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  1. G-OUZO is currently operating for Batavia Air from Indonesia, registration PK-YVD
  2. Never expected this one! Fantastic news! Hopefully release will be soon?
  3. Check AFCAD 2.21 for other PANC AFCAD. If so delete them.
  4. AES support is available as a temporary fix. It is in the AES 2.21 Released topic!
  5. Don't know the structure of the GAP4 map, but there must be a separate map for EHBK. If not searching the GAP4 map for any EHBK files and deleting them would probably help I think.
  6. I'm not sure on getting this one. Can anyone who has it, tell me why I should get it?
  7. Going to be my favorite german airport, thank you Aerosoft for all your effort in getting this airport is FS.
  8. I think the problem is with the FS9 version, I use that one. Don't know what version Desailly uses?
  9. Turn off aircraft cast shadow on ground
  10. It is a complete new installer, not an update! There should only be two separate download, a FS9 and a FSX version
  11. Already updated, download the zip again. It contains V1.01
  12. One small thing, the screenshot on the aerosoft homepage shows a Zurich image next to the news of Vilnius Other then that, thank very much for making this
  13. http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=32625&view=findpost&p=234892
  14. Bought MA Orly via SimMarket but didn't get a key when looking at My Products. Any idea what went wrong? many thanks in advance!
  15. Not a big problem. I have an Air France van driving around the airport, shouldn't this be Lufthansa or another German company. Everything else is perfect, great little airport
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