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  1. Hello painters, I have an easy request for you VLM OO-VLM A321 GOWAIR EC-MQH A320 without logo volotea please SMARTLYNX YL-LCO A320 ( will be based in Paris CDG this november) in full white colors please Many thanks for considering :) cheers
  2. hello i would like to know if a painter can do Air Cairo repaint SU-BSM is all white SU-BPW Many flight will be good HESH Sharm -> Oslo ENGM oslo aerosoft HESH Sharm -> Copenhague EKCH copenhague Flytampa HESH Sharm -> LFPG Paris (with next taxi2gate secenery) HESH Sharm -> DOHA taxi2gate
  3. Holgi thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhh :) :) CS-TRO is amazing
  4. thank you so much Holgi for the Smartlynxs repaint opb Travel YL-LCA and YL-LCD :) to completed the fleet you are interested to repaint this very hard repaint lool ? YL-LCO picture dated may2015 picture dated June 2015
  5. Hello painters i have a special request i think it's easy for the painters like you ACMI liveries YL-LCO smartlynxs http://www.planespot...flightradar_200 + Special TCX with Sunny heart Special Thanks if you can
  6. Hello best painters i have an easy request for you in fact i really like the ACMI airlines so that why i request if you have the time for me SMARTLYNX YL-LCO in full white color dated 15 FEB More complicated TITAN AIRWAYS G-POWI in new color WHITE AIRLINES CS-TRO amazing livery thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh best regards
  7. hello best painters any one wants repaint this bird ?
  8. I prefer Marseille.... but no news about
  9. ok thanks EmilG i will be patient even if it's hard because i love already this scenery
  10. EmilG is possible to see any pictures ? when do you planned to release ? more in june or more in july ? thanks
  11. Please Emi, some picture it's possible ? I will buy this scenery and i can't wait
  12. I delete frost from scenery folder for resolve this ugly effect !!!!
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