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  1. Looks like this is solved.
  2. I could show them in a different color and added this as a feature request. Lets see how much affort this takes.
  3. Right. SIMstarter NG does only show Add-On Airports in Google Earth that are not part of the Default Scenery. Otherwise it would end in showing "a lot" airports in Google Earth. Your Screenshot comes from Lorby but the SIMstarter Google Earth Export works 100% independent from Lorby and was the first kind of its art.
  4. Hello Ray, no problem - thanks for asking. All apps that are started from an add-on.xml will be handled by PREPAR3D. But I may be a good feature request to LM asking them to add a affinity parameter in the add-on.xml file for each application.
  5. Ray, I am not sure if I get you wrong as I don't know an relevant add-on that uses the "EXE" category of an add-on.xml file to be started. Starting application from add-on.cfg is onknown to me. You might talk about third party software that will be started from SIMstarter NG P3D - yes you can assign affinity to all applications that will be started from SIMstarter - works the same as using Process Lasso. The only thing is, SIMstarter can not set the affinity of software which is already running and has not been started from SIMstarter. Hope that helps.
  6. Hi Mike, you may need to import the prepar3d.cfg to your Master SimConfigSet. Looks like the old setting is still in the prepar3d.cfg.
  7. Hallo Richard, ich nutze selbst JeeHell und das mit dem "Wait" funktioniert prima. Wichtig ist aber, dass im RunSet als letztes der Simulator gestartet wird. Wie gesagt, sende mir doch mal ein DebugPack aus SIMstarter, dann schaue ich mir das an.
  8. Can you pls send a DebugPack and the XML-File and let me know which airport is missing?
  9. In general this should work. Can you pls post a debug pack and explain what you expect in detail (describing the app, e.g.).
  10. Please delete the entry from the RunConfigSet. He will add a new correct one. This is caused, if the path has changed or was wrong during the initial installation.
  11. Okay. but I have no idea where it should come from SIMstarter - specialy this variable. Sorry there might be another third party that adds it. Is it reproduceable with SIMstarter?
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