) und da macht auch nicht der andere Pilot gleichzeitig etwas vollkommen anderes während der Abarbeitung der Positionen. Also gewöhne Dich an die realen Abläufe und verlange nicht, dass Aerosoft sich Deinen Prozeduren anpasst. Rolf
  21. Sorry, but I do not understand what the problem is. Without using the CL and CP you can do what you want. By the way there is no Non Smoking sign in the current Airbus as it has been replaced by PED. If you are using the CL / CP function the cabin signs are switched on when passing 10.000 feet but you are able to switch those on earlier. Those lights stay on until the parking brakes are set on and the engines are cut. So no interference with it during approach. Regards, Rolf
  22. Are you using the Load and Fuelplanner? Is there the correct aircraft type selected? I am asking because the Maximum Pax Number is based on aircraft type used in the loadsheet generated by it.
  23. Your proposal might be useful from your point of view but it can not be realized as any action needs fixed parameters prior to be fulfilled. And just to read the checklist also makes no sense. If you just want that, then use the documentation e.g. the flight tutorial where all checklist and items are explained.
  24. Are you using GSX? Maybe this related to some aircraft settings in GSX..... Another option might be the aircraft.cfg. Are you using a Standard plane coming with the Installer?
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