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  1. Gentlemen: Here's a wierd one: I like to fly civilian jet aircraft in FSX. When I have landed, taxied in, and cut the throttles and then mixture to stop the engines, they continue to attempt to restart. Nothing shows on the cockpit control panel, but I hear the sound of the engine starting, then slowing down, then restarting, then slowing down, etc. It never really gets started, unless I open the mixture, and then it starts immediately (like it has been praying for that to happen!). Interestingly, this does not happen with the prop planes. Has anyone experienced this before? If so, how did they solve it. Very annoying!!! Thanks for the best forum. Regards, Stewart S. Leber
  2. Jack: Thought the Aerosoft forum fellows tried VERY HARD to help me, I finally had one of my programmer friends stop by and I now have my Traffic Toolbox up and running. Problem was that I have my FSX on my D drive, and Windows XP on my C drive. Maybe I can get you going. It's a neat feature of MY Traffic X, so let's give it a try. Follow Shaun's instructions in Post #4 of this thread for the ordering of your SDK and SP's. I installed the SDK from the Acceration Disk into the FSX folder on my D drive, but more importantly, when you first load FSX, an SDK is placed on your C drive at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK. Hopefully you can see it there on your C drive. I loaded My Traffic X in the FSX folder on my D drive, but you probably have it in your FSX folder on your C drive, which is fine. Go to it. In the My Traffic X folder you will find the dll.xml file. Open it with WordPad. You need to make sure that any "True"s you see are changed to "False", and then, most importantly, you need to change the "Path" to read C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK\Environment Kit\Traffic Toolbox SDK\traffictoolbox.dll. This should do it. I am excited to know if this works for you. Plese let me know. Good luck!! Regards, Stew Leber, Foster City, California
  3. Burkhard: I followed your suggestions to Aaron, but still no "Traffic Toolbox" in the "Add-Ons" drop down in my FS Menu. I think it may be a "path" issue. Can you look at recent post where I gave you the path I am using on my computer, and please get back to me with the text I should have in my dll.xml file. Thanks so much for your time taken to date. Sorry I just can't seem to get it right! Regards, Stew Leber
  4. Hello Shaun, Burkhard, and all: Still hoping to hear from you. Would really like to get Traffic Toolbox working. It may be an issue with my "Path". Please see last post and reply if possible with what you think I should be doing. Regards, Stew Leber
  5. Dear Shaun, Burkhard, and all who have tried so hard to help me with getting Traffic Toolbox in my FSX Menu line: Well, I am back from vacation and have spent hours going through the various posts and using notepad to alter my dll's to get things working. Try as I may, I am still unsuccessful. Especially frustrating when I see Aaron solve his problem with one quick reply from Burkhard, whereas Burkhard wrote a novel for me and I still can't get it right. As instructed for Aaron, I did the Run "%appdata%\Microsoft\FSX" and indeed found myself in C:|Documents and Settings\Stewart\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX and see both the dll (says "XML Document 2 KB" below) and a DLL_XML_Before_MyTrafficX..., which I guess are the dll's you have mentioned. I change the True to False, and still no luck. It may be a path issue. I have my FSX loaded at D:\Flight Sims\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X, and My TrafficX shows up both in this same Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder, and also on my C drive at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Aerosoft. Can you tell me what my "Path" in the dll should be? Is this indeed the problem? I am so sorry to keep bothering you, but maybe just one more attempt at guiding me and I will be OK. Hope to hear from you! If I ever get it working, I promise to use Traffic Toolbox every day for the next year!! Regards, Stew Leber Regards, Stew Leber
  6. Dear Shaun, Burkhard, and Jim H: Thank you all for your assistance. I have my work cut out for me following your directions, but will definitely give it my best. I know I will learn a lot! Am going on vacation for ten days, so will be away from FS. Will hit "the books" upon return and most likely have more questions. Seems like everything in FSX is harder than it was in FS9. Sometimes (especially when I go to the big airports in FSX which are nothing but apron) I wonder if I was correct in making the switch. Certainly miss AES!!! Regards, Stew
  7. Dear Shaun: Here again my tech un-savvyness hurts. I don't know what a "dll.xml" is or how or where to find the "code" that Andy B mentions. Can you try one more time to lead me to the "promised land". At least seeing Timo have a similar problem gives me some comfort! Thanks again for all your time! Regards, Stew P.S. For the record, I had much fun with and used many, many times the Traffic Toolbox in MY Traffic for FS2004! Hope I can do so again with My Traffic FSX!!
