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  1. Hi Mathijs Given this, I have a Bravo throttle control. I'm interested as to whether the throttle detent (below the idle stop) will be able to be mapped to BETA range on the Otter, as this would be similar to the actual throttle range in the aircraft..
  2. engine start looks nice..much smoother than I've seen even if steps are noticeable...
  3. Mathijs Elsewhere, some of these packages show what is already installed (i.e. from Aerosoft). Sometimes a user may be unsure as to what they may have already downloaded (esp multiple sceneries), so could it be shown against a product words to the effect 'you have already installed this product' to alert users?
  4. Mathijs Rather than having to check/search for updates, could there be a notification flag to alert of an update..
  5. I agree. I think there is overwhelming and growing support for the Alpha and the Bravo worldwide, so some serious consideration should be made toward compatibility of the A/P altitude and the Bravo gear. I accept that not every controller can be supported, but this is fast becoming a key component on a lot of systems.
  6. Mathijs Can you tell me if MSFS water dynamics (i.e. displacement, wake, wave motion etc) will benefit the DHC6 float/amphib versions to their full extent. I'm hoping that we'll see real immersion (no pun intended) with the a/c bobbing up and down, and planing on take-off, and so forth..
  7. Hi I have on occasions started the sim with the CRJ in a C&D condition, but in C&D have found the #2 reverser lever deployed (lever sits up). Therefore I can't start #2 engine as the mouse will not interact with either the red fuel lever or throttle itself (H/C Bravo). Today, after starting the APU, I placed the Isolating switch ('c' below) to 'Open' (even though the EICAS says it is already open, and the bleed source ('d' below) to APU. Then the reverser stowed itself - after that, a normal start was possible. As the EICAS says it's already open, I don't physically open the switch prior to start. Should I????? Is this a possible bug with the a/c or is there some procedure I'm not following? Apprec any comment.
  8. yes this might be the fairest way to expand them...
  9. Hi Mathijs Is the cruise speed shown on the types correct? 120kts???? or is this just indicative at this stage? they look fabulous....can't wait!
  10. just superb Mathijs and Herman...like others, can't wait.
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