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  1. Hi dear all, Yes we are progressing. We reworked the entire ground (hope to be able to post some screenshots here) and in addition I am still about to re-engineer some construction work on the main apron. The old-fashioned part of the terminal building which was used for the luggage handling was deconstructed (in reality) and replaced with a brand new building. I am still waiting for the plan details because for the time being just the raw building is being finalized (though the window panel is visible). In addition we are placing the objects according to a new strategy to avoid an overload with texture calls. Keep you posted!
  2. Yes this is also in my mind. I will try my very best to provide you guys with a scenery in P3D and FSX which you can fly. Really fly not just observing in a kind of screenshot contest.
  3. My fellow pilots, Time to state something here. I am about and will proceed to finalize Innsbruck somewhere in autumn this year. We are trying to deliver a high-performing scenery with an adequate coverage of the sourroundings which perfectly fits to the upcoming ATPX (photoreal) scenery issued by "flugwerk-design". I saw the two products and at least one them is impressing. But as stated in other posts: the market is free and I as a developer have to accept from time to time that the business has it's own rules. So I do not blame anybody for anything from a pure fact-based point of view. It is another story that the current design-industry is changing since a couple of years and that 'old-fashined' approaches for design come under pressure (saying this I mean that developers who are working more or less 'for fun' in parallel to their main-job increasingly are getting into troubles). When I did LOWK and LOWS in the FS2004 times and then LOWI for FSX I did it because I loved it. Personally speaking this is my main motivation. And I see no reason to change this approach to scenery design. Time is too precious and life is too short to waist these resources by fighting and moaning.
  4. Time for some other pics from the P3D version: As far as the buildings are concerned I more or less finalized the northern part of the apron. Nice to see that the first small plane visits the very first time :). Grass and some other stuff is yet to be placed but it gives a quite good impression that the scenery is more than just an update of the versions from 2010.
  5. to your questions: yes, as far as I have the pictures I am about to rework the airside from the terminal. If you have the possibility to support me with fotos please send me a PN. The light poles are already there - see the pics here in the forum.
  6. Not to my knowledge - my local fellow designers are telling me that 10 positions are marked now with yellow ground markings (and numbered) but for the time being no yellow lines are leading to the parking positions. However - the most recent paintings on the ground are considered in the project.
  7. Things are progressing: see two more pics.
  8. A new update for you: see the newly textured buildings at the northern part of the airport.
  9. Another update from the P3D-version attached. I managed to see also shadows and the lights on the ground which apparently is not so easy in P3D when you are working with the common ground polygon workflow. What you can see on the shot is the traffic on the apron heading to TW A. The ground markings were modified in LOWI since 2010 (in the real world and now in the upcoming scenery).
  10. You are right: the hospital and the Heliport LOJO is made with Sketchup by my fellow designers as far as the pure object design is concerned; I am editing then the models with animations if required in my development environment. Personally I am using 3DMax and GMAX for design.
  11. OK. Had some troubles with the ground design, but the project is progressing. For your update I want to share this pic with you. It shows the situation in P3D with the new light-poles (just a part of them to be honest). More information to follow. greetings
  12. Again it is time for an update: As mentioned the two objects which are relevant for chopper-pilots are almost ready. Let me show you two pics from the hospital in the inner-city of Innsbruck. The eastern part of the object is not yet textured, but for me it looks already nice:
  13. Got it. BTW: as far as I am knowing the name of the Church is quite pragmratic - both "Johannes" (also the Baptist) are used as you mentioned. However - I will do some mathematics to find out the hight of the tower. Like all Tyrolean Churches the tower is significantly high. No prob - will do this beautiful building (as I also did Stift Göttweig in the photo-realistic scenery from
  14. OK, thanks for the hint. I will try to get some material and if possible we will consider this landmark. Funny, because this "Johannes" actually is my namesake . Just an update: LOJO is ready so far. We are about to finalize the aminations (radio controlled light and door opening as well as the activation of the slider). Have a look on the 3D-model:
  15. It is time for some update: After having finalized the "lead-in-lights" as described (see the vid on my facebook-account) I want to provide you with three screenshots of the work from my fellow-designers from They are about to finalize the "Universitätsklinik" with the heliport on the top. For me it looks awesome, don't you agree?
