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  1. Thanks for that! Was wondering too! Zip file names and Readme from the author are no good!
  2. Mathijs, I would like to apologize if I mistakenly blamed Aerosoft for something that the company has no responsibility for or for me being a bit provocative maybe - as most often, however, this is the way that good and interesting debates usually get fired up! Could be that this topic actually would be better suited on another forum level, and not within the AES support forum itself! On the other hand... Nevertheless, throughout this thread I think we've seen many different views on this subject - mostly reasonable from each point of view. Personally, however, I find that CoolP exactly represents my point of view and that he successfully manage to hold on to what was my actual intention with this post from the start....as things tends to water down a bit here. To clarify just one more thing here regarding to responsibilities, Mathijs, who is responsible for the credit system?
  3. Herman! some how you managed to misunderstand the subject in any possible way! Try and read again.. I'm referring to locked jetways at Aerosoft airports only! I know all too well about <Ctrl> + <J> which works fine in any airport - except at Aerosofts airports if you refuse to buy AES "credits", and that is exactly my point here! Totally rip off for Aerosoft customers who already has payed loads of money for Aerosofts airports!
  4. I happen to be a privileged and grateful owner of quite a few wonderful airports from Aerosoft! However it took me a while to realize that Aerosoft actually crave cool cash - or rather so called credits - in order to make their jetways work because it happens to be a part of AES. Animated jetways are, and has always been a free standard FSX feature! - So I really would appreciate if you please would exclude this feature from being locked through AES or any other application you might develop in the future. Considering the fortune I've already spent on your superb, yet expensive airports, I have no intentions whatsoever to spend as much as a penny more on AES, or anything else regarding to these airports when my only purpose is to take advantage of a standard FSX feature that I've already payed for!
  5. So I did a long time ago! I also flushed the memory cache for both aircraft and AI by "Aircraft reload" after adding atc_parking_types=GATES to the Aircraft.cfg - Nothing helps! I even tried FSX's own standard B737-800 Boeing livery aircraft for Mega Airport Madrid Barajas X - no matter what, ATC still directs me to Cargo gates no. 100 and 101..!! I can't think of anything else anymore - Something got to be generally wrong with the AFCAD design of the Mega airports. Morten
  6. Thanks, but nothing helps either way - when arriving at Mega Airport Madrid Barajas X (static aircrafts NOT included) I'm still and every time directed to the same "gate 101"..!! - in front of some sort of Spanish post office, or whatever! Even though my FSC9 moving map tells me that there is PLENTY room all over the airport for medium aircrafts! - CS B767-300. What the heck is going on?!
  7. Thank you! However I'm afraid I can't use this, because I only use addon aircrafts. In the beginning of the guide it says: The procedure which is outlined in this document will work on the default FSX aircraft (and any repaints for them which you have added) only. It does not work with many third party aircraft because the developers have simply ported over FS2002/2004 aircraft and are using the old style .air files. Also, it's not exactly a straight forward procedure....
  8. Well, I tried out your advice and furthermore reinstalled one of the Mega Airports - this time without including static aircrafts. However, with no success - I'm still directed to strange gates and cargo arrears! Tonight I will then try Marks advice and see if this helps...
  9. Ok no easy workaround, so I guess I have to reinstall the airports anyway, then - This time with no inclusion of static aircrafts.
  10. With my Mega Airports I have a strange issue when I arrive with mediums and heavies - I'm always directed to some outskirted small gates! I have a suspicion, that this perhaps is caused by my "Yes" to include static aircrafts along with all my Mega Airport installations - So that most of the more common and suitable gates are occupied by static aircrafts! (I also have MyTraffic X installed) Could this be the reason? And if so, would there be a way to edit this without having to reinstall all my Mega airports from scratch? Kind regards, Morten
  11. All has now been solved through kind guidance from Volker Heine/FSC - It turned out to be caused by a wrong mapped drive on the client computer, which made it hard for the DatabaseManager to read correct scenery data from the sever computer. Morten
  12. Otto Bad idea! Maybe, but why? B:\FSX ???? Very unusual and this could be the reason for your problems NO..!! Not unusual..! Recommended by NickN and very useful! Also run EFB and takes as long as FSC to read the data... With the newest patch it takes exactly as long as I described! Does anyone have some constructive ideas of what is going wrong for me here, please?
  13. Microsoft has certainly turned FSX into a mess by putting the same Scenery.cfg 3 different places in Win7..!: I was, however, aware of these places: B:\FSX C:\Users\Morten\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX ...BUT... certainly not aware of this third place: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX. ...Crazy!! 1. Anyway to be on the safe side, I now I took a copy of the latest saved Scenery.cfg and pasted into all 3 places, overwriting the old ones!! 2. Ran FSCFSXCFG.exe (even though hardly necessary after doing the previous procedure) 3. Ran the Database Manager. ...A waste of time! - The Frankfurt ILS frequencies are still the old wrong ones in FS9 What I absolutely don't understand here, is the fact that everything shows up completely correct in both FSX own map and in EFB. In fact EFB only uses 3% of the the time that FS9 use for updating it's database. Unfortunately though, I can't use EFB, because of it's horrible interface. You'll simply crash your plane while trying to navigate through this messy application (They know about this at EFB and there's a version 2 on it's way) When I look at the FSC9 Database Manager while it's running, it jumps over all "Frankfurt" incidents throughout the process - whereas it seems to read perfectly all the other airports from Aerosoft..!! Heres is the relevant data from the Scenery.cfg that FSC8 and 9 for mysterious reasons can't cope with: [Area.147] Title=Mega Airport London Heathrow Local=Aerosoft\Mega Airport London Heathrow Layer=147 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE [Area.148] Title=Mega Airport Madrid Barajas Local=Aerosoft\Madrid Barajas 2008 Layer=148 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE [Area.149] Title=Mega Airport Frankfurt_LC Local=B:\FSX\aerosoft\Mega Airport Frankfurt_LC Layer=149 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE [Area.150] Title=German Airports 2_LC Local=aerosoft\German Airports 2_LC Layer=150 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE [Area.151] Title=Mega Airport Munich Local=B:\FSX\aerosoft\Mega Airport Munich Layer=151 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE [Area.152] Title=Mega Airport Frankfurt Local=B:\FSX\aerosoft\Mega Airport Frankfurt Layer=152 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE [Area.153] Title=German Airports 2 Local=aerosoft\German Airports 2 Layer=153 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE [Area.154] Title=AerosoftAFD Local=B:\FSX\aerosoft\Afd Layer=154 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Kind regards, Morten
  14. Although all my wonderful Aerosoft Mega Airports are present in FSX, FSC9's Database Manager (and FSCFSXCFG.exe) apparently won't recognize several issues, as for instance the ILS Frequencies for Mega Airport Frankfurt! First I though there was something wrong with the Mega Airports themselves (sorry!!), but then when I finally tried FSX's own map and AivalaSoft all the data turned out to be correct!! Knowing that FSC use the Scenery.cfg in the FSX root directory in order to build up its database, I then decided to check out the Scenery.cfg. It turned out that most of the Aerosoft Mega airports was actually missing in the the Scenery.cfg..!! Although they're fully present in the FSX library!! How can that be..?!! In order to solve this mystery, should I then perhaps do a reinstall of all the Mega Airports...or should I manually add these airports to the Scenery.cfg inside the FSX library..??!! /Morten
  15. Thanks for feedback, gentlemen! Everything has now been SOLVED! It turned out to be, that I mistakenly through my wrong FSC9 savings, chose a FSC9 format file, instead of a FSX format file to load into the FSX Flight Plan..!!
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