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  1. Hi Graham, I am not sure if I get you right: the sound settings of FSUIPC will be stored in the fsuipcX.ini. If windows changes the sound devices (I notice the same after windows updates) you would need to start p3d, and replace the new created fsuipcX.ini file with the one you've stored. Does that answer your question?
  2. Okay. Wenn Du in den Managern nach rechts scrollst, findest Du immer die zugehörige add-on.xml
  3. Hi Frank, don't think your loading times belong to multiple entries. Never heared that they are loaded multiple times... Never the less you can remove "red marked" entries as they cannot be found on your harddisc. The first "lightgreen" lines are simulator default.
  4. I just tested with SIMstarter NG P3D and got no error like this. 1. Open SIMstarter NG P3D 2. Tools > Livery Manager 3. Switch to "Large Pics" > no crash 4. Leave "Livery Manager" and re-enter > no crash
  5. If you delete files from the sim you should start the sim first without SIMstarter. After you've done this and all files are recreated you can import the prepar3d.cfg in the MasterConfig Set.
  6. Sure. Each scenery has it's own Layer parameter. But that does not "glue" them together. Meaning if they are in oder 1,2,3 and some other scenery takes place on 2, we would have 1,3 and 4. Does that answer your question?
  7. Can you name the AddOn or Aircraft? Please note that SIMstarter NG has no support from 01.11.2020.
  8. Hi Michael, depends on the ConfigSets you are using. SIMstarter holds its own copy of prepar3d.cfg (Master ConfigSet).
  9. I didn't realize that your entire simulator operation depends on whether or not a program can be closed. Sorry. Since 18.05.2020 I have been asked by HIFI to not "kill" ActiveSky any more, as connection sessions could stay open. They want me to "close" the appliacation which works when it's not minimized (in most cases). Thats the reason - no bug. If you want to ignore the recommendation by HIFI as "killing" ActiveSky looks like a must have feature on your PC, please use a RunSet and add it here. Applications in Runsets will be hard "killed" (and uncheck the option in advanced tab)
  10. Do not split the ORBX sceneries with Spacers as ORBX Central reorganises them "each time". I made two Spacers called "ORBX Regions" and "ORXB Rest" - set the entry points in orbx central there and fine..
  11. Looks like this is sorted out.
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