  16. For those who want to see the mentioned "lead-in-lights" see this small video - winter textures are loaded. Please notice that the settings are currently as described earlier (so automated activation during bad visibility). 2016-02-07-1655-40.flv
  17. A small update: as already mentioned two nice guys from Austria who are operating joined the team because they want to support us with the two heliports. As far as things are developing the helicopter-pilots will see a very accurate model from both LOJO and LOIU. See the two shots below with some details:
  18. For the "Strobes" aka "Lead-In-Lights" ("Lead-Inn-Lights" would be a funny pun): As you can see we already have implemented these lights running through the city. Both types of activation are technically feasible. Manual toggle via SODE or automatically triggered (currently we are using the values "Rain" or "Snow" or "Maximum Visibility below 5 km"). The picture is edited else nowbody would be able to find the light-dot . In the simulation the effect is much better visible. A small update: currently the functionality is implemented this way: By using the toggle the pilot can turn off/on the strobes whenever he wants or feels the need for it In the described conditions "Rain" or "Snow" or "Maximum Visibility below 5 km" the strobes are activated automatically (the variables are checked in a range from around 15 km from the effect) For me this is a quite practicable functional solution.
  19. Maybe another good idea for the branding of the product ;). With regards to the activation of the strobes I would prefer to use a keyboard command. I am not sure which visibility condition is loaded in the sim (to be more precise at which time). So the manual activitation could be closer to reality (the flying pilot has the final responsibility to call for this feature).
  20. Thank you for speedy reply! Martin We are talking about the strobe-lights which are activated during bad visibility conditions upon request in reality. The series of strobes starts in the mid of the city and leads straight to RW 26. The concept for this lighting system in the P3D V3 version is to either activate the strobes by the pilot (with a keyboard command) or to hardcode the activation in case of bad visibility. This is not yet decided, both versions have advantages. Best
  21. Not necessarilly too early, I guess. If I remember correctly the FSX-Version issued in 2010 already did fit properly. We are using more or less the same photo-texture for the surroundings and thus it should work also with P3D. Nevertheless - the coverage of the photo is big enough for a smooth transition to the proximity.
  22. Hi Siggy, exactly! As far as I am knowing the western part of the photoreastic scenery for Austria will (at least for the time being) come with one season only. This means that I will have to offer a version which will load only one texture set for the FSX and P3D users who are using ATPX (Photo) from Flugwerk-Design. A full set of textures for all seasons will be available for users who are either using FS2004, FSX/P3D without ATPX. I am already looking forward for the script of the installer-software . Have a nice sunday!
  23. Hi all, some additional words: "designteam" is cooperating again with talented designers (Christoph Klose/D; / A). This approach is required to keep the development time short and to keep an adequate level of quality. We are aiming for a rollout which covers really everything whithout the need of update packages. * My friends from are experienced in the design of heliports and thus took over the design of LOJO near the airport as well as the heliport on the roof of the "Universitätsklinik", the famous hospital in the center of the city of Innsbruck (I hope that no one from you has already seen this object from inside during a skiing holiday in the Tyrols ). Nice to hear that the guys are nominated for the freeware-award this year! * Christoph Klose is very experienced in the design of aircraft and 3D-modelling and in addition will take care of the animations (partly hard-coded, partly to be controlled). Although we are fully in the time-schedule it is yet to early to announce a concrete release-date (it would be unfair to say something alike). But as you can see the main buildings are available and need to be updated in parts. We are fully aware of the changes in the real world (e.g. the light poles on the apron) and of course will show you the scenery very closely to the real airport. Again I am happy to cooperate also with my friends from Aerosoft. And now I will again go to my development environment, the polygons do not wait
  24. Hi, an sich hat ATP2004 für die Stadt Wien ja eine Photoszenerie (was nichts daran ändert, dass die Autogenobjekte manchmal recht unpassend sind, aber das ist eine andere Geschichte). Von der Ferne aus betrachtet, scheint Deine Szenerie-Bibliothek vielleicht nicht die korrekte Reihenfolge aufzuweisen. Sollte aber in der Dokumentation beschrieben sein. Dass einzelne 3D-Objekte ausgeblendet werden, wenn man zu nah dran ist, liegt nicht an Deinen Einstellungen, sondern an der Objekt-Beschaffenheit (bzw. dem Referenzpunkt).
  25. Liebe Freunde und Kunden, Ich bin über diesen Thread gestolpert und muss zugeben, dass Ihr recht habt - es ist Zeit für ein kleines Update! Die Weiterentwicklung des Projekts ist ins Stocken geraten, weil sich zur Zeit der "reale" Airport und auch seine Umgebung massiv ändern. So wird zur Zeit der Tower neu errichtet, und es gibt auch Ausbauaktivitäten in der unmittelbaren Nachbarschaft des Flughafens. Für die Umsetzung für FSX bedeutet das, dass ich einerseits Detailinformationen über die neuen Gebäude suchen und verarbeiten muss, und daher die Szenerie in wichtigen Teilen neu erstellen muss (ein blosses Portieren der Objekte der Freeware-Version 2006 hatte ich allerdings sowieso nicht vor ). Also wird es wohl noch dauern, bis LOWS-X erhältlich ist (heißen wird es wahrscheinlich "Approaching Salzburg" - welch Wunder!) Danke für die Geduld und das Verständnis.
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