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  1. Mathijs Would you have any idea at this stage as to whether the 330 may have a throttle calibration tool similar to the CRJ, for those who do not have Airbus-style throttle quadrants.
  2. would be worthy inclusions down the track. Yes V1 and Vr are calculated by the EFB, and surely +ve climb can be based on SOPs, or say, a 400ft height gain combined with VS???
  3. Hi Is there any initiative to include V1, Rotate, +ve climb etc. call-outs in both the 550/700 and 900/1000 CRJ models? I don't think these are currently available in MSFS....(but stand corrected if I've missed them). Thanks
  4. I'll second all this. I'm having real joy flying the CRJ. No problems at all. Just flew around southern Norway with 4 take-offs/landings - all normal and realistic if you like. Then took the a/c to 8000 and did clean and dirty stalls....interesting but probably realistic mushy nose drops....having a ball with this a/c Mathijs!!
  5. Terrific thanks for that advice. Can't wait to try both variants
  6. Hi As a follow up to above, I also cannot configure any switches on the Bravo or in fact the Alpha yoke, to the CRJ. I don't use Spad/FSUIPC so if that's the case, is it that elements of the Honeycomb gear will not fully bind to the CRJ yet or at all? Is it an objective of Aerosoft to enable this in due course?
  7. Hi I have struck a problem with not being able to change the altitude select by using the incremental knob on the Bravo. After a lot of testing this seems normal on other aircraft but not possible with the CRJ. All other AP functions work normally with the CRJ. To put it another way, I can change the selected altitude on the a/c itself via the glareshield altitude knob but not through the Bravo. any ideas welcome!
  8. Excellent...will be great additions. Having recently (2019) flown on the SAS 900, can't wait to replicate flight
  9. I hope this hasn't been raised before - apologies if so. I can't seem to get the Logitech radio panel working with the CRJ. If I use the CRJ radio selectors, that changes the displays in the Logitech panel, but not vice versa - i.e. I can't get the Logitech panel to tune the radios in the CRJ…haven’t found out why yet. Anyone with ideas welcome!! thanks
  10. how does the landing technique differ please?
  11. not sure if limited to CRJ as that's the only a/c I'm flying!
  12. hi Yes I get the same for your first problem. I suspect Aerosoft or Honeycomb will need to add a patch to fix the AP issue. Re the second problem, if you are getting a 'hand' for the cursor, over the CLR button, that's likelt the spoiler interfering. Move the spoiler out of the way. To get the arrow back, I often click on delete, then clear, then delete again. That has worked for me at least.
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