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  1. Thank you for the reply. All routes are hand entered by me, mostly made from Skyvector charts. The weird ToD and T/C could help with the all over the place fuel predictions I have been getting. Currently updating to 1.0.03, will see how it does.
  2. Did a flight NZAA to VHHH but found the ToD was set for near Brisbane (about 6911km too soon). v1.0.0.1 Then today a T/C was inserted in to the middle of a STAR coming into KBOS, even after we had traveled for 4 hours at FL370. Which then stopped the decent working correctly, had to manually do it (first world problems). v1.0.0.2 KBOS - JFUND2 arrival RNAV RWY22L Otherwise fantastic plane and its going really well.
  3. Yes. Currently mid ocean travel and he wants lights on. Lights on. Lights on. Lights on. Lights on. Lights on.
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