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  1. I don't know where you got your info, but I asked them and got no answer!!
  2. Anyone know how to see Tims progress on Dubai. I guess another start and faiure for this airport. Must be a bad luck project!!
  3. Are you going to support Prepar3d in the future?
  4. I have tried VHHX (Kia Tak) and Tampa (KTPA). When I get parked and stop engines and the jetway or stairs are in place, i press CTRL+SHIFT+W The menu flashes and then I get what is shown in the picture. I have 2.20D installed. I made sure by re-inatalling before trying it!
  5. When I request catering, the truck is slightly behind the right door on the 737NGX. The person goes thru the wall of the aircraft!
  6. Oliver, Is there any way to set services for the right passenger doors? I need to set them for catering trucks.
  7. When I push crtl+F12 I don't get a menu for AES. All I get is AES full at the airport I am placed at!
  8. I think the problem with communication is the users coming on here and FSDT's forum and syaing things that are their own opinion and some are just not true! GSX does NOT apply to the jetways at any of their aieports!!! I WILLcontiue to buy credits at airports that have AES for the jetways and GSX for some things that ASE does not have!! King Cat, your statments are unfounded and you and people that make those kinda statments are a big part of the problem!!
  9. I cannot get my PMDG 747 FMC to recognize FS9 flight plans. I am using FS2004 and have run the satabase manager!
  11. I'm not sure if you are authorized to make that decision by AES, but thanks for the interesting reading!
  12. I bought 2 credit packs and ended up with 25 credits. I DO NOT know how this happened, maybe I had some left from before.
  13. I had to reformat my hard drive and re-install everything. When I reinstalled me aes, i bought 25 more credits to have some more. I installed AES in FSX and FS9 and accidently used my 25 credits to activate the airports in fsx. I the copied AES and put it in Fsx and Fs9 and all airports are active except 2 and I have no 25 credits!! how can i get the 25 credits i bought today back?
  14. Oliver, I humbly appologize for my ignorance. I was downloading the old version of VTBS. I dowmnloaded then right version and it worked ok> I am SO sorry to take up your time! yOUR right, mpst o0f the time it is us who doesn't do thing s rigtht. I feel for u haqving to put up with ud dumb**es!! Moe Works
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