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  1. Es passiert mir immer wieder, dass sich irgendwelche Bodenfahrzeuge vor mir auf den Rollwegen befinden (statisch) oder aber diese "animierten" Fahrzeuge gerade vor meinem Flugzeug den Rollweg passieren. Ich benutze ebenfalls GSX und habe zu diesem Problem folgende Fragen: Gibt es eine Einstellmöglichkeit damit vermieden wird, das statische Fahrzeuge auf den Rollwegen "parken" oder aber das der Bodenverkehr entsprechend bei Annäherung eines Flugzeugs anhält? Danke. Rolf
  2. Hallo Oliver, vielen Dank für die schnelle Antwort. Nach dem Löschen der "EDDH" xml-Dateien im Ordner C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\..... ist das Problem bei mir gelöst. LG Rolf
  3. Hi, nach der Installation von EDDH für P3D v4 habe ich eine doppelte Beleuchtung der Start- und Landebahn (siehe Screenshot anbei). Ich hatte vorher EDDH von JustSim installiert, dass ich aber ordnungsgemäß deinstalliert habe und auch in der Scenery.cfg ist kein entsprechender Eintrag mehr vorhanden. Auch die entsprechenden Ordner sind nicht mehr vorhanden. Ich nehme an, dass es sich um einen Konflikt mit der Beleuchtung eines anderen Flughafens handelt. Danke im Voraus für die Hilfe. Rolf
  4. I would like to add one thing to Mathijs statement: "We feel that flying on your own is rather silly. An A320 is flown with two people, an A330 cockpit has often 3 people. Just as people found out that flying with 'real' ATC is a giant step forwards in realism, they see the same when they fly as a crew. It is just way more realistic. And WAY more important then almost any other feature. Looking to your right and seeing that empty seat is by far the biggest flaw in the way we simulate airliners these days". Those were one of the reasons why Aerosoft also added the Checklist- and Copilot (PNF)-Function to its Airbus - which is still outstanding as you will find this functionality on no other flight simulation plane. First it delivers you an oral guide what has to be done next (no paper to read/check) and if you like additionally you can "engage" the PNF who makes all necessary settings (like he does in real life). So you just can concentrate on those things a PF has to care for in a normal flight. Regards, Rolf
  5. Morning, just installed the P3D v4.1 update. If I open SimStarter I get the information "Bitte Plattform wählen", but there is no possibility to make a selection e. g. SimStarter does not recognize the new update. Only possibility is to close SimStarter. Regards, Rolf
  6. I am very sorry for that because Navigraph is offering even for their new beta-version already an Android App. If Aerosoft has offcourse other priorities but then what about implementing just a small function for their cloud-version like "full screen" (as in YouTube)? That would solve all problems for tablet-users. Thanks. Regards, Hanse
  7. Are there any news on the Android version for NavDataPro Charts? I just bought a new Samsung tablet and thought there is such an App already available. But looking through the forum I found a lot of "old" statements on this subject. I currently use the Internet version and are in no way satisfied with it. The main reason is that the charts itself are to small - a lot of space is used by the browser heading as well as the charts list (even that I selected the auto folding options) - and that I am also not able to increase the charts by using fingers (allways have to use the + button). Regards, Hanse
  8. The problem with EDDF and VAS-usage seems to be the “storage management” of the SIM (in my case P3D 3.4.9) e.g. that scenery which is no longer needed is not “removed” and space not freed for newly to be loaded scenery. I never had that issue before flying into EDDF but it seems that Frankfurt 2.0 just needs much space…….. For me the only solution seems to be to - when flying into EDDF - is to reload the scenery just app. 30 NM before EDDF or to manually disable certain scenery you already passed if it is no longer needed. In my case this is ORBX Germany North …… but this has nearly the same effect like reloading the scenery 30 NM before EDDF or/and disable in your Scenery Library "Mega Airport Frankfurt 2.0 Terrain" or if this does not help then you have to lower your settings. Regards, Rolf
  9. Did you ever try SimpleCam from AivlaSoft. Since installing this small little and cheep tool I do not use the in-built view system anymore.
