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  1. Try putting the update file (fs91upd.exe) in the FS9 main folder before executing it. Henning
  2. Hallo, probier Mal mit diesem Exclude Switch unter EHAM im Scenery.cfg: Exclude=N52 22.04,E4 42.31,N52 17.86,E4 44.75,objects Der Switch entfernt Objekte zwischen den Bahnen 18C/36C und 18R/36L. Henning
  3. You should remove both Exclude lines at area 127, they are not needed there. Also remove one of the Exclude lines for area 126. Only one Exclude line should be present. Henning
  4. Did you try adding an exclude switch for the EHAM entry in Scenery.cfg? If not then try one of these (only one at a time): Exclude=N52 18.23,E4 46.16,N52 17.43,E4 47.12,objects Exclude=N52 19.92,E4 43.98,N52 17.19,E4 48.88,objects The first one excludes a small area around the buildings on the runway, the second one excludes the hole default airport. Henning
  5. Thank you Oliver, I just discovered it is the Aerosoft Casablanca scenery, which I installed a few days ago, that disables the default ships textures. Very strange. I now renamed the files back into bmp to enable them. The ships textures are now back. Thanks again. Henning Larsen
  6. I just installed Gibraltar X for FS9 and noted that some of the ships are untextured. I have version 1.00 of 2010-08-30. There are no official updates available for the FS9 version. Is there a solution available for this? Henning Larsen
  7. Vielen dank mein Herr . Bus hat Bemalung bekommen. Spitze. Henning Larsen
  8. No I can't tell any difference in the scenery if the files are active or not. Did some screenshot comparisons with and without the files, and they all look the same. Just wondered why the files are there in the first place when not used. Henning Larsen
  9. Hallo, Habe soeben Köln/Bonn X für FS9 installiert. (Datei ist AS_EDDK2007_FS2004_V311.exe). Mir ist aufgefallen dass einige Busse Texturenlos herumfahren. Siehe Bilder. Gibt es eine Lösung dafür? Danke, Henning Larsen
  10. Hi Shaun, your suggestion sounded plausible, so I investigated further: I tried installing and uninstalling a couple times and found the following: When uninstalling the scenery the two renamed default files in \Scenery\Afri\Scenery\ are renamed back into bgl. The two bgl-files in \Scenery\Africa\Scenery\ get deleted by the uninstaller. When installing the scenery the installer tells the following: The following default files will be replaced (backup of default files with extension *.bga and *.bmx in the same folders) \Scenery\Vehicles\Texture\cargoA.bmp \Scenery\Vehicles\Texture\cruise_linerB.bmp \Scenery\Afri\Scenery\AB945200.bgl \Scenery\Afri\Scenery\FL945200.bgl Texture\treesfa.bmp Texture\treeshw.bmp Texture\treessp.bmp Texture\treessu.bmp Texture\treesfa.bmp Texture\treeswi.bmp Modules\Aerocore.dll So the installer tells that the two bgl-files should go into the \Scenery\Afri\Scenery folder. But as said they are instead copied to the \Scenery\Africa\Scenery folder and never used. I do think now this must be a bug in the installer. Henning Larsen
  11. Wenn installing the Casablanca scenery (FS9) i noticed that two default files (AB945200.bgl and FL945200.bgl) in Scenery\Afri\Scenery get renamed effectively disabling them. So far so good. Two new files with the same names are copied to Scenery\Africa\Scenery (not Scenery\Afri\Scenery). No entry for Scenery\Africa\Scenery is made in Scenery.cfg. This means the two new files are never activated. I think the two new files are meant to be copied to Scenery\Afri\Scenery which would activate them. I'm only guessing though. Henning Larsen
  12. has quite a lot add ons. I did my purchases there years back. Now I buy only online. Henning
  13. SG1 is available now. Thank you very much . Purchased and downloaded now . Henning
  14. I'm still using FS9 and own Scenery Germany 2,3 and 4. I would like also to purchase Scenery Germany 1 as well, but it appears to be not available from the online shop. Only SG 2,3 and 4 are available. Any reason SG 1 not being available? Could you put the download version back online into the shop? Thanks in advance. Henning
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