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  1. Been a couple of days now and no response, maybe it's just the weekend....hoping for a bit of help soon. Cheers Denis
  2. I recently purchased the Pro bundle and installed it yesterday after a clean install of P3Dv4.3. I installed the aircraft fresh at v1.0, and after reading posts in the forum regarding the availability of updates, I decided decided update the aircraft using the ASUpdater to the latest experimental version before flying the aircraft for the first time. I fired up P3D and checked the scenery and other aircraft like the CS 757, and Maddog X which were all working fine. I loaded up the A318 with the included liveries and thats when I noticed I had problems. The fact that all my other aircraft from Carenado, PMDG, Alabeo, etc along with utilities ChasePlane and SPADNext work fine, I considered my setup to be relatively stable and working, until I fired up the A318. I have three main issues with the aircraft. (NB: aircraft is the current experimental version v1.01.3) 1. Control surfaces with the exception of ailerons don't move. The aircraft loads and on the face of it appears normal, with the rudder stuck in the left YAW position 2. There is a lightning bolt on the Captains windscreen. 3. Cannot power the aircraft. Can't switch Battery power on, no APU or external power, all displays are dark, no switching on/off indicators I have trawled the forum, and tried the remedies posted for the VC lightening bolt, ie. installed latest Microsoft C++ distributable 2017, but all the above still the same. Checked my dll.xml file for duplicates and nothing. I decided to uninstall the aircraft and re-install, but this time not update it. So I fired up P3D and loaded A318 v1.0 and I seemed to have power to the overhead, and the FCU, but couldn't get the PFD's up. Also still couldn't manipulate the control surfaces. I updated the aircraft again to v1.01.3 with the aircraft returning to the state above with the 3 main issues back. I have checked my various P3D configurations and settings which appear fine. I am reluctant to do another fresh install of P3Dv4.3 as reinstalling all my scenery and aircraft takes days and I don't want to go through that pain again. Help please?
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