  10. OK, you are right - this is a confirmed bug. It is on the list and we are working on it...... Regards, Hanse
  11. I want to let you know that I discovered the following: After installing a new graphic card NVidia GTX 780 on my medium/high end PC I was not satisfied with the result e. g. the FPS I got. I could not get more than 20 FPS (using Aerosoft A320/321, clear weather at an add-on airport and FSX Scenery settings “Ultra High”). So I started to investigate – playing with all possible settings and to make the long story short: The reason was that I used the FPS-limiter in NVidia-Inspector - setting it to 30 FPS - as well as the one in FSX - setting it to 31 (as recommended in various documents). After setting the FSX Target Frame Rate to “unlimited” my FPS increased by app. 10 FPS – now to around 30. I do not know if this is just related to the Airbus because I do not have any other complex aircraft installed for testing p. e. like one from PMDG. Regards, Rolf
  12. Ok you were right - using the slew mode I corrected the position at the gate A23 EDDF and then AES started the gate procedure and I got the correct AES menu. I checked other gates at "Mega Airport Frankfurt - last update installed" as well as "Tampa Vienna Airport" and at some gates the position was correct and at others it was not the case. So what I do not understand is even that all products are from Aerosoft (AES, EDDF and LOWW) they are not working smoothly together. So I will have to make a note in our manual that this is sometimes the case and how to correct it = SLEW MODE (Key Y). Rolf
  13. Oliver, but how do I park the aircraft by following the Marshaller/Dockingsystem when I start a flight (you are right - currently I use "Go to ....."). In your manual you are starting also with "Landing - Followme-Car" but normally I do start my flights not with a landing ..... The procedure is quite important to me because I am working with Steffen Froemter on a plugin for the new Airbus X Extended and we have to align the procedures resp. describe those very clearly in our manual. Thanks, Rolf
  14. Hi, I just downloaded / installed AES 2.21. When I start FSX I select the Airbus X at LOWW (Tampa-Version) and a special parking position. Then I set the Airbus X to "Dark & Cold". When I now start AES (Crtl + Shift + W) the window opens "Follow-me car" e.g. to select a parking space etc. This means AES does not detect that I am already at a gate and the engines are dead. The same happens with other fully installed airports like Mega-Airport Frankfurt EDDF. What do I have to do so that the AES window opens with "Beginn boarding"? Thanks, Rolf
  15. Steffen Froemter today at AVSIM ( has released Version 3 of his addon for WILCO Airbus Volume and 2: The basic idea behind this freeware package is to ease flying the WILCO Airbus Volume 1 (models A318, A319, A320 and A321) and Volume 2 (models A330-x and A340-x) in respect to opening and closing various panels (currently covering the complete view) as well as to automate and animate certain parts of flight procedures. “Ultimate Airbus A3xx V3” is therefore targeted at FSX users flying the WILCO Airbus Volume 1 and/or Volume 2 · Preferring the 2D-panel instead of the virtual cockpit · Searching for an add-on which offers smaller sub-panels (for certain functionality like engine start) instead of always using the big pedestal or overhead panel covering the complete screen. All this sub-panels can be opened / closed using newly added clickspots. · Missing certain panel animation e. g. panel and cockpit light, fuel dump as well as handling doors · Looking to get some “procedure automation” by using a Co-Pilot e. g. to arm or disarm spoilers, setting flaps, switching on and off lights, setting gear up and down etc. (in total more than 60). This functionality also automatically opens/closes some of the new sub-panels. · Wanting to get additional voice animation from the “pilot flying - PF”, the “pilot non flying - PNF” and from the “flight attendant - FA” (in total more than 65 announcements) as well as background sounds from ATC and the cockpit crew. What is new compared to version 2 · Package now includes all features also for Volume 2 e. g. can also be used with A33x and A34x models · App. 50 additional automated procedures (including for take-off-abort and go-around) · App. 65 crew “calls” as well as cockpit crew and ATC background sound · An installer is used which automatically backups the existing to be changed files and installs all necessary new files (including the documentation) automatically into the relevant FSX folders. A de-installer is available too. · Bugs (p. e. black displays) from version 2 have been eliminated. · It is available only for FSX only as the programming workload; the testing as well as maintaining the documentation for two versions (FS9 and FSX) otherwise would have been too much. Additionally a detailed description of the software resp. its functionality (17 pages) as well as an extended flight tutorial (36 pages) for the WILCO A320 considering the functionality of “Ultimate Airbus A3xx V3” in English and German are content of the installation package. Hanse
  16. Hi, is there anybody who can tell me why p. e. "Jetways - FSX command CRTL+J" or "Fuel Trucks - FSX command SHIFT+F" do not work in Aerosoft products like "Frankfurt Mega Airport" or "German Airports p.e. Hamburg EDDH"? Is there anything I can do to make this work without spending additional money like buying AES? Thanks Hanse
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