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  1. I also confirmed this in v2.0 and v2.01... I've seen this working in 2.03 for me, so I'd try and update first and report back Link to other post
  2. All wind charts now work with ActiveSky as a source in v2.03 - thank you
  3. I did reinstall the AIRAC before launching though, that's the thing... I had v2.01 on NG1813 - I then installed v2.03 full, leaving my PFPX public data as it was in 2.01, rebooted... went into FMS data manager, reinstalled the airac for good measure, opened PFPX to be greeted by 1607. The cycle_info.txt was as per the screenshot above. In the end, I renamed my whole public PFPX data, reinstalled 2.03 again, updated the AIRAC (exactly as I did before), and copied my aircraft stuff back... It's fine now.
  4. Hmmm so I appear to have the same issue. Correct cycle_info.txt but it appears to be validating against 1607 in the application. PFPX was closed at the time when NavData was updated, and didn't have this issue in 2.01
  5. Can confirm the vertical profile winds appears to be fixed in v2.01… Still missing wind information at the various flight levels though
  6. Okie dokie, well if that's a limitation of ActiveSky, and another reason to use the PFPX online service, then I can accept that. Just wasn't sure if it was a genuine bug or not, so thought it was worth flagging. ActiveSky works as is did in the previous versions in all other respects. Thanks for thr clarification.
  7. Tom, I think you're misunderstanding so will post a picture (since its worth 1000 words) Same for all the other "wind related tabs"... Compared to... Using "online" weather
  8. Yep, AS folder is correct. The world map has the feathers, the METAR is reading, but "No weather data available" on the charts tab when you go to release the flight... Works "Online" though as OP says.
  9. Better still... I had a load of routes with yellow exclamation marks on them due to unknown airway, etc... But then filter for outdated routes, and the few that are displayed have green ticks "valid for NG1813"... This is not going well...
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