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  1. Because none of the avionics are updating, every display freezes until you release the forward pressure. So it's not a magic fix for the poor FPS unfortunately.
  2. The tutorial actually mentions using the tool tips to help with some settings ๐Ÿ˜œ
  3. I donโ€™t know if this has been mentioned elsewhere but when you push full forward on the yoke all the displays stop updating, so itโ€™s no surprise that the FPS increases ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. No it's not, there is a completely separate version for Prepar3d.
  5. Much less ambiguous, thank you.
  6. That's cheeky, MyTraffic 4.1 is free to download by anyone regardless of who they are, Burkhard made 4.1 for FS9 abandonware (free to download and no support) sometime last year or maybe even the year before that. Describing MyTraffic 2013 as a FS2004/FSX product is blatant mis-selling.
  7. Click on the link below that says "Do you want to register another product?"
  8. I totally disagree Mathijs in fairness Aerosoft as a backer of AES should encorage the developers you distribute for to leave support for default Jetways, its hardly that much more work to add a default animated jetway. Even if the developer is not prepared to make a couple of custom 3d jetways for reuse in their scenery into the future, they could use true default bridges as an alternative in the installer and offer those customers who dont want or need AES the default features that have been with us for over 6 years. But business is business and you are in it for the money.
  9. Every XP10 user will get this content free sometime next year, to be honest most of it is nothing to shout home about, it is nowhere near the quality of the stuff we see for FSX, it will be free though so I won't say anymore.
  10. Yes you did miss something the moderators deleted Snaves post already.
  11. All your questions can and will be answered at the official website and forum. STB is up to version 3 now and no it is not a free update, you can buy STB at many places, even here at AS. http://en.shop.aeros...ht%20Simulation As long as you have a flight plan loaded in FSX, Version 3 of STB will automatically enter you to the departure and arrival boards as applicable, I think it even works to some extent without a plan. See www.supertrafficboard.com for full details of the product.
  12. Hi I noticed that the terminals you have provided at EGBB in the US Community Edition of XP10 are sunken into the ground because the apron they are sat on it not flat, is this going to be fixed? This short Video below shows the problem.
  13. Thanks Shaun, it arrived last night, there was a tracking number on the package though.
  14. Brendon neither MyTrafficBoard nor SupertrafficBoard version 1 allows the user aircraft to appear on the departure and arrival boards, that feature was not added to SuperTrafficBoard till at least version 2 I think. MyTrafficBoard never had this facility and it never will as it's no longer supported, that's where STB took over.
  15. Please sir an answer one way or another, even if its "I cannot be bothered looking" would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Very funny Shaun, but in the email confirmation I received it says; Registered mail inside the EU can take up to 1-2 weeks in delivery depending on the country. Registered mail can be tracked. My order was sent via "POST - Europe (Registered mail)", so where do I get this tracking information?
  17. Is this item in stock still or not? Edit: It is now.
  18. Tim I suppose it depends on how much they are going to charge for these dongles, I dare say there is a licensing cost involved to Laminar and looking at the prices of the Dongles for the FAA certified versions of the sim I bet they aren't cheap.
  19. What does that involve? Do I have to buy a particular key from Aerosoft or can the files be upload onto a key I already own?
  20. Are you on the development team? If not then I'd make it clear that you are only speculating, there is nothing stopping them using the Aerosoft Launcher system that they use to protect FS Add-ons these days, again though that is only speculation on my part, but I would certainly prefer it to wearing out my Disk and DVD drive mechanism. Aerosoft certainly have made a lot of installers over the years.
  21. I'm not after detail I am after quantity, detail can come later with payware airports. I'm certain Flight will have more than a dozen airports, FSX had 8000+ with parking and low detail buildings and over 24,000 airfields in total. I'm not here to argue one sim over the other, I was just here to let Aerosoft know that they will have to do a lot more than 3 detailed airports and a few others to get me to purchase the Exclusive edition of XP10.
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