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  1. See manual chapter 2.1.3... ...just to say - there is a manual 🙂 Thanks for using SIMstarter!!!
  2. I just added the missing TextInfo items back. Thanks for your feedback. Please test and report back.
  3. If you say so that might be right. Nothing changed on the Scenery Manager since 2.0.6.x so that cannot be the cause. I don't understand what you mean by "[...] ORBX xml files are stuck within default scenery files [...]". In general the Layering of ORBX scenery will be done by ORBX Central and should not be changed by you - please follow the instructions of ORBX. No idea what MK scenery has to do with that reported issue. I cannot really understand what happens on your system but I am happy that it is working again. 😉
  4. Great. Topic closed as this is not SIMstarter related.
  5. I found nothing in the P3Dv5 SDK that they are still valid. Do you? I will test them this evening. If they work - they will be added with next update.
  6. Hi Johan, as the airport is detected as "AddOn" SIMstarter found it correct. The Runway/Parking is taken by MakRwys and it looks like they cannot be found. Please ask the Developer of the Airport why Lukla is not correct shown in MakeRwys. They may can fix that.
  7. Hi Blizzard, wenn Du den String so genau eingegeben hast, sollte das funktionieren. Du kannst gerne mal in das SIMstarter NG.log schauen. Dort findest Du einen Eintrag "FileSwitcher bad search string". Dahinter steht in spitzen Klammern, der Suchbegriff. Kannst Du da mal schauen und mir das Log senden? Die Meldung kommt nur, wenn wirklich ein kritischer Suchstring eingegeben wurde. Daher crashed er ja auch nicht.
  8. Looks like this is solved. Topic closed.
  9. As ORBX set the layering of the ORBX add-on.xml files it has to touch all other add-on.xml files as well. Therefore it might me the cause. I don't think this is a general problem. Please reboot the PC and report back if the problem still persists.
  10. Okay. Seltsam. Er ließt da nur die Registry aus und versucht die installierten Sims zu finden. Vielleicht hat der AV etwas dagegen gehabt? Schön, dass es wieder läuft.
  11. Please take care that you are making changes in [TextInfo.x] not in [SlewTextInfo.x] as SlewTextInfo is only shown in the sim when slewing. In addition I kindly asked you to wait until the next update which has been released 2 minutes ago. So please try again and report back. Note: changes will be done in the SIMstarter internal prepar3d.cfg prior being applied to the real prepar3d.cfg. To achieve this - you need to run the profile - as you did.
  12. Looks like another application tries to get access the file as well. This can be caused by running SIMstarter without Administrator Rights or that another application is running in parallel that may has the file in read access. You've run ORBX Central. Please close it and try again.
  13. Will be added with next update. Thanks.
  14. So. Getestet und für gut befunden. Rev. 42 ist raus.
  15. --- 24.05.2020 - v2.0.6 rev. 42 [FEATURE] AIRAC - AIRAC Indicator stays "orange" from valid-date + 5 days to indicate that it has been changed [FEATURE] SimConfigBackup MGR - Compare the backup file with the original file prior restore using the new "Compare file(s)" button in Restore Dialog [CHANGED] Add-Ons.Cfg - Changed the ordering of [Package.x] section as this can cause trouble with A2A Aircraft. To fix both files simply move a scenery Layer in Scenery Manager save changes. [CHANGED] CleanDesk MGR - Coloring adjusted [BUGFIX] Fileswitcher - Date/Time Error fixed caused by rev. 35 [BUGFIX] SimConfig Set - Setting Date/Time makes no sense here. Disabled now.
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