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  1. Update is out now and the new installer is ready to download at Aerosoft and soon on the other shops. There was a bug on the up2date function - from now on the updates should be performed all by the updater of SIMstarter NG P3D.
  2. SIMstarter NG P3D Version 2.1.3 is available! --- 19.01.2021 - v2.1.3 rev. 23 [FEATURE] Ultimate Traffic v2 - Support for UTLive v2 added [BUGFIX] Up2Date - Allow MajorUpdates without downloading new installer from the shop
  3. Yes. The new installer has been finished a few minutes ago. We will deploy them soon.
  4. Thanks. I will check that. Where do you bought SIMstarter NG P3D?
  5. Uuuups, that looks like something went wrong. I wrote you a PM.
  6. Hi, I just tested this and it should work without issues. If the problem still persists send me a debug Pack and let me know which start (time and profile) caused this.
  7. If you run ActiveSky from "Extended Settings" tab > "Autorun ActiveSky" it automatically starts ASP3D with the right parameter. But as SIMstarter NG P3D does only start applications which are installed on the Sim PC itself this won't work for you.
  8. Hi, you may picked up the wrong dll.xml as the attached one seems to be correct. Do you took it from C:\Users\...\Appdata\...? You may send me a debug pack which includes all files. Regarding the Update I am a little unsure what happens there. I installed on two test systems yesterday and it updated from 2.1.0 quite fine.
  9. Capt. PERO


    Thanks Tom. SIMstarter NG P3D does not need an AIRAC update. The indicator in the lower left corner is date based and just informs you (by being orange), that there is an update.
  10. Hi Joachim, der SIMstarter hat eine "eigene" PREPAR3D.cfg. Das könnte die Probleme verursachen. Starte doch den SIM ohne SIMstarter, beende den Sim und importiere dann die aktuelle prepar3d.cfg in den Master ConfigSet. Dann sollte es wieder passen.
  11. Capt. PERO


    No, I don't know why. But you can just add this to the "Ignore List" of the Diffmanager.
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