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  1. This is a great product but has one issue I am having. When everything comes on the first time and I run P3D the 737 FMC displays the CPU. If I close P3D ands start again the aircraft displays the CPU but the cockpit screen is dark (it is on) It works but nothing is displayed. I was hoping that the new Menu P would be a work around but it did not help. I have changed the USb and it is plugged into a USB version 2 or 3 Anything I can try?
  2. I cannot remember how the bridge works but I did not know that SPAD.NEXT was needed even though I use it. I do not want to risk it so I hope you get a answer. Actually if the update just added the power off I may hold off, I use P3D
  3. I just purchased the PMDG 777 200 and expansion pack. I was able to enter the information into the CPU from Cockpit Master. No double digits but I was seeing that from time to time so I put the USB cable in a USB powered hub and I am not see that anymore
  4. I have a minor issue because restarting P3D fixes it. I am using the PDGM 737 NDXu. I first start the bridge for the CockpitMaster FMC and I get a bland screen as expected. Then start P3D 5.3 and load the 737 cold dark start. When I power up the battery the CPU starts, and everything is working well. However, once I have started the sim and loaded the 737, I do not turn of the power right away, it could be like 15 minutes or so. When I do turn of the battery on the 737, the FMC display on the CockpitMaster FMC is still blank. Closing the bridge and unplugging the FMC then restart it does not help. Shutting down the sim and restarting it fixes it, so my work around is turn on the battery first and ground power and then walk away from it to do what I need to do elsewhere. It could be a USB thing; I don't know but it does not matter if the USB is plugged into the computer or a USB hub. Anyway, if anyone has suggestions on a solution thanks. I am running P3D HF1, version 9.9 of the bridge for the FMC. I fixed this now replacing the USB cable
  5. This was fixed, not sure how but I am now on P3D 5.3 HF1. It always works now, thanks
  6. The file is still password protected and why that is done is beyond me. I have email cockpit master for days with no response. The product is excellent but. If there is no support on software updates I am ready to return it. Is there a software update that is not password protected
  7. I am running the NGXu for p3d 5.2 HF 1 and the pdgm 737 runs very well on my older setup, still very fast computer, in fact it is the best performance aircraft I have. The cockpit master fmc is great and I found that P3D needs to be started first before running the bridge software although I have not tested that enough. I use SpadNext and FSUIPC but SPAD is nicer when having more than one aircraft configured because it is easier to setup each aircraft independently with my hardware. I use Saitek, honycomb and have a large 4k and a 2K For the cockpit displays. Been in the flightsim world over 30 years so I need to start spending more time in forums helping where I can. One thing I did learn from the PDgM forum is how to setup the keyboard keys in the FMC via the pdgm setup options area. The TOGA was the important one which was Shift-Control-G.
  8. Thanks, I thought this section was Cockpit Master discussion and support section where they can respond but the email may be the best with support.
  9. PDMG 737-800 in P3D 5.2 HF1 The FMC works correctly with the reference flaps speeds, V1 Vr V2 but do not show up on the speed tape on take off. Have the latest firm ware in the Cockpit Master. Hopefully this can be fixed before my 30 days to return it If I have the FMC disconnected and use the one in the PGDM it works fine
  10. Does this support P3D 5.2 HF 1. If not I can send it back. The firmware did update to 1.5.1 I got it working
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