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  1. In Africa shooting pictures at the airport itself shouldn't be that hard. No matter how strict the rules are, if you give the security guys a bribe they simply look the other way. Aerial images are harder to get tough. And on top of that, there's still the economical aspect. Technically it sure is possible, but is it profitable?
  2. I guess there's an easy answer to that question: it's not economically interesting. Altough Africa is beautiful, most people over there live in poorness. Mostly they don't even own a computer, let alone Flight Simulator. They just don't have the money for it. And the largest market for a scenery is always the area where the airport is located, but with African airports that market is so limited that they just won't sell enough copies to make it profitable. That is different with the North African airports that handle lots of European tourists. Those tourists want to have the airports they have been to on holiday. But only very little tourists travel more south than the Sahara. No, from an economic point of view it's better to develop sceneries for rich countries where people do have the money to buy their home scenery and eventually some airports surrounding it or some holiday destinations they have been to. That sells a lot better.
  3. Who told you so? I haven't heard anything about it, and I know most developments. Therefor you can assume it's most likely not true. Besides, by the end of last year there has been an update for the current Mega Airport Frankfurt that includes all recent changes including the new runway. They mostly don't update when there's a new version coming up. Perhaps you meant that update? It isn't a new version, just an improvement of the current version, but it does make things up-to-date.
  4. Do you have the right to skip an offered product and not write a review on it? For example if it's a product that doesn't match your interests. Personally I'm only interested in flight simming so if I get an offer to write a review on a train sim product for example I'd probably refuse.
  5. It was a rumor indeed, but it turned out to be not true. There is no Aerosoft Istanbul in development.
  6. The market isn't big indeed and there's one more aspect to it. That's the number of available add-ons. Most sims only become successfull a while after release, when the add-on market is filling up. That means for both FSX/P3D and X-Plane there's already a large number of add-ons available to dress up the sim. A new sim would have the disadvantage of starting with zero. With this fact given I think it would be very unwise to develop an Aerosoft Flight Simulator now. They'd invest a lot of money in it and hardly get any sales. Will they ever earn back the money they invested? At least not in a short while.
  7. Who told you there's no other flight sim in the making? Lockheed Martin is working on the next version of P3D (wich isn't crap by the way) and the guys from X-plane aren't sitting still either. That changes the situation. With these two strong competitors Aerosoft might just not make it.
  8. But I assume you keep developing for the FSX/P3D line as well. Personally I'm not interested in X-Plane, for now FSX is still my favourite sim and in the future it will most likely be P3D.
  9. Because they thought they knew, but they didn't. They developed what they thought would be successfull, only to find out they were wrong. Now my guess is they're evaluating to see what exactly went wrong. Why did they assume something that turned out to be not true? Let's hope they take lessons from it for the future.
  10. Not only expensive, also time-consuming. The time it takes to convert a scenery to FS2004 can also be used to develop another airport. If Aerosoft would completely abandon all FS2004 development, they would be able to make more sceneries in less time.
  11. Both VirtualCol and TropicalSim have done this airport and out of those two I think TropicalSim is the better one. At least with so much competition it isn't interesting for Aerosoft.
  12. They can't since they sold those rights. But the follower for FSX is already there. Lockheed Martin has bought the rights from Microsoft to develop on their core and they have made Prepar3D out of it.
  13. Yes you did Thorsten. Look at what you wrote over here.
  14. It is indeed one of the last large airports in Europe that hasn't been built by Aerosoft. Let's take a look at the ranking list and compare that to what Aerosoft offers us. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Busiest_airports_in_Europe_by_passenger_traffic From out of the top 10, 7 are already available and another one is on it's way. London Gatwick is available by UK2000 wich is just as good as Aerosoft. That leaves only Istanbul still undeveloped. If you look at the top 30, the airports large enough to be called Mega Airports, there's still lots of work to be done.
  15. I knew this would happen some day as soon as I heard Flight would be a game. I knew that strategy wouldn't be successful, and I was right. Now that Microsoft no longer has a competitive product on the market, the way is free for Lockheed Martin to publish Prepar3D in a much wider range. Until now they were tied up by appointments with Microsoft not to compete with them, but not anymore.
  16. Airports are not included in VFR sceneries, it's just the landscapes. Nothing more than that. For airports you still got to use seperate sceneries such as German Airports or German Airfields. And still for several airports there are no sceneries available so they can't be improved. Personally, I don't use any dedicated VFR sceneries. I only use airport sceneries. For the landscape I use FS Global 2010 (mesh add-on, corrects all the shapes in the landscape), Ultimate Terrain X Europe (landclass add-on, corrects all forests, meadows, cities, roads, rivers, railroads, etc. in all of Europe) and Ground Environment X Europe (texture add-on, more realistic ground textures). That's all you need for VFR flying, all other VFR sceneries are just a waste of money. Basically you can say these three products can be considered as VFR Europe.
  17. Hmm, I'd rather had seen that they picked another airport instead of Dublin. There are already several sceneries for Dublin and they're not that bad. Personally I use Eiresim Dublin and I'm quite satisfied about that. There was no need to develop another Dublin scenery, several other airports are in higher need. Well, if it appears there it's almost ready so it's too late to complain now. But my advice for the future is to always ask if there's demand for a certain scenery before you start developing. For Dublin that's obviously not the case, it's only wasted valuable development capacity.
  18. PatrickZ

    Catalina Redux?

    Someone once told me it feels exactly like the real aircraft, so my guess is the real aircraft doesn't feel that heavy either.
  19. Of course, but you can't do everything at once.
  20. In other words, it's probably never going to come. But you can always use the old Frankfurt Hahn scenery from German Airports 4. Outdated, but still the best available.
  21. As far as I know, they're identical. Only the boxed version you get it on a cd-rom packed in a nice box while the "normal" version as you call it is the download version. So there you just get the download for the installer and if you want it on a cd you got to burn it yourself. Any patches, if available, apply to both the boxed and the download version.
  22. Let's list all possibilities. Transavia flies to LGIR from EHGG, EHAM, EHRD, EHEH, EHBK, EBBR, LFPO, LFLL and LFRS. For most of them good sceneries are available, so plenty of choice.
  23. Helsinki can also already been found that way, but that was known to be in development. Lyon wasn't, but I'm glad it is. It certainly is a nice airport that's definately in need of a good scenery. I've searced for other airports that are known to be in development, like Rome and Heraklion, are not listed. PS I also found a boxed version of "Dutch Airports" this way. Are these the current Rotterdam and Lelystad sceneries or are there new Dutch sceneries on the way? Of course I already own Rotterdam and Lelystad, but boxed is always a bonus.
  24. As I see it, there are currently 4 different platforms wherefor Aerosoft is producing add-ons. That's FS9, FSX, P3D and XPlane. So just the difference between FSX and XP is not enough, every compatible platform should be mentioned.
  25. Something else occured to me. A newer version of a plane is being called Extended. Right now that would be the Airbus X Extended for example. But what if in the future the current Airbus X Extended isn't good enough anymore and you decide to do it a third time? That would be the Airbus X Extended Extended. So I think there's a point that can be improved. Maybe instead of Extended you call it Second, and instead of Extended Extended you call it Third. Is that an idea?
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