  8. Shaun: Did exactly as you suggested, but the traffictoolbox.dll was already there (as I guess it should have been). Overwrote it just to stick with your instructions, but still nothing in FS Menu Bar. I attempted to attach a picture of my FS and menu bar for you to see, but it was too large to upload. On my Menu Bar is the following: Flights, Aircraft, World, Options, Views, Help, Add-Ons, and that is it. In the Add-ons I have FSUIPC and FS Discover. Am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks again for sticking this one out with me. I know there is an obvious solution. Regards, Stew
  9. Hello Shaun: Awaiting your latest advice. Am enjoying all the neat new AI aircraft, but really want to use the Traffic Toolbox as I did in My Traffic 2004. Followed your SDK instructions, but still nothing new in the FS Menu Bar. Can you or one of your cohorts let me know what I am doing wrong, please. Hope to hear from you. Have a nice weekend. Regards, Stew Leber
  10. Hello Shaun: Followed your instructions in great detail. Found the SDK on the FSX Deluxe Disk #1, and loaded it into my main FSX file. Then went to FS Insider and loaded SDK for SP1A and then SP2. Then removed My Traffic FSX and reinstalled it just to make sure all was done correctly. Unfortunately, I still can not find any sign of "Extras" or "Traffic Toolbox" in the FS Menu Bar. Darn!! What am I doing wrong? Very frustrating. Hope you can show me the light. Regards, Stew
  11. Shaun: Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Went to FAQ's as you directed. Bear with me, as I am not very tech savvy. I am running FSX Deluxe, with Microsoft "Acceleration" Expansion Pack, which I believe includes Service Pack 2 (SP2). I have no idea what an "SDK" is, or where to go to download it. Is that something I find at SFInsider. Looking forward to your reply. Regards, Stew
  12. Gentlemen: First may I say that I love your products. I am finally realizing that some FS software companies constantly put out good products, while others do not. Yours are always excellent. Now, before I buy, I ask the name of the manufacturer. If it's Aerosoft, I buy without any worries. That said, I am having a small problem with My Traffic X, which I just loaded onto my computer this afternoon. Everything went smoothly, but I do not have the "Extras - Traffic Toolbox" in my FS Menu Bar. This is very important, as the options presented in this "Traffic Toolbox" are what set your AI traffic program many steps above your competition. Can you please tell me what I can do to have the "Traffic Toolbox" option appear in my menu bar. Thanks again for a great product line. Regards, Stewart S. Leber (Foster City, California)
  13. Hi Shaun: Just thought I would post this in your super forum to get comments. Have you all seen the neat Flight Simulator that comes (secretly) with the newest version of Google Earth (Version 4.2). Just get into it, and press Ctrl + Alt + A and the Flight Simulator screen appears. You have a choice of two planes, and off you go, over the most realistic scenery yet i.e. the real stuff!. You also can indicate whether or not you will be using a joystick (mouse works OK if you don't have a joystick). My nephew uses a CH Products Flight Stick Pro USB, and is having much fun. I can't get my Flight Stick Pro non-USB joystick to work yet. Anyone have any comments on using joysticks? Also, has anyone figured out if there is a "Spot" view. Default is from the cockpit window with a HUD (which toggles with the H key). Hope to hear from you. Microsoft beware! Regards,
  14. Ken: Thanks for the info. Will give it a try. Has anyone tried using a "Gameport to USB" converter to be able to use the older joysticks with newer computers that do not have gameports on their video cards? I really was spoiled by my old system, where I had the 0-8 number keys represented on two 4-way hats. I have heard that Vista will no longer support any gameport peripherals even if you do have a converter, but XP still does. Has anyone tried using one of these converters? If you have, were you successful? Thanks as always for your prompt and helpful responses. Best regards,
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